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Front & Rear Bicycle Lights $0.00 in-Store/ C&C ($9.99 Delivered) @ Reid Cycles


Appeared on my Facebook Feed - cannot say about quality + I'm in regional atm.

FREE Bicycle Lights! Be safe, be seen this winter.

With the darker months approaching and daylight savings now behind us, Reid would like to give you a free set of front and rear bike lights.

To collect:

  • Visit any Reid Cycles store and simply ask.
  • Enter the code FREELIGHTS at checkout. The lights are free with no additional purchase required (we'll just charge you a flat rate of $9.99 shipping to anywhere in Australia).
    *Limit 1 set of lights per customer, while stocks last.

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      lol true dat

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      Edit: Thanks OP, just ordered for C&C = $0.00

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      Or you could just visit in-store and don't need to pay…

    • Sorry, didn't see you can collect in-store, how can I revok my negative vote?

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        10 Hail Marys

  • Thanks OP. got one

  • Got one thanks OP.

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    probably better to change title to $0 + 9.99 shipping/free C&C

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    $10 delivered, spend $10 more on Amazon and you’ll get FAR better lights. These look like they have terrible throw and battery life. False economy.

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      Bicycle lights aren't always to illuminate the road. They're to be seen, as mentioned in the promo. This is usually what (we) commuters need at this time of the year.

      Free lights and people still find something to complain about…

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        Jason Bourne does not want to be seen

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        I’m not complaining about them, I’m just saying if you spend a bit more you get a lot more for your money.

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          But they are free if you collect them

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            @spaceflight: But not everyone can go out and just collect them, for people that are going to be spending on the postage anyway you can just spend the little extra for something better.

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      Or $0 if you collect.

      So technically, you getting a free light and you still complain. True ozbargain spirit! I salute you Sir.

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      spend $10 more on Amazon and you’ll get FAR better lights

      Perhaps make the effort to share some of these better options?

  • Great little things, my last pair is still going strong after 6 years.

    • 6 years of use? On a bike? Mine would stop working with the slightest bit of rain, or bump. Currently sat unused and has been replaced with the aldi set from the most recent catalogue

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        Yep on a bike. Granted I've only actively ridden the bike daily to work for 2 years and it is always parked inside. Other than that just did the CR2032 battery changes and it's still alive and kicking.

        • Still I guess for a free I can't complain!

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          These use CR2032 batteries? … Sounds highly wasteful.

          I bought the generic $2 rear ebay bike lights (2 x AAA) in 2004..still going fine.

          • @tunzafun001: How is the CR2032 more wasteful than a single use AAA?

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              1. 2032 will last minutes at best on full on cycle.

              2. AAA's are rechargeable.

              • @tunzafun001:

                2032 will last minutes at best on full on cycle.

                A typical CR2032 has 240 mAh
                A rechargeable AAA has about 1,000 mAh and a non rechargeable has about 1,250 mAh.

                So the CR2032 will last about 25% of what a single rechargeable AAA will.

                AAA's are rechargeable.

                Some are and some are not.

    • I have one from four years ago as it came with a bike. Still works but I hardly use it as I have a Giant Recon 1800.

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    Grabbed some thanks OP

  • Which light does this apply to? I've tried a few different ones they have on sale and it says the code is invalid.
    Nevermind found it

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    thanks OP grabbed none

  • nice

  • Nice one, thanks.

    Got a C&C for tomorrow hopefully

  • Hmm store locations..

  • Great deal - if you happen to be near a Reid store.

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    Great lights.. mines still going strong after 4 hours

  • ALDI rechargeable bike front+back light set is $25 this week. Worth comparing against these as $10 shipped.

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    Negging deal, cos these guys are first class a**holes. I'd be surprised if they actually handed over the free lights in store.

    Bikes not delivered, poorly assembled, non-existent post-sales support, rude staff … list goes on.

    I might be wrong and maybe they've changed their ways, but I don't see any evidence of that on google reviews, yet.

    • +1

      They started off well at the North Melbourne store. They might have become too big for their own good.

      • +2

        I have a Reid, and I've never heard of a bike company stir up such strong hate. Maybe I don't trawl forums enough but every Reid post seems to be followed by a regular dose of vitriol (not that the above is)

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          I've never heard of a bike company stir up such strong hate

          It's a valid point.

          The only other companies that I can think of stirring up similar levels of hate might be abortion clinics or abattoirs … but then we don't see to many deals from those businesses here … then again, the pro-lifers and vegans probably don't hang out here either.

          • -2

            @salmon123: Neg for the values judgement.

