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Meross Smart Plug Wi-Fi Outlet with Energy Monitor (2 Piece) $31.44 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ meross via Amazon AU


Apply the 15% discount code which will make the price come down to $31.44 , works with Alexa and google.

Buy it, use it, automate it

Harder Better Faster Stronger

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    works with Alexa and google

    & Homekit via Homeassistant

    • Hi, sorry but how did you get them working with HomeKit?
      They were my first choice until I noticed they aren't HomeKit compatible and I went with Cygnet's similar offerings

      • -1

        How are the cygnets?

        • They were alright, bought six of them during their last half-price sale, deployed 5 of them so far.
          I want to monitor my home's whitegoods energy consumptions, so they're deployed for my fridge, and PC socket (WFH), Two of the five deployed are always on because I'm logging energy consumption

          So far, I had one that died unannounced at about the 8-month mark but Cygnet express post a replacement to me during lockdown, Customer Service response time was 24-48hrs acknowledgement, once acknowleged, ~1.5hr response time during buisness hours.

          Based on the 5 deployed, they are set-and-forget, minimum fuss, this is within Apple HomeKit environment with an iPad Pro 2018 as HomeKit hub

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        Install Homeassistant on a Raspberry Pi or VM
        Install Homekit for Homeassistant
        Install HACS
        Add the Meross LAN repo
        Connect the devices to Homeassistant.
        Publish the the switch domain & Meross entities to the Homekit device

        • I don't use Homekit myself however nice run down there for those that do.

        • wow, thank you, this is awesome
          looks like a bit of tinkering to do, but looks doable
          thank you for opening my world to smart things

        • Can HA and HomeKit easily go onto one pi?

          • @jakc: HA & it's plugins all work on a pi and open up the Homekit hub to non apple approved iot devices. You still need an Apple Homekit hub (ipad/appletv/homepod) if you want to use Apple's 'Home' app iPhone/watch/Siri/Carplay etc.

            edit: actually not 100% sure if you need the apple hub ipad/appletv… ive got one & I thought you needed it to begin a home… but maybe not

            • @mlakmlak: Ive got the hub, just hear conflicting accounts of having both Home Assistant and Home Bridge running on the same pi.

              • @jakc: I stopped using homebridge & just use HA

                I gotta ask tho, why would you run them both? HA has a bridge in it.

                • @mlakmlak: Not sure! I assumed if you still wanted to integrate back to native Apple devices, then needed to go via home bridge (like show cameras on Apple TV, or Siri to let me open garage door, etc)

                  • +1

                    @jakc: the bridge is built into HA as a plugin - so yeah siri can turn a tuya light on or open a meross garage/gate - no need for homebridge.

            • @mlakmlak:

              not 100% sure if you need the apple hub ipad/appletv

              You can get away with not having one at home all the time, however you lose the connection to the internet when you’re not home.

              Examples why you should have a hub at home:
              1) have this hooked up to an aircon and want to switch it on before you get home
              2) have the Meross garage opener and want to check garage status (and/or have no delay opening garage when you get home)
              3) check/activate the status of any smart device without needing to be home

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    Definitely rubbish. I've returned a few to amazon already. Internal contactor failure and keep dropping off wifi.

    • -2

      Lots of one star reviews echo you sentiments.

      • +2

        @rimwar: Silly comment as the linked product only 7% are 1 star. 62% give 5 Stars, 20% 4 so 82% are 4 Stars or above!

    • +1

      Definitely Disagree. I have x8 of these and no issues at all with any. All over 12 months old and not a drop out. Also works in HomeAssistant. Only complaint is size as they take up two sockets.

    • +1

      Have no problem with my set for year+

  • I'll give em a crack.

    I have a few Lenovo's setup with Tuya, hopefully these work as well as they do..

    Thx op.

  • 1 can be had for $15.99 with the 20% coupon. It works out to be 27 c more but may suit some people :)

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    Be mindful that these are a bit bulky and once plugged in these do not leave enough space for the adjacent switch if any to be used.
    These are a bit chunky.
    Would recommend TP link compared to these.

    • Best pt of all, can't use them if they don't fit

  • tuya/smartlife compatible?

    • No. They use Meross app. They are HomeAssistant compatible in case that helps and can be controlled locally even if internet is down.

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