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La Marzocco GS/3 MP Espresso Machine $9,020 GST Inc (Free Pick-up or Delivery from $10) @ Quinnies Coffee Co


I know this deal won't be for everyone, but it's already made someone I know pretty happy.

The La Marzocco GS3 MP (manual paddle with conical valve) has been steadily creeping-up in price over the last few years. I was asked by a friend to find a deal on one of these before she committed just over $8K on a secondhand machine.

Most places are selling these for between $10,300 and $10,999 incl GST (example, example, example)

The shop has confirmed that:

  1. It is indeed the current version MP (not AV as pictured)
  2. Price includes GST
  3. They are new and not ex-demo/display units
  4. Shipping to Sydney or Newcastle is only $10.00 (ridiculous for a machine which has a shipped weight of just over 45kg)…I paid around $110 to have one delivered from Melbourne.

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    • +7

      This will probably outlast the 10 brevilles but that includes servicing fees.

    • And most OzBargainers only heard of Breville Dual Boilers but not other higher-end coffee machines XD

  • HODL?

    • Not too long, they may run out of stock…

  • +3

    Does it work with aldi pods?

    • +18

      Yes. You can store up to 20 of them in the drip tray.

    • +1

      yes, cut them open, take out the coffee and and put it into the groupa on this machine …..

  • +4

    I would love one of these, but ultimately I would prefer to pay ~9k for a custom (wood panels, powercoat) linea mini from Specht Design.

    It's a tonne of money to pay for a single group head machine, though ultimately the paddle control on the GS3 is very nice despite the diminishing returns.

    • +2

      I'm going to send mine to Michael to get the panels, group head trim and paddle down to match the kitchen in our next house.

    • +1

      Agreed. Would love a Linea Mini pimped out by Specht :)

  • Enough ozbargain for me today 😆

  • Thought this was for a meat slicer … They really should add that functionality.

  • … Ferraris of manual coffee machine.

  • @krunchymoses

    Paging krunchymoses. Paging krunchymoses
    I'm coming with you on your next council pile hunt just in case you score one of these bad boys. Deal? 🤣😂

  • +1

    I had the Breville Barista express and when it died I was going to upgrade but instead I felt the Ozbargain rising in me. I did a lot of review searching and bought the Sunbeam grindfresh for $79, it's a conical burr grinder and does an ok but slightly messy job. I also bought a Sunbeam mini Barista for $199.00. I thought I would give it a try.
    For a home coffee setup it is every bit as good as Breville barista express even though it has taken a little fiddling to get what I want from it. I will stress that this makes about 4 - 8 cups a day only. You can still buy this set up for around $300. The downside is it the shot tends to channel a little through the puck and you can't grind too fine or it just won't push through otherwise I have been suprised at my own efforts.

    • +1

      I will stress that this makes about 4 - 8 cups a day only.

      I hope you’re sharing these between 2-3 people because otherwise you may be in trouble lmao

    • You make it sound like Breville Barista Express is a premium machine. It's not.

      • +1

        No I agree. It is a low to mid range machine but seems to be the home coffee OZbargain choice. For my next machine i will be getting a Gaggia.

  • +1

    This is a wonderful machine. If I had the money, and the time to invest into understanding how to porperly make a coffee, I would buy one.

    But I do not have the money, nor the time.

  • great deal!

  • free pickup seals the deal!

  • Does it make the experience or the taste 20 times better compared to average machine? :)

  • wow nice price. If I could offload my Linea Mini now I would snap this up.

  • +1

    How does this compare to a Linea Mini? I will be looking to upgrade my 6-year old Rancilio (which has served me very well) next year for a Linea Mini. This one is quite a bit more, though I'm curious to what it offers. Yes, I know I can (and should) do my own research here!

    I also think the Linea Mini is better looking (iconic!).

    • AFAIK: Linea Mini doesn't have flow control (although can be added). Also smaller boiler obviously. Those are probably the main differences.

      • Depending on your bench space you've got and how much you're willing to spend, I would personally stretch to get the GS3 at this price.

        If you're the type to be tempted to upgrade later and you can reasonably afford it, just bit the bullet now - the gap between current pricing on a Linea Mini and this offer is relatively good.

        Also, looks are a real thing with something that sits on the bench all day every day - I think my partner will still tell me she would have preferred the looks of the mini.

  • -1

    Wow great find I just ordered 3 for my office.

    • if work pays for , sure order it for your office, i could imagine a few of these in MPs offices paid for with tax payer money.

  • OP, you forgot to link the $1,255 grinder that will goes perfectly with this crazy bargain!