            • +3

              @Boodek: What values judgement? I didn't think I made a comment on abortions or meat-eating, did I?

              I simply said that Reid Cycles inspires a similar amount of hate from ozbargainers, that an abortion clinic might get from pro-lifers … in the sense that one of us might throw a bucket red paint over a Reid Bicycle in a public space.

          • +3

            @salmon123: You haven't heard of Harvey Norman?

          • @salmon123: Why wouldn't pro-lifers or vegans hang out here?
            Do you think they like wasting money?

            • @Almost Banned: Too many condom deals for pro-lifers. Too many meat deals for vegans.

              Do you think they like wasting money?

              The best way to save money is to avoid ozbargain and not buy anything.

    • +1

      Just picked up these lights. Store staff was super friendly. Asked me how many I said just one pair. They said here’s a another pair for your girlfriend.

      Quick and easy.

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    These lights are crap. Not water (splash) proof. I bought a box for like $2. Not worth the postage or fuel.

    • You sure those $2 ones were rated as waterproof?

      I've gotten some before, and price does make a difference. The cheap $1 knockoff ones definitely has not waterproofing to it, but the more expensive ones (or rather properly designed ones) do.

  • Got a pair with my Samson bike.

    Still going strong but hardly ride.

    Like two led bulbs so weak but good enough to be seen.

  • +1

    they're the same ones i picked up for free many years ago. not good enough for use as dedicated lights but good for attaching to saddle bags and as back-ups

  • Link hasn't worked for me for a couple of days.

  • +2

    i got in but doubt this is getting honoured

    • Mine honoured

  • Thanks OP!

  • Get a pair of these

    They are LED COB tech so they are much brighter safety lights and they are rechargeable. They hold charge very well when unused. If you can pickup Reid for free good otherwise it isn't the best choice.

  • Thanks OP

  • +1

    Got these with a bike. Cant really call them lights as they hardly illuminate anything but themselves. These are battery powered reflectors at best. 9.99 for shipping bis too much tor these.

  • +1

    Bo doubt this will be Ozbd. Will wait for sorry email that out of stock

  • My daily commuting bike was purchased from Fb mktplace for $20 to replace the one that got stolen and still going strong after half a year.

    $9.99 for shipping a pair of junk is disgusting.

  • I can't work out where to add the coupon?

  • I can confirm freebie honoured. Just received a text I can CC from Dandenong vic store. Ok so I need to drive out of my way there, but good just to go out that way anyway for a freebie

    • Sweet!
      Nothing here in Brisbane
      edit: Just realised I gave a fake number, so I ay never get a text.

      • +1

        Yeah and I ordered well into thread post. Oops. Try again, but with proper mobile to CC nearest store. Actually works out for me to CC as on way to Costco for fuel, another CC at Autobarn, and stop off at my parents

  • C&C is not an option.

    • For that store maybe no stock. Try another store

  • Did anyone else get collection notification?

    • nope

      requested C&C from the syd store

      • I emailed them. They said it is ready for pickup in Brisbane

        • thanks ive just done the same

          • @Jason Genova: When to the store they had no stock even after confirming with them via email. Bad customer service.

            • @Iluvfreebies: I received C&C notice from Dandenong VIC store via the mobile numbers I signed up and made orders with (just 2 accounts, me and the missus).

              Order notification was through email, but the C&C notice was only through the respective mobile numbers.

              I rocked up and the guy was pretty busy, I said I was here to C&C the free lights. He asked how many whilst reaching into the box to grab a handful and as I was going to respond he passed 3x to me. Thanked the guy and left with much appreciation =D

              • +1

                @AnDyStYLe: Send me one then.
                No doubt they don't have stock when they are giving away more than what was ordered.
                What a waste of time.

                • -1

                  @Iluvfreebies: Username checks out

                  • +1

                    @AnDyStYLe: It is hoarders like you that makes sure not everyone can have something good.

                    • @Iluvfreebies: Can understand that you're salty given you had your time wasted at the Brisbane store, although not sure why you're taking it out on me. With free items, you win some, you lose some.

                      I just shared my story to give yourself and all who read an understanding that I had contrary to your experience, and I had Great customer service from Reid.

                      Guy offered me 3x without hesitation, one more than what I had ordered. I'm a pro hoarder… Wow I'm a bad ass ay!

                      Happy to send you one, $9.99 Delivered… Or you can come C&C from me… Oh snap!!!

    • never got the notif

  • I am sold to marketing emails after signed up

    No update on free stuff!

    This will be bad campaign for Reid

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