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Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker $49 @ Kmart


Down from $69 (nice) to $49 (nicer).
I've got a few around the house already.
Big improvement over Google mini, not quite up to Sonos 1. Build quality good. Blah blah.

At this price just get it, you won't be disappointed.
Stock running low in most places.

Inb4 China is listening

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    Down from $69 (nice) to $49 (nicer).

    Will wait for $9 (nicest)…

    • +7

      What do you label $39, $29 and $19?

        • +49

          No I only paid attention to the sandpit and the $1 lolly bags at the milk bar.

          • +4

            @Clear: 20c when I was a kid. Then they suddenly jumped straight up to $2. It’s weird, video games did exactly the same thing.

          • +5

            @Clear: What??…you had a sandpit? We just had a painted tractor tyre that always smelt like weekend teenager piss!

            Did get my first "pash" in one of those though!

            • -1

              @Batapotamus: We had 2 sandpits with 3 playgrounds as they were all age segregated.

      • +5

        (nicer still, nicer again, nicer still again) XD

      • +3

        nicer pro, nicer pro max, nicer ultra

    • +8

      If $9 is the nicest then paying less than $9 is not as nice?

      • I doubt they will ever drop it to -$19

      • +12

        It becomes incest at that point

    • Niiiiiice

    • -4

      9yo is underage

    • +1

      $9 (nicest)


  • +1

    can this do chinese mandarin ?

  • +1

    Did Kmart update their website? My login suddenly didn’t work and had to change password

    Edit* what the heck, my wish list is gone and can’t find Wishlist feature

    • +2

      A couple of weeks ago, yes. I messaged them and they said they removed it (without notice) and the feature may never be back.

      • +4

        Woah that’s so annoying, I had so much saved I needed. I just read on true reviews one of the representatives say ‘we are improving our website and are working on a better Wishlist’

        An email heads up would’ve been nice.
        Anywho Kmarts website has needed an update for a long while now (especially IOS), hopefully it turns out better..

        Also, thanks for letting me know. Surely they’d know the value of having a Wishlist feature? I can’t see the benefit to not bringing one back!

        • +2

          Yesh that sucks..
          Annoyed me when BigW stopped the scan price feature, then removed their app. Im surprised Target hasnt done the same.. makes it easy to price compare by scanning in app for the prices while in a competitors store and for finding reduced items not ticketed properly.

        • +1

          If I was removing such a pertinent feature, then I might — I don't know, email the user with said wishlist.

          But what do I know…

      • +2

        That's such a weird feature to remove from a business perspective. It's such an easy way of finding out which products online are desirable and could trigger sales with the right discount, plus it's free marketing with a quick email blast when discounting a product in someone's wishlist.

        • Exactly. Like Amazon does.

  • Came to look at the speaker
    Upvoted for the “nice”

  • It looks like a SONOS Play 1.

    • +3

      That's the point so you feel like your are buying a Sonos and people think you have a Sonos

      • +9

        And then you turn it on and it's CRACKLE CENTRAL BABYY

  • +1

    Anyone has one can please give a short review? Thanks

    • +1

      If you say 'hey google tell me a joke' , it will tell you a joke to get your day started

    • +4

      Music it makes at volumes different

  • If we have a Google hub already, does this respond to ok Google commands and play music through it?

    • +4

      Yup, it's essentially a bigger Google mini with a much better speaker.

    • +17

      No need to downvote, just redirect to the truth: CIA can ask force any American company to give them information for any suspect, even from corporate cloud stored in the US (there goes the Apple 'fake' "privacy").

      CCP has much less experience with spying. On top of that if you don't "behave", the Immigration Minister Alex Hawke, or some other conservative minister, can use his "discretionary powers" to cancel your citizenship.

      Siri has interrupted so many company meetings with "I do not understand that". How could she(THEY) understand when not as experienced as Google.

      • +15

        Agree completely.

        The reality is that the US and allies (5 eyes, etc.) already siphon all info going everywhere. They just don’t like it when competing powers do it.

        Allies spy on other allies’ citizens, on behalf of the government of those other allies, to get around laws prohibiting governments spying on their own citizens. And they also spy on each other, such as a few years ago when the US was caught spying on Angela Merkel.

        There is no privacy. All of our communications are already intercepted and if they wanted to they could easily, easily find out who I am. This whole fear of CCP spying is overblown. We already have little to no privacy.

        • +10

          I think you’re missing the point about China’s harsh measures.

          It’s far more complicated than this, but early on, no one knew how bad COVID was. We just knew it had the potential to be really bad. And it was.

          So China forced people to isolate, to try to stop transmission. Better to lock a few people up than have the entire country die off.

          Contrast that to the west, where we had pretty much no discipline when it came to isolating.

          If COVID were more deadly, then we’d all be dead.

          This is to be contrasted with what’s goi gin in Shanghai now. Now, we have the benefit of knowing that COVID’s impact is becoming more limited. So what’s happening now is different to what was going on back then.

          I think A LOT of people on the internet need to stop thinking “west = good, non-west = bad—or at least not as good”. The world is just far too complicated for that kind of reductive thinking.

          • @wormarts: How can you justify their current measures? A city of 25 million (Shanghai) completely locked down for 1+ weeks now. People are going insane there.
            And good luck saying anything against their govt while you're there. At least here we have some rights. They are slowly being eroded but that's another issue.
            Oh and let's not forget their ongoing genocide against minorities. But hey China numba one!

            • +5

              @Spets: I’m not. That’s why I said in my comment that the original situation (welding doors shut) is very different to what’s going on now. Perhaps you skipped over that part of my message?

