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Cangshan S Series 7 Piece BBQ Knife Set (1327389) $119.97 @ Costco (Membership Req, In-Store Only)


Saw these in Costco yesterday. I don’t know how good they are but they get decent reviews on Amazon. I don’t know what the, original, Costco price was but they seem to be, roughly, $200 AUD elsewhere.


Brand Cangshan
Country of Origin China
Material German steel
Model Number 1024135

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  • interesting set.
    doesnt exactly specify the function of each knife.
    looks like filleting, paring and fork on one side.
    the others not so sure of.
    bread, carving and "chopper"?

    edit: ahh i didn't notice the BBQ part of the title, might be why they are odd shapes

    • Got the right side correct, left is

      Slicing knife (or carving or brisket), similar to a bread knife but less serrations.
      Butcher's knife (or bullnose)
      Deba (Japanese Butcher Knife)

      Truth be told, probably a good price for a 'butcher' set over BBQ set, more of breaking down larger pieces, say an entire leg or primal, vs trimming a brisket.

  • +1


    • Was at Docklands. OOS online.

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