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Xiaomi Mijia Electric Precision 24 in 1 Screwdriver Set US$24.99 (~A$33.93) Delivered @ Hekka


As part of my 2000th deal I had organised a record low price on this previously popular electric screwdriver set from Xiaomi with Hekka. The coupon code is limited to 500pcs.

Edit 28/04: A further 500pcs of stock have been allocated.

This set is perfect for repairing laptops, phones, tablets, watches and other small electronics. It features 24 different screw bits, two torque gear modes (0.05N·m/0.2N·m), maximum speed of 200rpm, 350mAh recharable battery with USB-C and a magnetic storage case.

  • Apply the coupon Clearscrew at checkout

AU$ based on current Mastercard rate and free shipping.

Size S2 steel
Phillips PH000, PH00, PH0, PH1
Flathead SL1.5, SL2.0
Hexagon H0.7, H0.9, H1.5, H2.0
Triangle 2.3
W-shaped W1.5
Y-shaped Y0.6, Y1
Torx T2, T3, T4
Torx security T5H, T6H, T8H, T9H, T10H
Notice PH0, PH1, SL2.0, T8H, T10H, H2.0 are C4 x 25mm, others are C4 x 28mm

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  • +8

    Congrats on the 2k mate. Maybe one day I’ll make it too.

  • +4

    Love the code :)

  • 2001st post. Btw, promo code checks out!

  • If you happen to negotiate with Banggood, would love to get a deal on topshak ts eds1, screw driver, save me from waiting till the end of this year.

  • Thanks OP. I finally ordered one. Congrats for your 2k

  • Congrats Clear! That’s an impressive milestone!

  • Purchased thank you Op congrats on 2k.

  • +1

    ❤️ what you do Clear. Thank you.

  • I'm seeing a hekkalotta deals from Hekka.

  • Purchased! Thanks very much.

  • I picked up one identical to this on Amazon and the torque was simply not good enough I'm afraid.

    Even for a laptop, not a desktop or a table, laptop screws it was only just pulling it off.

    • So will the non electric manual version better?

    • +1

      I wouldn't use an electric driver initially to remove laptop screws as normally the plastic cracks or breaks. It's like the laptop is designed to leave an anomaly if you DIY to void warranty.

    • +2

      Precision electric screwdrivers are not designed for the initial loosening turn or the final tightening turn, you do that manually so you can feel the tightness. its suppose to aid in the removing process of the length of the thread so you don't need to keep turning

      • +1

        Can you use this device to still do that, without powering the motor on?

        • +2

          Yes this screwdriver has a brake built-in, so you can manually turn the screws until loose enough to undo by using the electric motor. Vice versa with tightening - use the electric driver until the screw is a little tight, then finish manually.

          I use this exact device at work (PCB tech + programming) and it helps when I need to pull apart devices immensly. I bought another one from this deal because they are so handy.

      • -1

        That makes them kinda not much good in time saving then.

  • Thanks Clear!

  • +1

    Thank you, got one. Now, you have a standing goal of 5k..

    • +1

      Last month I posted 99 deals. If I do 100 posts minimum a month that'll take 2.5 years for 5K ;)

  • +2

    Congrats on 2,000 Clear!

  • +1

    Thanks Clear!

  • Sold out. As I clicked on confirm pay, sold out message popped up

    • :'(

    • +1

      Back in stocks!

  • +2

    It went out of stock at 200pcs instead of 500pcs. Now fixed!

    • +2

      Thanks for being such a valuable and active member of the Ozbargain community! 👍

      I haven't kept count but I know I have definitely bought items from deals you have posted, including this one. 😁

      • +1

        Thanks for the support. People like you are the reason I keep going :)

  • does anybody sell the cordless screw driver separately?

  • Happy 2k!

  • +1

    Cheers Clear - always planned to get one of these!

    Congrats on 2K posts, keep up the bloody brilliant work <3

  • +1

    I can't believe this offer hasn't sold out by now, considering the 2K+ clicks.

    Lowest price ever. Epic deal, @Clear.

    We can't thank you enough for organising this for us, you legend.

    • Even this reviewer gave it a 5 star, must be good:

      "Item not received yet. The tracking showed "no one in attendance" while we we're at home that whole day"

    • reading comments above, looks like there was a chunk of time where it was sold out by mistake, but is fixed up now. I just ordered one.

  • Thanks OP. I have been holding out for a good deal on this set.

