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[Back Order] EVGA GeForce RTX 3070 XC3 BLACK 8GB LHR Video Card $849 Delivered at BPC Tech


Correct me if I'm wrong but this appears to be the cheapest 3070 since the Colorful BattleAx earlier this month ($836), though some would argue that this looks better.

What goes up must come down?

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  • This or 3080?

    Getting a 3070Ti doesnt seem to be worth it?

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      3080 if you're running a 4k panel or high refresh rate.

      3070ti if you don't care about efficiency and want a bit more performance at ~3070 prices

    • Or wait a few months for RX7700 ? Initial performance targets are 6900 performance at that level..

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        The 7700 isn't going to be a few months. Will be closer to the end of the year.

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          yup with china being in lockdown it's likely going to be next year.
          For large quantities of apple devices, we are being told orders won't be fulfilled until August if we get orders in now.

      • No dlss

        • FSR 2.0 though and higher performance, something to weigh up.

      • or RTX4000. Until its released and in stock, with real world reviews, its all speculation. I saw a post saying the new 4060 would beat the 3080, not the 1st time the next gen has been hyped up only to disappoint when it arrives.

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          The 4060 will be a 250w card if the 4090 is going to be a 600w card lol

          AMD looks to be the one to go for next generation. Nvidia is pumping the power limits to the max on next gen cards to make sure they dont get beaten at the top end

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            @vid_ghost: Soon graphics cards will be powerful enough to provide hot water for the house.
            Very efficient.

            • @ThePasserby: Think of all the money you can save by not running your heater.

      • Even if on paper the RX7700 will be a powerful card unfortunately AMD drivers are still not up to scratch, they need to really invest more into making better drivers. Best to get NVIDIA for gaming purposes.

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      for this price get 3070.

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    I agree with your comment about the 3070Ti, the price gap isn't justified by the performance uplift. If 3070 has come down further and most 3080s are sitting between 1300-1500, I think they will come down soon as well. In that case, I would personally choose the 3080.

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    Now, let's drop the 3080 furthermore, you are very close to get my money, just a little bit more effort BPC, you can do it!

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    waiting for it to hit 500

    • +3


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      A lot of 2070s came down to $550 (some also included a decent ssd). The rtx 3070 is the same msrp as the 2070s.

      Feels weird still seeing prices slightly higher than 18 months ago when they could be hundreds less in 6 months

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    3080's at 900 a pop ill pull the trigger fingers crossed.

  • Great to see this is now nearly on par with 2070 prices back in the day. Hopefully drops into 700 range soon!!

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      I currently have a RTX 2070 Super and I am very tempted. Because looking at Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree, if I list that for $600 it would sell instantly. Which literally means I'm paying $250 for this card. And I game at 4K, so I am super tempted, but waiting on a 3080.

      • I've been looking at evga 3080 for 1300, wondering how much lower it will go in the next few months.

        At 2/3 the price, this is closer to 80% the fps, but not a huge step up over 2070s (I have 2080).

        Decisions, decisions, 250 for a small bump is ok, but it will only be a small bump, a 3080 would be a big bump but pricing is still silly.

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          RTX 3070 is 2080 Ti performance? It's a big jump from 2070 Super to a 3070, wouldn't call that a small bump at all, that's a big increase in performance.

          • @ThatsCheap: Roughly 60 > 80 fps at 4k (of course these numbers are broad).
            Its a good jump, but if you consider the 3080 might be another 15 or 20 again, 60 to 100 is a worthy upgrade, the 20 just wets the appetite…

            • @beeze: Yeah, forcing myself to wait for 3080 deals. PC fully upgraded except for the GPU, have been waiting for a year on prices to drop as I refused to overpay for a GPU.

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        Maybe sell the 2070 now then? Intel ARC is only weeks away and the top model will compete directly with a 3070. I suspect the real reason for the price drops has nothing to do with crypto, nvidia has been holding back sales over Christmas to squeeze the highest profits possible, and will flood the market on Intel's launch.

        It's going to be hard to get good money on used cards when sales are widespread on new cards

        Theres a reason Asus already dumped their inventory at 25% discount last month.

        • +7

          People complained about AMD's drivers for years… I can only imagine the horror which will be intel GPU's

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          Not going with first gen Intel cards, their GPU team is even smaller than AMD's GPU team (with regards to software), and as someone who games at 4K, DLSS is essential for me. So forced down NVidia route solely based on that.

          FSR 2.0 has shown decent results so far, but DLSS development has been great. Especially DLSS 2.3.9 (downloaded separately, is basically a miracle in terms of quality compared to previous versions).

          • @ThatsCheap: I'm not saying to buy the intel card, but it's impact on prices will be obvious.

            FWIW Intel's cards will have their own version of DLSS. Sure it won't be as refined as Nvidia's solution at launch, but I believe they will do a better job than AMD in the long run. It's going to become the default GPU on gaming laptops next year.

            • +2

              @greatlamp: I wish I could sell the 2070 Super, sadly the only card I have laying around isn't capable of pushing 4K 60Hz. So even if I purchase now, I'd have to wait for the 3070 to arrive before selling the 2070 Super. I will force myself to wait for an RTX 3080 price drop, if it drops to ~$950 to ~$1000 I will go for it. The extra performance and GPU memory will be worth it.