              Anyway, we’re now way off-topic (this post is about a Bluetooth speaker!) and we’re now talking about sth (the Shanghai situation) that’s entirely different to what you originally mentioned (welding doors shut at the start of COVID).

              I’m going to continue browsing for more bargains. That’s what a good citizen does. I need to keep my government happy with me 😊

              EDIT: Also I see you edited your comment. I’m not saying “China numba one”. You’re clearly exaggerating there. I’m just calling out your “if they’re not from the west, they can’t be trusted” mentality. The west does exactly the same shady behaviour that you’re accusing China is doing. In this exact context, and no other, we’re talking about government spying. We’re not talking about genocide in the context of a Bluetooth speaker lol

              • @wormarts: It's suits certain entities that we are either for or against. No shades of grey are allowed.

            • +4

              @Spets: Why is everything genocide these days? Ukrainians, Chinese Muslims, etc. What do you call what happened to the Jews in WWII? Or being realistic here what we did to the Aborigines?

              Maybe it's no longer genocide when you successfully wipe out the whole race and take over their land. Maybe it's called conquest!

      • -1

        CIA can ask force any American company to give them information for any suspect, even from corporate cloud stored in the US

        Totally fake and misleading comment. Apple refused US Govt's request to unlock terrorist's Iphone citing civil liberty issue.



        CCP has much less experience with spying

        You're obviously either living under a rock or a CCP puppet, if you have never heard of "The Great Girewall" and Chinese online censorship. Grab a phone and try sending a message about free Tibet or Stop Uighur oppression and you'll find out. Amount of state surveillance on it's citizens China does is probable more than rest of the world combined.

        • +6

          The exact article you linked to says that

          "It's not hard to argue that Apple should do everything it can to help fight crime and terrorism, and to that end, the company has already turned over all of the data it had in its possession. That information was stored on Apple's iCloud servers."

          So yes, FBI did get an American company (Apple) to turn over the terrorist's data on iCloud.

          Apple basically maintained that they did not build a backdoor into a phone's unlock features, but if the same data on the phone is backed up to iCloud it is fair game.

          If you continue reading more about this case on Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FBI%E2%80%93Apple_encryption_d...

          "The same day, Apple revealed that in early January it had discussed with the FBI four methods to access data in the iPhone, but, as was revealed by a footnote in the February 19 application to the court, one of the more promising methods was ruled out by a mistake during the investigation of the attack. After the shooter's phone had been recovered, the FBI asked San Bernardino County, the owner of the phone, to reset the password to the shooter's iCloud account in order to acquire data from the iCloud backup. However, this rendered the phone unable to backup recent data to iCloud unless its pass-code was entered.[38][39][40] This was confirmed by the U.S. Department of Justice, which then added that any backup would have been "insufficient" because they would not have been able to recover enough information from it.[41]"

          FBI basically self-pwn themselves by locking the phone out from backing up its data to iCloud. If that did not happen, FBI could have got the data it wanted off iCloud.

          • @Somewhat Anonymous: Exactly my point, in US govt had to bend over backwards to a private company to retrieve information because civil liberty laws are strong. China wouldn't even ask for company's permission and have it. It's common knowledge that CCP gathered data about Uyghurs and other members of predominantly Muslim ethnic groups in the north western region of Xinjiang to carry out a widespread campaign of repression.

            • @Bargainian: What part of "the link you provided proves you wrong" don't you understand.

              Anonymous said US government has access to any corporate data stored in the cloud.

              You said "Totally fake and misleading comment"

              Anonymous then pointed out that YOUR link confirmed HIS statement.

              Stop digging ffs. You're wrong.

              • @jebdra: Ffs stop Chinese propaganda!

                BTW Winnie the Pooh is censoring protest videos from Shanghai. But hey, they will still be considered most free and liberal country on Ozbargain. Right? They can't even have their own independent opinions and everything is controlled and fed into their brains by state media.

    • +19

      You think non China made products offer privacy. That’s cute.

  • +4

    you too can get a free social score without the need of visiting china

  • +1

    37 comments to 37 votes…. Ratio is 1:1….hmmmm to buy or not to buy.

  • +1

    Can it be rooted and stick Alexa on it instead ?

    • +8


      • +2

        Roger that.

      • Why the or what the?

        • +1

          wtf = whoa there, fella!

  • Do these have audio input? interested in whether I can use it as a computer speaker.

    • Pretty sure they don't

    • +2

      Yes they have a Bluetooth input

  • +1

    I think got the last one available in Sydney CBD area. :) Thanks OP.

  • How is it compared to JBL link music

    • I guess JBL has unfortunately stopped manufacturing link series of smart speakers which were incredibly good sounding with 8 hours of battery time.

      • Link portable has its niche to operate on battery. While link music is pretty meh imo so keen to know if the Xiaomi one's better

        • Well I'm using Link 20 that comes with 10w x 2 speakers which fills my bedroom with good amount of bass. However, I bought MI just in case if JBL dies, I can't live without my Google assistant.

  • Can this be grouped with other Google speakers?

    • Yep

  • +6

    why so many people go high when they find it is made in China, crazy! Please stop buying LEGO on special as they are made in China as well!

    • -7

      Buy Australian made!

      • +11

        What Australian made smart speakers are on offer?

        • +4

          Ummmm…..Scomo? He's as smart (an ar$e of) a speaker as they get and he's on offer again to all of Australia on 21 May for a very hefty price.

          • +1

            @spy: Maybe he could weld together a speaker for us with his expert technique

      • +1

        what do I do with raw commodities?

        • let us sell it and make money, that is why WA never care about how long the lockdown will be

        • Sell to China

      • yes indeed, that is why we support aussie farmers, and they is why we go for RODE for premium audio equipments. but unfortuanly not everything can be made locally.

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