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Weber Family Q Premium BBQ Q3200 $679.20 Delivered @ Weber eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Weber Family Q Premium BBQ Q3200-Free Four Pack of All New Weber Seasonings-LPG for $679.20

Seems like a great deal

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    I don’t think this is the lowest price

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      I think you are incorrect

      • +1

        Yeah this is an awesome price for the premium one

  • Are these better than the cheap traditional BBQs from bunnings? Does this not have a hot plate? does that matter?

    • The major benefit of this one is heat retention, which unfortunately isn't great with Bunnings BBQ. The hot plate is an additional purchase.
      This will last for a long time as compared to Bunnings.

    • It’s similar. Hot plate is accessory

  • Does that discount work with any of the accessories?

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      Yes bought the pizza stone

      • +3

        Pizza stone is garbage sorry to say. Weber isn't built to make good pizzas. Takes way too long.

        • Kettles are

        • +1

          Not sure why down voted. I have nearly every Weber accessory you can get and the pizza stone is honestly the worst. Might be tolerable for a guy making one pizza. But don't invite people over for pizza unless you want to wait 20+ minutes per pizza.

        • +2

          Agreed. We bought a Masterpro cooker and 5 minute pizzas. The Weber pizza stone was a waste of time. For us.

          Revoked down vote here

          • @willyroo: I'll have to check that out. To be honest, unless you are going to invest in a nice big wood fire pizza oven, you'll probably make excellent pizzas just out of a well sealed and heat distributed bog standard oven. It is the quality of ingredients and preparation that get you really close to quality pizzas at home. To get that extra 5-10% you need to get an actual pizza oven and not some add-on to a BBQ etc. I find pizza stones in general a waste of time unless the oven you cook with is really spotty with its heat distribution.

    • Yes. Can see it on the ebay app

  • +1

    For reference, $713 on the Good Guys Commercial website

    • What about q2200?

      • Unavailable on GGC
        $408 on ebay via this promo

        • Fark that's a good deal, I might have to grab one

        • Got one. Thanks. Shopback coupons for extra 3%

    • +11

      I believe this would be the Weber Q3100, which doesn't have the thermometer and higher lid. The Q3200 model is only sold by Weber and some auth sellers, hardly ever discounted, so this deal is a great price.

    • +2

      Just for comparison to other Q3100 deals, see here

      The 'good' Q3100 deals which had the most upvotes were about the low $600 price mark, and was about >1 year from today.

      I never pulled the trigger on those as I wanted the Q3200, but was never on sale. Most I was able to seek was maybe 5% off and that was jumping some hoops even.

      Pulled the trigger on this deal, thanks OP!

      • +1

        You won't be disappointed. My 3200 is great. Also have the baby Q for the caravan. Got to go cooking steaks on it shortly.

  • -1

    Bawhahaha. Gas bbqs. Get with the times. Coal smoking is where its at!

    • +2

      A+ for effort to cook snags

      • -2

        3 hour slow cooked snags. MmmmHMM!

        • Go with brown coal, and extract the glass out of that, then power the BBQ.

          Will need to buy the natural gas version though.

    • -1

      Nar Tesla BBQ is where it is at.

    • Love my Hark Chubby … awesome slow cooked roasts….

    • Agree! Bbq = Coal and Poisonous Gas = poison I guess 😃

  • +5

    Great price. The Q3200 is pretty well fixed price normally. Ours is cooking right now - Chorizo & Roast Vege Salad courtesy of Everyplate

    • How do you like the split grill? Looks like a pain in the ass…

      • I thought it would be a pain but it actually makes them a manageable size and weight.

    • +3

      Damn. Now that there sure is one fast delivery!

  • Nice one OP.

    Waited ages for the 3200 to come on sale and never seemed to, settled on the 3100 when it was on sale about 6 months back, been very happy with it though.

  • +2

    Highly recommended.

    The extra height and push once to start is super handy. Thermo is super accurate as well. Premium is the go!

    I would also recommend the half plate if you want to do breakfasts etc. Bacon/Eggs/Tomato/Snags are a absolute winner!

    A Cover is a must if its outside.

    • push once to start is super handy

      Both have a single push to start. The 3200 is an electrical igniter though instead of what’s on the 3100. Honestly not sure on what the difference is but we have the 3100 and a single press will ignite it still and it’s more than fine.

      • +1

        Piezo will wear over time. Elctronic you just replace the battery.

        Not a massive deal, but its still an upgrade.

        • Yeah, fair enough. At this price the higher top and thermometer are great wins over the 3000.

          Pretty rare to see deals on the 3200 so its a great time to jump on that, as otherwise I'm personally note sure I'd pay retail for a 3200 from Weber or Burning Log when the 3000 is often 15% or so off at Good Guys etc. and much easier to get discounted. Worth the step up at this price.

    • Which one is the correct half plate? It's not clear to me.

  • +5

    The Weber is the best BBQ ever. Great unit with a super after sales service. Our ignition lighter failed after about 4 years, rang their service help desk for into and they sent a replacement the same day at no cost.

  • +2

    Looks like Yoda at first glance

    • Lol it actually looks like Yoda wearing Darth Vader gear and helmet

  • Is the Weber Q the same size the family Q accessories ,looking family Q accessories or recommendations of the best ones too get

    • It is the family Q. The premium version of family Q (Q3200)

  • Does this come with the stand too?

    • Yep!

  • Is the stand fixed to it or can they be separated to take camping?