    • …or the backup machine to use when the GS/3 needs servicing and you're waiting for the technician to finish the job.

  • +1

    How many coffees you gotta make to cover this initial investment?

    • +3

      Depends on frequency of consumption and the volume of coffee I guess.

      If you're buying $4.50 coffees twice each day, let's say arbitrarily for an average of 250 working days of the year, that's $2,250 per year. Over 10 years, that would be $22,500.

      In comparison to doing it yourself, you'd get about 70 double-shot espressos from a 1kg bag. Maybe with wastage taken into account, a 1kg bag might last you roughly a month if you're having two double-shots per day. A 'boutique blend' might run you about $50 for a 1kg bag, so that would be about $600 per year for coffee beans.

      Minus servicing costs (I don't actually know how much it'd be per year) and without accounting for inflation, over a 10 year timespan a rough cost of $9000 for the machine and $6000 for beans. If you averaged out about $250 per year for servicing/maintenance costs over that time period, that's another $2500.

      So for this hypothetical individual, it'd be $22,500 vs $17,500 over that period of time.

    • +5

      Let's be real here: if you are buying a machine like this (and even significantly cheaper ones), you are not really worrying about recovering the initial investment! :)

      (It may be a calculation you use to help justify it to the significant other, but it's not a real consideration.)

      • +2

        Very true. Those dodgy maths I shared here are 100% retrospective.

    • +1

      WARNING: Dodgy maths follows

      We make 5-6 cups (10-12 shots) per day….but can be significantly more when entertaining.

      Beans = Approx $0.95 per cup (usually an 18.5g dose)
      Milk = Approx $0.20 per cup
      Electricity/machine servicing/grinder wear and tear = Approx $0.75 per cup
      Machine^ = Approx $0.43 per cup

      Round it all up, allow for some shinkage (wasted grinds, spilt milk etc) at call it $2.50 per cup at home. Compares well to $4.50 per cup at the local speciality espresso bar. "Saving" $10.00 per day - FROM DAY ONE - based on five cups and assuming five years' ownership.

      ^My machine cost me $8450 a few years ago. Assume I'll keep it for five years and then sell it for around $4500. That means $3950 / (365*5) = $2.16 per day for the machine.

  • +1

    How does this compare to a cup of international roast from a bulk can?

    • +6

      Far less convenient (as long as you own a teaspoon) and orders of magnitude more expensive.

      If you don't own a spoon and have no interest in buying one then a machine like this is the only solution for your coffee needs ;-)

  • Nice, bought 3. One for dining room, one for bedroom and one for backup.

    • Good buying.

  • Here is the kicker: the machine is not even commercial grade. For home use only - the Ozito of big coffee machines.

    • +1

      What would you expect for 9k?

      • Commercial grade!

        • +1

          You haven't investigated commercial machines.:-P Nor have you added-in the plumbing or 3-phase electrical costs for a commercial machine.

          The GS/3 units are fine for selected commercial use (eg coffee carts) and they have many of the same internals as the La Marzocco Strada units. In Singapore, you'll find a number of specialty coffee houses with one or two GS/3 machines on their brew bars.

    • +2

      I think comparing it to Ozito is a bit disingenuous…plenty of GS3s being used for light commercial usage just fine.

      Never seen a tradie using Ozito! :)

  • Let’s face it, Macca’s coffee isn’t barista made even though they advertise that it is. My local always has a kid who is straight out of high school and doesn’t know how to even warm the milk up properly! The one good thing is that you always get $1 or $2 coffee offers from the MyMacca’s app (multiple times a week depending on how many accounts you have) which is a better option than 7/11 and the Coles/Shell.

    • I've never had a good coffee at maccas

    • maccas coffee is barista made …… it’s made by a person, probably trained , being trained in how to make coffee isn’t like a degree in medicine or law ….. it’s amazing how little training is required for some job titles ……

  • Be sure to pair with a quality grinder such as this to maximize potential https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/sunbeam-coffee-and-spice-grin...

    • +2


  • Serious question: if your machine gives you around 9 bars and a steady temperature of around 93 °C, what advantages does a more expensive machine give you if you're drinking the same style of coffee every day?

    • +3

      There are lots of different features in more expensive machines that you may or may not care about: build quality, flow profiling / setting, programmable pre-infusion, steam power, etc.

      But if a simple 9 bar machine works for you, then no need to spend more! :)

      • 100% And if some instant coffee, or a 7/11 brew or an Aeropress is what you enjoy….PLEASE continue enjoying that.

        I tried to highlight from the outset that this deal wasn't for everyone, and not everyone will "get" the value proposition.

