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iProVPN 3 Years Subscription Plan: US$39.96 (~A$54, 89% Discount)


iProVPN is offering 2 Year + 1 Year Free subscription at $49.95 but if you use this code "ipro20" you will get an additional discount of 20% and the cost will be only $39.96

Features List
No. of Servers: 350+ || Location: 30+ || Supported Devices: ALL
• Spoof IP address
• Bypass Geo-restriction
• Internet Safety
• No-Logs Policy
• DNS/IP Leak Protection
• Kill Switch
• AES 256-bit
• Malware Protection
• Ad Blocker
• Fast Buffering
• Use Multiple Devices
• Prevent Bandwidth Throttling

Some of the added advanced features
• Supporting all major streaming channels such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max, etc.
• Smart apps for devices like macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android
• Continuously improving locations and servers
• Also supporting extensions for browsers & APK for big screens

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  • +15

    Random unknown VPN company.

    Bog standard website template.

    No one available on chat even though says "Alden" is online.

    Says my ISP is Mitsubishi Motors Australia Limited for some reason.

    Claims privacy and 350 servers with no backup information or audits.

    Offers 3 years service at unsustainable cost.

    Pretty standard get-rich-quick selling scheme.

    • Yep. A few years ago it'd be worth a punt for $40 (I paid less for 2 x lifetime VPN deals and both are still active).

      But with the regular 90+% cashback for some known VPNs on Shopback & Cashrewards, this isn't really a worthwhile deal..

      Most VPN's are dodgey and why people believe the claims.their.data isn't captured is fairly foolish (audited or not). Use them when you need them, then turn them off.

      It's safe in assuming that some state intelligence service is monitoring your activity.on whatever VPN service you use. I'm guessing/hoping non western based one's aren't too concerned about copyright material. I'm guessing US/AU based ones aren't after my credit card details. I could be wrong.

  • How about a trial first OP? Something like this wouldn’t fly around here 👍

  • Thanks, prompted me to cancel my other VPN and get Cyberghost.

  • The OP fails to mention they have a lifetime sub on stacksocial for US $39.99.

    As another posted mentioned. Its another get rick quick scheme.

    • Stacksocial lifetime subs to apps are known to be fake. They'll work for a while then change things around to invalidate it so wouldn't trust anything on there.

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