    • +3

      Its made to be fixed. You bolt it to the stand. Its pretty bloody bulky and heavy to be carrying around.

      Technically I suppose you could, but I wouldn't. I'd go the baby version for portability.

    • Apparently there's 4 bolts you remove, but the bbq itself doesn't lay flat very well.

      Q2200 is for travelling, easy to separate from the cart, but the cart is extra $$$ whereas it's included with the q3200

  • Thanks for this! Got the natural gas version for $703 delivered :)

  • Hey all
    I have a webber q320 (I think)
    Pretty old, probably 12 ish years old.
    Would the hotplates work with this model?

  • +1

    Not sure why they are so expensive in the first place…. but they sell still.

  • Thanks OP, got the second last one

  • +1

    Best bbqs hands down.

  • all over

  • Gone. Any other recommendations? What is the difference between 3100 and 3200?

    • +2

      Higher lid, thermometer, electric start. Higher lid is certainly of value.

    • +2

      It's back again!

  • Does anyone know if you can replace the split grill with a single unit?

    • I don't think they sell a non-split version. It doesn't have a gap in it when you use it, like the picture seems to suggest. Being split makes it easier to remove for cleaning anyway

      • Ahh that makes sense.

  • Any recommendation for a Weber with burner?

  • just bought one after they were restocked

  • Weber K45012224 Spirit II E320 or Weber Family Q Premium BBQ Q3200-?

  • how do you keep the inside of the hood from rusting or looking bad, all the ones i've seen on sale in the used market are bad.

    • +1

      A cover………..

    • its mostly from the smoke as you cook with the lid down. Also oil splatters. Depends how much you're willing to clean it as to how good it looks

    • Yeah…as above. It's aluminium, so not rust happening. Burnt oil will build up on it though. Not really a problem unless you end up with heaps (you don't want a fire after all). I can say that the black one tends to look a little better than the others when dirty.

      Like seasoning iron/steel cookware, if you wipe the inside of the lid down when after using it you'll get a smoother finish on the inside that doesn't look too terrible. Deep clean occasionally (or when you buy somebody's used Q)!

  • Cheers OP

    Great post.

    Any tips on which covers & accessories to buy? The eBay sale doesn't seem to have a cover for the q3200. Was thinking of a hot plate as well.

    • +5

      Convection trays are useful, and a trivet to go with them. You don't necessarily have to buy the Weber brand though. Used to be that people would just use aluminium foil with holes in it as a convection tray, but it is nice to have the fitted ones.

      Firebox scraper - you can use any reasonably stiff nylon or silicone spatula for this, but the Weber one works well.

      Wire brush thingy…turn your Weber up (after a cook, or before the next one) and reduce everything sticking to the plates to char, then brush it all off. Easy peasy.

      Oil/gunk drip trays. These make cleanup a bit easier, though I must admit I'm still on my original I got with the Q at Christmas. I just scrape it out and wash it now and then. I believe there are generic ones available at Woollies that may fit.

      Hot plate is useful for eggs and whatnot. You can also buy a non-stick pan from them, which has a clamping detachable handle - works well. Just use the pan straight on top of the grill plates.

      And cover…yes. Get a cover. Might have to go onto the site if they're not on eBay, but you'll probably find alternatives on Amazon.

      • Amazing thanks for those top tips!

  • Thanks OP… Just purchased!

  • Thank you. Just bought one.
    Does anyone know if the contents include a cover? Doesn’t look like it does but wanted to check.

    If it doesn’t does anyone have a link to a recommended cover.

  • Thanks for sharing. Got one, cover and the grill plate.

  • Just confirmed from the seller that no cover is provided. Any links to a good one much appreciated

    • I picked one up from good guys on ebay for $65 - there was a $10 voucher of some sort that got applied.

  • The Family Q hot plate is back in stock for $67.96

  • Got one aswell, can’t wait, so many good stories, just going to use generic cover, $19 from amazon

  • Thanks op, was about to go buy one for $850.

    Also, anyone gone from a Ziggy to this? I'm assuming similar, but bigger?

    • Never used a Ziggy before but there was an unbelievable listing on FB marketplace for a twin grill new in box for $200.

      • That is very cheap. This one has worked like a trooper for 7 or 8 years, still goes well, have given it to a family member. They will probably get another 5 years out of it.

  • +1

    Has anyone actually received this as yet?

    The tracking number they have provided hasn't moved..

    • +1

      I was about to post the same question.

      Tracking number provided 9 days ago via M3 Logistics in VIC.

      Our delivery address is only 30 minutes from M3's Truganina depot (where the BBQ was last scanned), but hasn't moved in over one week. No ETA either.

      • +2

        It's likely with couriers please, they like to take their time. Is your phone number on eBay accurate? They will call to schedule an exact time and day and will come within 3 days of that date.

        Received mine on Thursday after cp called and scheduled an appointment for Friday. No complaints though.

        As for the construction, I do feel like a lot of the non-important components are very cheap and flimsy, you definitely don't want to be screwing and unscrewing things several times. It's the end result and longevity of the rest of the stuff that matters most though.

    • +1

      I received mine yesterday, would have been a day previous, but changed the delivery address. The tracker only works pretty much on the day if shipping. Mine was delivered right on the end of the delivery window.

  • +1

    Got mine 4 days after order less weekend

  • Still waiting for ours to be delivered after over 2 weeks.

    The logistics company M3 Logistics has booked in delivery dates multiple times only to be no-shows, and now I have been told there is no more local stock left and they have no idea when the BBQ will be delivered.

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