        I'd been on a 20+ year path of brewing/machine ownership up to the GS3. Some of the "why?" is hard to explain….but people who know, just know. I guess it's similar for enthusiasts of all sorts of pastimes.

    • +1

      It gives you psychological advantages.

  • No mention of any warranty in case it breaks…

    • +2

      Warranty on these is two years.

      But I can state, from experience, that La Marzocco Australia are very generous when it comes to out-of-warranty repairs on stuff that shouldn't fail from normal wear and tear.

  • +1

    Nice, should pair well with my preground supermarket beans.

    • +2

      You'll definitely be getting the best possible result from them.

      A bit like putting Daniel Ricciardo behind the wheel of a 2002 Daewoo Matiz for a hot lap of Albert Park F1 track, I guess.

  • one day.. lol

  • I have the Linea Mini. Absolutely love it, already paid for itself.

    • The Linea Mini is a CRACKING machine!!!

      • You seen any deals for a LM?

        • Negative. I'm sure they're out there, though. I stumbled-upon this one after an hour of intense Googling for my friend on the GS/3.

          If you're in the market for one, it's worth investing the time to find the best deal. The retail margin on these is pretty slim and anything >5% off RRP is generally a sign you're getting close to a good offer.

          Remember to post it here when you find the best deal ;-)

        • I baulked when they were $5k a few years ago and now I’m choking on my Breville made latte when I see they’re now $7k!! LM made all dealers agents rather than resellers so 5% off is all you can get.

  • +1

    Anyone looking for a decent expresso machine should keep an eye on the Op Shops which are expresso machine graveyards. My theory is that people buy them because they think they are going out for the coffee, but soon discover they are actually going out for the cafe culture and the craic. I always have one to use and a backup and have never paid more than $10.

    • The other place are garage sales - particular for heavier machines with lots of brass and stainless steel (which people don't want to lug around). Not likely to get one for $10, mind you, but MUCH cheaper than eBay or Gumtree..

      • FB Marketplace always have Cafes selling machines

        • Most of which are plumbed-in and/or require 3-phase power supply.

  • Just buy a two group

    • Why?

  • I haven't seen any reviews from James Hoffman on machines in this price range. Based on his reviews I was planning on getting an EG-1 grinder and a Decent espresso machine some time in the far future (the profile programming of the Decent looks great). Are there any recommended YouTube reviewers targeting machines in the La Marzocco's price range?

    • +1

      James (understandably) targets machines with a mass market price-point. The watch time for videos about $10K machines wouldn't be enough to live on.

      You could try Slawek from IDC in Canada.

      EDIT: Example - La Marzocco GS/3 MP vs Slayer V2

      • Thanks! Will check it out!

        • +1

          If you want a great setup for what is still a lot of money but not crazy, I'd have to think that a Profitec 600 and a Lagom P64 would give someone very little to complain about.

  • This or a DE1 for half the price?

    • The DE1 appeals to my gadgeteer side, but the GS/3 still seems smarter from an espresso purists' perspective, the long term value proposition and higher wife approval factor (other than the cost).

  • thanks, does it make decaf coffee too?

    • …yep, and a fine cup of tea.

      • +1

        You can make a good tea with a $5 K-Mart kettle and a 8 cent teabag.

  • It's like Ferrari of home barista espresso machines

    • An entry-level Ferrari, perhaps. There's still a couple before you get to a Ferrari 488 Pista ;-)

      • I have settled down lol

        BDB + Eureka Mignon Specialita

        I am like Corolla owner

        • That's just what you tell yourself now ;)

        • Nice we are Corolla owners, same boat here

  • +1

    I have made a small coffee circle, those who joined don't like coffee form anywhere else lol

    One guy even owns a cafe but prefers to make his own coffee at home :D

    • That's one strange circle

  • +2

    Thanks, bought 3

  • this is a great price if you are after one, I've got an AV model in my kitchen.

  • Is it made in Italy? I know café owners love to say their machines were made in Italy.

  • +1

    ECM Synchronika + Niche will do me just fine

  • Thanks Op bought 3

  • This is head of a drug cartel coffee machine.

    Heisenberg approves

  • Im here for comments

  • Wow… youd have to be a complete drug (caffeine is a drug) addict to be able to justify this… how the hell buys one of these?

  • Ok, run the math for my family payoff for this machine will be about 3 years assuming we still have "social" coffees. Good spot.

    In b4, "Why you pay so much on coffee?":
    I'm an addict— Shut up.

  • +3

    You can get 10% back via the tourist refund scheme if you take overseas

    • +1

      This would be PRO TIP OF THE DAY. 😃

  • I thought it was over priced at 8k years ago.

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