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BLACK+DECKER 18V Lithium-Ion Hammer Drill & 62 Piece Kit Box $79.43 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Stumbled across this deal for 50% off the listed RRP ($159.99). Seems to be the cheapest price around and historical low according to 3xCamel.

This is a great starter kit that covers off most of the essentials in one neat package for someone who doesn't have any tools.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Thanks OP. Moving in to my first home next month…will be handy.

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      Goods luck with the new house. How old are you?

      • +14

        Thanks :) Super excited (but not about the debt part). Turning 26 this year.

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    In the 4th picture why would a hammer drill be needed to drill a hole into soft mortar?

    • +3

      In the 2nd picture it's used to drill into timber. Like most small hammer drills I suspect you can turn the hammer off.

      Anyway, maybe I've been doing it wrong all my life but I generally keep the hammer on when going into mortar. Next time I'm drilling mortar I might remember your comment!

    • From my understanding, if you want to hang anything on to the wall, you drill thr brick, not the mortar…….

      • +1

        I occasionally will drill mortar if I don't want to put a hole in the brick and the thing I am hanging is light and if it may not be permanent

      • If you use the right sort of anchor, you can drill in the mortar; sometimes it's even the preferred option, particularly if your bricks have lots of holes.

    • The hammer symbol is there, but you might notice that the setting is located at the top of the drill…

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    Hammer drills are next to useless for the 'hammer' part. If you need to drill into masonry, get an SDS drill/rotary hammer, even a cheapie. You'll save yourself a lot of time and energy.

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      No, they are very useful, especially for someone who only needs to drill the odd hole. Not only are these cheaper, but the one tool can do multiple things all the way down to being used as an electric screwdriver, and the bits a far far cheaper than sds bits.

      If you don't have a drill already, this is probably perfect for you (aside from the fact that you might be better off with a more popular system, e.g ozito/aldi) . If you only need a hammer drill but aren't a pro, I would recommend you buy a cheap corded 13mm chuck drill first off.

      • This is the approach I once took, but in retrospect wish I'd seen the light earlier. If you're drilling into brick or concrete, a 'hammer' drill is useless. Not just effort, but accuracy. It will spin as over the place and you won't get the hole where you actually want it. An SDS will cut through the brick like butter, where you actually want the hole to be. If you only drill the occasional hole, find a tool library or neighbour/mate and borrow their SDS.

        • +4

          Pilot hole works wonders, not just for wood.
          No, it's not going to be an SDS hammer but for the odd DIY hole in the brick garage or outdoors it's a lot of coin unless you're "into" power tools more generally and don't mind over buying lol

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            @dufflover: Absolutely, not to mention that a pilot hole not only makes the job more accurate, but it's easier to drill the big hole when you have done a pilot, and the pilot bit is bound to be cheaper and mean you wear your large bit less.

            SDS drills have their place for anyone who had to drill plenty of big holes fast, but as a home handyman that doesn't like to spend too much on bits I probably only use my sds 1 in every 20 times I reach for a drill. It's just not necessary for most jobs

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        Would you recommend this or the ozito brushless drill/driver combo for $149

        • Also would like to know how this compares to cheapie ozito

          • @dammit: Irs probably on par quality wise, but unless you need the bundled hand tools (meaning you don't have any) I would be leaning towards ozito or Aldi for the battery support.

            For me the bundled tools are worth nothing, so this isn't a deal

        • +3

          I personally would prefer the ozito over this one for two reasons:
          1. the 5 years no questions asked bunnings warrenty (vs b&d's 2 years)
          2. The pxc ecosystem means i can buy other tools and batteries later and they will all be interchangeable.

        • Would recommend the Ozito personally, I have the B&D and Ozito 18v cordless find the Ozito a much stronger drill. Also the Ozito batteries tell you how much charge you have left. If you into handy think if you will be buying other cordless accessories, like grinder, jigsaw, sander etc.

    • +1

      A good hammer drill is far from useless on brick.

      They won't do it as easily as an SDS, and sure if you're planning on drilling into bricks all day or concrete - then definitely get an SDS. But they're significantly larger and bulkier which makes them less convenient to use for everything else,.

      Most people won't be drilling into brick that often - a hammer drill will still have them covered for when they do. And if they ever need to do serious masonry work, they're probably better off getting a corded SDS.

  • I'm pretty handy round the house. I always use a screw driver and it's a pain for the big jobs iwith hard wood like Jarrah. Would an entry level hammer driver be good with Jarrah and other tough surfaces.