              As for Intel's DLSS/FSR equivalent, they're going to be behind both NVidia and AMD (after FSR 2.0 reveal) imo. They're not 4K ready cards, their main focus will be laptops, so they don't need to significantly improve picture quality vs the desktop counterparts higher end models from AMD & NVidia.

          • @ThatsCheap: can you use DLSS with PCVR?

          • @ThatsCheap: Is upgrading DLSS still a game by game replacement of files? I never quite figured it out.

            I’ve been around long enough to never trust Intel GPUs. They’ve never been particularly good. But here’s hoping intel is willing to go low on price to buy market share and the a380 winds up in a low profile card so there’s some LP options around.

            • +2

              @freefall101: Yeah, game by game basis, located usually where the .exe executable of each game is, download 2.3.9 from here and test it, pretty much sharper than previous and newer iterations, and the most important thing, significantly improved ghosting to the point where it's barely visible:


              • +2

                @ThatsCheap: Legend, thank you! Just had a play around with it, easy to use and I can see the improvement.

            • @freefall101:

              I’ve been around long enough to never trust Intel GPUs. They’ve never been particularly good.

              What do you mean? Intel onboard GPU have always had rock solid drivers, they’ve never released a discrete GPU until this year.

              • @Agret: Nope, they had the i740 in the late 90s - it cost hundreds of millions to setup and ultimately fell over. They then tried to make dedicated cards that integrated with system RAM which completely bombed the performance of a system.

                GMA was a support nightmare. So long as you ran Windows XP then sure, it was OK. But then it didn't support Vista and later OS's properly, it was DX9 compliant yet unable to run DX9 features. Intel's propensity for promising then not delivering left a lot of us in the lurch when it came to that upgrade. And on mac/linux it was an absolute nightmare, I remember trying to run dual screens and it was actually impossible in linux. Intel wrote those drivers too. At least these days they open source the drivers and provide documentation, but back in the day it wasn't fun to work with.

                By the time you hit the 2010s then sure, Intel integrated GPUs at least worked as intended, even if the performance was horrendous.

                There was also Larrabee, which never even got off the ground. That's because Intel wasn't able to get it to scale up properly. Granted, Intel has done massive amounts of work in that specific area since then so it'll probably work. But I'm not going to be buying v1. Intel is a very overhead heavy company and that's one thing that hasn't changed. Getting timely driver releases to improve performance, things like DLSS alternatives that have constant improvements and the like aren't something I'd trust from Intel. They also aren't big in throwing money behind things, so I worry if performance isn't there it simply won't be priced right anyway. They have a lot of R&D to recover on this card.

  • How many of you always switch on DLSS when gaming?

    • +3

      Any game that supports, no reason to have it off. Unless competitive shooter

    • +1

      Almost always. Except War Thunder. Small fast moving objects can straight up disappear using DLSS. In a dogfight that means death.

  • +5

    Sold my 1080ti for $460 today :(
    Hope I can get 3060ti for $500 later this year

    • I missed the boat also.. sold my 5500xt for $260.. i sold my rx470 for $350 6 months ago the top i think was mid 2021

  • Only 5% above MSRP, not too shabby. Hope GPU's keep dropping lower though.

  • +1

    Looks like some 2020 RRP right hure.

    • Only took nearly 3 years

      • it was a brutal wait

  • Bookmarked 👍

  • Dam I'm sitting here on the fence sweating profusely, I really should be looking at a 3080 to drive decent 4k res on my 77C1 mainly cyberpunk. My trusty 1080 hang in there buddy

  • Great deal, I went from a 1080ti (sold $450) to a 3070 EVGA ftw3 FHR (paid $700 used) and I'm pretty happy with performance increase. Hopefully 8gb VRAM is ok for 1440p long term.

  • +1

    Upvoting to increase fomo buy behaviour

    • Noooo, we need to hodddlll haha

  • *looks over at brand-new boxed Colourful RTX 3070*
    Rip, I want the all-black one. 😂 Anyone want to buy this off me for like $730?

    • +1

      Then sell the XC3 in 4 weeks when the FTW+3 is this price? Going to be hard for others to get a good deal whilst people are clearing them off the shelf every 2 weeks for rgb reasons.

      • My loss, other's gains. :D

    • I'd be interested but I just placed an order for this. Where are you located?

  • +1

    Just be aware this version doesn't come with a backplate.

  • +1

    I couldn't hold out any longer, I bought this one. Thanks OP!

  • 3080 all the way, just waiting for further price drop

  • OOS

  • I can't believe I paid $1449 for this card just 6 months ago. Excellent card though, super quiet and perfect for madVR 😎

  • +3

    Hi guys,

    I am happy to let you know this model is back on stock again :)

    BPC Team

    • +2

      any chance more EVGA 3060 Tis are coming in soon?

    • I placed an order for 1! I just hope you have enough stock!

  • black edition means just that…no blackplate

  • +2

    Price increase to $899

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