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Claw Hammer 12oz $1 @ Supercheap Auto


Go ham with this hammer 🔨!
$1 is very cheap seems good metal and rubber handle
Same price at all stores
Posted first on ozbargain discord by Hacksupport: https://discord.gg/VWYsFRWfbv

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    That's a banging deal.

  • +23

    Thats Mothers day gift sorted. Thanks OP!

    • +16

      Nailed it

    • +6

      good for Easter present too

      • +6

        Jesus, man.

        • +1

          You can walk right out of here without Matt Guitar Murphy

  • +16

    It's hammer time!

  • can't find it online, is it store specific?

    • Not from hammer barn

    • +1

      I had an extensive look at no, I think it is instore only (at stores with stock maybe).

  • +1

    Damn was just at supercheap. Should have checked ozbargain while I was instore.

    • +15

      I always check before, during and before driving off.

    • same… 10 minutes ago.. bugger

    • +6

      Claw your way back

  • +7
    • +17

      wow that is a 50% discount

      • Hit the nail right on the head there!

    • So $2 at the store you visited but scanned as $1?

      Edit, found it was posted in ozbargain before for $2 last year at Castle Hill.

  • +3

    That's one smashing price

    • +1

      JB, you’ve done it again!

  • +2

    Do you need a good pounding?

  • +3

    That's a steel

  • +1

    Does Chris Hemsworth approve this?

    • +2

      He could have bought 30 million of these hammers with his fee from Thor Ragnarok, assuming he ran a business that required hammers and he could deduct the 30 million dollars from his income.

      • +1

        It's pretty hard to argue against him as having a business requiring hammers.

  • I need something to go "Order Order" and smash it so hard that I need to pull out a new hammer everytime I gotta holler "order, order"

  • +3

    There's a discord?!

  • +3

    Never bought a hammer in life, never needed one until today.

    Picked one from Bunnings for 10 2 hours ago.

    Used it for 2 mins and took a well deserved rest only to see this.

    • +1

      You've nailed it

    • Check the weight of the hammer you brought and you might feel better. This one is only 12 oz (340g) so far less useful than a general purpose hammer.

  • +5

    Damn man, at this price I can afford to cosplay as those guys from Super Mario

  • I guess that's one instance they certainly cannot be even a little bit guilty of price gouging on.

  • +3

    I used a cheap hammer once and the head flew off when i banged a thing. Could've seriously hurt my face if I was unlucky.

    • +1

      I often have problems with my head going off when banging

      Probably wouldn't damage a face, but may sting your eyes…

    • did you get consent before banging ? it only polite and you dont want to be a victim of the mew2 movement

  • +1

    With hammers there's usually not a big quality difference (unlike when you other tools like pliers).
    So this is a great price.

    • Typical claw hammers are 20 or 24 oz. This hammer is 12oz so a big difference in weight regardless of quality

  • Every hit counts

  • +1

    Cheaper than a screwdriver, thanks op.

  • Moss: "If you were a murderer, what would your nickname be? Mine would be 'The Gardener', because I'd always leave a rose at the scene of the crime."
    Roy: "What would your murder weapon be?"
    Moss: "A hammer."

    • Which movie?

      • +1

        Not seen this episode but I'm gonna say The IT Crowd

        • You are correct.

  • +2

    bikies would love this

    • Not a ball pane bro.

  • Sorry how heavy is it?

    What is this harbour freight?

    • 12oz
      What u talkin bout ham

      • 12oz? Is this Canada, USA? what

  • If I had a hammer.

  • +1

    Why are hammers measured in ounces? Are people melting them down into coffee cups?

    • Some very stupid stuff.

  • Got some. Thanks!

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