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[WA] Ubiquiti U6-PRO Dual Band Wi-Fi 6 Access Point $257 C&C (Discount shows in cart) @ Umart (Belmont / Osborne Park)


Seems like a good deal, other sites selling for $299.

Discount price of $259 shows in cart after selecting a WA store for C&C.

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  • Showing as $299 for me?

    • same for me

  • Depends on your location. $262 for me in SA.

  • That’s interesting, I’m in WA and have placed an order @ $257

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    These U6-Pros pretty great APs. I have two of the beta hardware units. Can confirm the real world throughput is higher than the AC-PRO-v2 versions I had previously. Both set as neighboring 80MHz wide 5GHz channel.

    We can only use Channel 50 and 114 for 160MHz in Australia. Getting a better real world result than 80MHz channels maybe difficult if you are in a congested area.

    80MHz Channel options are 42, 58, 106, 122, 138, 155.

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      Are you using 802.3af or at injectors?

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        Low cost 8 x 1 Gigabit with 4 port 802.3af TL-SG1008P

        Only have the two PoE devices connected.

  • Any idea if the mount size is the same as the NanoHD for easy swaps?

    • Na the plates are different sizes

      • Any idea if there’s a direct replacement ?

        • Looks like it is the same size as the AC Pro (Gen 1 device) so technically you may be able to use the plate from that one.

  • Do these have 10gbe ports or are they 1gbe?

    • 1Gbe

      • That seems a bit silly…especially if connecting a bunch of wifi 6 devices.

        • They should have included 2.5Gbe. But it is probably unlikely, even with multiple devices that each access point would need more than a gigabit duplex.

          The entire 5Ghz radio system supports 4.8Gbps, when at 160Mhz. So, at a more likely deployment of 80Mhz, that's 2.4Gbps. Enough for gigabit full duplex.

  • How is the performance compared to the nanoHD? Almost all of my non-IoT devices are on 5G but all my IoT devices are on 2.4G. So just wondering if its worth the upgrade.

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