    Wondering do I need to spend this amount or doublr

    • Hammer no. Impact driver yes.

    • +2

      If you are putting screws into hard wood, you are best off drilling a pilot hole first, and it needs to be the right size, otherwise it's very hard to get the screw in and you risk splitting the wood.

      When you use a drill as a screw driver, you turn the hammer function off. I find it easier to drill into hard wood with an impact driver, but some old school blokes love their drills, mainly because that's all they had back in the day and they got used to it

    • +2

      Get a set that has a drill and impact driver. Drill a pilot with the drill, drive the screw with the impact driver. Don't bother with a hammer drill.

      • IMO buy it right the first time. Get a hammer drill anyway if there's any brick at the place. If pennies really are that tight you can "make do" driving with just the hammer drill, but yes it sure is handy and cheap enough when the right Aldi special buy comes along (for Ozito match :P).

    • +1

      Jarrah has to be pre-drilled, as others have said. Get the correct size pilot hole then use impact driver

      • Legends all of you thx. Pilot and impact. No one mentioned needing to spend a bomb so great

  • Thanks OP, been waiting for a drill deal just like this.

    Only one left in stock after my checkout.

    • Mistook the Qty as stock available when it's actually max of 2 per purchase.

      Cancelled my order as it's only a 10mm chuck and I recently bought a set of drill bits that go up to 13mm.

  • -1

    Thanks OP, 2 bought

  • Plenty in stock, but a two item purchase limit per person…

  • Good for bricks?

    • +1

      OK for bricks, as long as you aren't drilling all day. May not be OK for reinforced concrete, but can probably make do for everything else.

      My guess is you should be able to get 5 x 6mm holes comfortably with a 1.5ah battery.more than that I couldn't say. This drill is fine if all you are doing is hanging pictures or the odd hook/bracket/shelf

      • Yeah it’s only for sometimes thanks

  • -1

    Battery not included.

    • 1x1.5ah included.

      • The product description says 'no battery' as well as battery in pack, and the Q&A section says yes to battery and charger, so you're probably right

        • +2

          Where does it say that in the Product Description? All it says on my link is, "The Black+Decker 18V Lithium-Ion Hammer Drill Kit Box is the ultimate pack up to have around the home for all your DIY projects. 10 position clutch provides precise control for drilling into wood, metal, plastic and all screwdriving tasks. 2 gear speeds, high speed for drilling into wood and steel, low speed for controlled driving."

          Multiple reviews, questions, as well as the Item Inclusions stipulate,
          "Included Components ‎1 x Black & Decker Hammer Dril Kit with Storage box and HT Accessories, 1x1.5ah"

  • I’ve got the Dewalt 2 drill set, one is impact, one has hammer function.
    I find the hammer function not was good. Would this be better?

    • +1

      No dewalt is black and deckers premium brand, so this would likely be the same or worse

  • I’ve got the recent ozito pack from Sep last year, which had a 4Ah and 2.5ah battery. I need a cheap hammer drill for basic stuff four holes in the brick for hose mount etc…

    Should I buy this, comes with its own 1.5ah battery; or ozito $55 18v skin only hammer drill and use the batteries I already have?

    I’ve already clicked buy but can cancel the order. Just mindful of being in another “ecosystem”….

  • This thing usually comes up for sale a couple of times a year for $99 if you can wait.
    The chisel function isn’t worth shite but the hammer drill itself is great, only 40 bucks more than the standard hammer drill…


    • The idea of this drill being cordless is nice but you can get a corded one for less money and run it all day for demolition, and most people won't be far from a power point. I do have the lawn mower though so I am interested in how much you get out of either a 3ah or 4ah battery? I have 3 batteries so it could be useful to me

      • +1

        My reply was basically about the previous post regarding the skin…
        You know if you buy a corded one you’ll need a battery one mate 😳😂😂

        I was surprised how well it drilled a 12mm hole into concrete for 4 reo bars using a 4amp battery.

  • In the Amazon listing, it says "Battery included : NO" and "Battery Required : YES"
    But in the photos, there is a battery too. I am confused

    • +1

      Q&a and tech specs say “1.5ah” which is the battery, so yes it comes with the battery.

      Something I’m actually concerned about, is does it come with the charger though? Not in the photo, or the description… That would be pretty annoying if they sold a drill with the battery but no charger. Surely it does….

      • Does one of the answers say there is a charger? Pretty sure I saw it there somewhere.

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