  • I have this, works well.

  • Thanks Clear. Grabbed one.

  • Thanks been wanting this for a while now, great price

  • I have a manual one for the odd jobs, do I need this one? PS. Congrats clear for 2k post!

  • is it just me missing something, but i get the message when trying to use a mastercard via "-Checkout via EBANX" they don't support my country. I can use Pay Pal but the exchange is not as good.

    • If you have your card linked in PayPal, at payment it gives you the option of currency for the card. You can set it so it bills in USD and you will get a better rate.

  • Ordered one. Thanks Clear and congrats 👍

  • I get an error "code does not apply to items in your cart" or similar… i assume 500 have sold…

    • Yep just tried after seeing this message and I get the same thing.

  • +1

    Same just tried and code has expired.
    Found the same kit on Amazon for $33.99 (7c more) : https://www.amazon.com.au/Xiaomi-Precision-Screwdriver-Magne...

    • Doesn't say its the electric precision version plus the photo showing the manual one …

    • +1

      Xiaomi makes a manual version as well. This is that one, not the Electric Precision one

  • +4

    Further 500 stock has been allocated.

  • Got one!! 😁
    This will pay for itself after a couple of weeks for me when I'm assembling my 4x4 RC beadlock wheels (can beup to 14 screws per wheel)

    Thanks OP

  • +3

    Screw you Benny!

  • Left mine sitting for a few months and the gearing seized up, ended up using it as a normal screw driver.

  • Anyone else has their order get lost?

    • Mine hasn’t arrived yet either. Waiting for a response from their customer service.

      Did yours arrive eventually?

      • +1

        Nope. I only posted this comment 17 hours ago, nothing has changed since haha

    • Yes. Mine is lost or stolen as they seem to have just left it.

      It was handed off to PFL Logistics (AU) by Yanwen Logistics (China) at the start of May.
      According to the tracking page from Parcel Freight Logistics (PFL), it was delivered by ATL.

      • Damn. Good to know I'm not the only one in this situation, what are you planning to do? I'm hoping to wait a bit and see what happens.

        • Sent them an email for now.

          • @DoctorCalculon: My dad ordered this for the house. He sent them an email too. I'd assume they would give everyone refunds. Maybe the item will come in a few months time? :)

            • +1


              Maybe the item will come in a few months time?

              That is wishful thinking. :)

              Are you able to actually track the item, and see who the logistics partners are, or the shipping events?

              • @DoctorCalculon: Yup. I can't remember any details off the top of my head, but the last update was on the 4th of May

    • I got mine today.

      I'm actually trying to find out who delivered the order. To put in a complaint.

      I live in an apartment block and the delivery guy tried to slot it through the mailbox hole. It was sticking 80% out from the front that I had to get it from the front of the mailbox. The guy didn't even bother trying to ring the intercom or call me.

      I just got super lucky I saw it on the way down to the gym.

      • I live in an apartment too, I hope I'm as lucky as you…

        • Also, in an apartment / unit.

          They are not supposed to ATL in apartments and units (high possiblity of package loss / theft).

          It turns out the last mile delivery partner is Aramex (formerly known as Fastway) who carried out the delivery.

          My package is now lost (most likely pinched). If they even sent a text on the day of the delivery, I would have looked out for it.

          All this time, I was thinking it was delayed due to COVID-19 (as per the notice on the PFL track page).

    • Mine didn't show up either. Even though the tracking said delivered. Tried a few times to reach out to Hekka and had no replies

      • Tried a few times to reach out to Hekka and had no replies

        Same issue here.

  • +1

    I would love to hear if anyone has actually received theirs? I’ve had no reply to email and nothing has arrived from 2 orders I made with them.

    • I received mine last week. Brisbane.

      I also ordered the Wuben C3 from them, also received

    • Got mine fine. Monday/Tuesday

  • Does it bring the screw driver for opening a MacBook Air?

  • Grabbed it, as the driver precision screwdriver set I got last time completely shat itself and ate the bloody head forever.

    • Ok, went to login to check my order status and my order link just hits the frontpage of the website, and the google sso login I used is accepted but is broken, so I can't see my user page. Neat.

  • Just arrived. Have to say the casing look so nice! Feels very solid. Haven't used it yet though. The rotation seems like it would be an assist, as in, you'd have to manually untighten the screw then use the motorised head to loosen it further.

    • They don't have have enough torque.

  • OOS?

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