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[Afterpay] Gigabyte Radeon RX 6600 XT Gaming OC 8GB Graphics Card $509 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Umart


Very good price if you're after a 6600 XT and have not used Afterpay at Umart before nor do you want to wait 1-2 months from Amazon

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  • Good find ser

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    Almost there, bet EOFY sale this will go under $500

    • This listing was $499 the other day without even needing afterpay. Sold out very fast though.

      So it was technically under, but not in any real sense.

    • RDNA 3 (which is expected to trump Lovelace in efficiency) looks like it's going to be released this quarter, which is something worth considering when looking at a drop in RDNA 2 prices on top of price normalisation due to miners selling off cards flooding the GPU market.

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        I think RDNA 3 cards are due end of the year as are 4000 series. This quarter are the AMD 6x50’s refresh

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          correct.. 6x50 this quarter.. RDNA3 end of year

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      under $500, and still no one buys, including you.

  • Is this a decent card to pull the trigger on? Im about to start buying parts for my first build after months of putting it off and im still kicking myself for not utilising aftepayday on one or a 3060(ti). Just dont wanna buy a card and regret it, but imkinna sick of making myself hodl

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      3060ti > 6600XT > 3060 > 6600

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      The trick is to never buy PC components as it's always close to the release of next gen

    • The afterpay deals weren't good. $670 for a trash model 3060ti and it was $631 almost 2 years ago. I'm kicking myself for not doing my build before Oct 2020 but not for missing a bad deal that involves afterpay.

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    This is a great price and I'm glad to see graphics cards coming down, however I don't think I would buy another amd card for gaming after my 5700xt experience. It took about a year for stable drivers to finally come out. Nvidia is just easier.

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    Will also bring the 'non' XT version down to $439 with use of AP code Gigabyte Radeon RX 6600

  • The lack of value is burning my eyes. At least make the Red Devil or mid tier evga this price. Gigabyte/ventus/coloful/asrock it's been an e-waste clearout sale these past 8 weeks

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    I have this card and it runs very well. Forza 5, shadow of the tomb raider look incredible. 3060ti is marginally better but this is much better value for money.

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    should be a $399 card. 6700xt $499, 6800xt $799

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