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KFC Family Burger Deal $21.95 (KFC App Only Deal)


This ultra popular deal is back!

4 burgers - Original or Zinger (mix & match)
Cheese +$0.50, Bacon +$1.00 (each)

2 sides (large chips, large coleslaw, gravy, 4 dinner rolls)
1.25 Litre Pepsi variety.

APP only so I’m only able to screenshot it.

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    Um I always had this deal come up when I wanted a burger for years now, did it go away for a short time as I ordered this about a month ago.

    • +3

      Yeah I ordered this a couple of weeks ago on the app. I didn't even know it left the app for awhile.

      • -4

        Any deal not posted on here is postable. I have no idea when this started again. I noticed it came back just earlier tonight hence my post.

    • -1

      It’s not always available.
      Last time this was posted in October 2020 & expired in January 2021.
      All KFC promos are rotated. You might just have been lucky and it was available for you when it came through on rotation.

      • +11

        The 12th month is December, not October.

        KFC Family Burger Deal $21.95 (KFC App Only Deal)
        Posted: 16/12/2020
        Expired: 30/01/2021
        Duration: 45 days

        Note: If an expiry date is not set on a deal post, it will be automatically marked as expired after 45 days (90 days for freebies). It is the poster's responsibility to either set an expiry date, or report the deal to have it marked as 'long expiry' (never auto expire).

        The deal never actually ended. I've been ordering this deal 1-2 times each month for a couple years. It's definitely not on any kind of rotation. It was just automatically marked expired on OzBargain because an expiry was not set and the poster didn't report the deal to be marked as a long running deal.

        • -5

          Not sure why you are hating on me for posting this well supported deal?

          If you find a deal that has expired or hasn’t been posted, feel free to give back to this community by posting it.

          I’ve saved a fair bit of coin thanks to those who do post here, so I try and post unpublished deals when I can.

          • +10

            @bargain ben: I'm not hating on you or the deal. If I were, I certainly wouldn't have given it a + vote.

            This ultra popular deal is back!

            My point is that it's not back because it never left and I've offered an explanation as to why it was marked expired on OzBargain.

            • +1

              @HomeAlone: Yep, never left the app. This deal has been around for years.

          • +1

            @bargain ben: Yep same sorry if you felt hurt by my comment. Was just wondering if the offer ended or if maybe it ended for specific state or something as it was always available on Victoria.
            No hate, was just curious

        • True Detective

      • +9

        This deal never ended.

    • Yes. It was there. But this post has obviously have many. thank you OP

  • +14

    Used to be $19.95.. Lol

    • +13

      Prime Minister, what's the price of the "KFC Family Burger Deal" ?

      • +3

        Adam Bandt “Google it mate”.

  • +2

    Make sure to 'complete' the survey to receive a free large chips and 1.25 drink :)

      • +1

        Over $20 is large chips and drink

      • +5

        As someone else said the survey can and regular chips both become large when spending over $20. I posted to confirm I did it just a few days ago. Some KFC staff will say it's only the can and regular chips but they're wrong. If they argue I'm wrong I keep repeating it until they go ask someone else who has a clue.

        • Been doing this for more than 3 years. Whenever I occasionally come across someone who knows it's the bigger 1.25L drink, I always let them know I'm impressed they actually knew :)

        • Dude at mt KFC told me he knew it was meant to be the larger size but he would only give me the small size. Was delivered with a full sneer too.

          • +2

            @tonka: Wow. I haven't had that, but they have refused to believe me because they "know" it's only the can and regular chips. Send KFC on facebook a pm, relate what happened, ask them to confirm is it supposed to be a large chips and 1.25L drink over $20 or not? They'll request your contact details, ask which store you'd like to receive free credit at and give you a code staff enter into the register at that store, and force the manager to phone you to apologise. I think I got $20. I redeemed it when they were busy so they didn't think to spit on the chicken lol.

            They'll learn their lesson eventually. There's no reason for this kind of nonsense anyway, because it gets claimed back on tax as an expense of running the business. If that store is too lazy to press the correct register button so they have a record of it, that's their problem.

            People should contact KFC every time something like this happens, because managers of corporate stores are engaging in bait & switch/false advertising thus damaging the brand overall. The same with private owners, but I assume like most franchisers, KFC takes a pretty dim view of such things and can choose not to renew their option if KFC feels that franchisee is creating too much ill will for that branch.

            i.e. If he's doing that offer wrong, he's probably doing a bunch of other things wrong to other customers too. If he doesn't like meeting the advertised obligations, he can feel free to sell his franchise on/back to KFC, and go buy his own corner chicken shop then do as he pleases.

            • @Faulty P xel: Each store will learn their lesson immediately because they get "fined" ($300 i think?) for any complaints made about their store. Someone feel free to correct me on this.

            • @Faulty P xel: Unlike other fast food stores, I have found KFC support very unfriendly and not really interesting in customer support or listening to the issues.

              • @lonewolf: Dunno… they were fine with me (via Facebook private message).

            • @Faulty P xel: Wasn't the owner of manager, just some post teen on drive through checkout. Didn't want to waste my time over someone who was very obviously a lost cause on the road to a crappy life.

    • I'll add that it can be any two large sides, doesn't have to be chips + drink.

  • +2

    No way to swap for twisters?

    • Not anymore , used to be able to about a year ago

  • +3

    This better than HJ specials and more tastier :)

    • +7

      I like this comment’s grammar even betterer.

      • They're grandpa is nice two.

  • +14

    Cheap as Chips is OzB official Family meal. Fight me.

    • +1

      Cheap as Chips is excellent value. I'm with you on this!

    • Agreed

    • Here here! Plus the free drink and chips from survey haha

      • Large.

    • Agreed

    • +2

      Burger Combo Deluxe is my go-to.

      • 100%

  • +26


    TIL I identify as a family of 4.

  • +8

    I can confirm that I have ordered the meal almost every single month via app, and it is always available in the menu.

      • +4

        Its not really a deal if its standard price though.

      • +6

        I am living in Victoria. The Family Burger deal is always available for me in the menu. Maybe the deal is not always available, if you live in a different state. I have nothing against your post, I did not even downvote you. I am just telling the truth about the availability of the deal.

      • +1

        This isn’t always available.

        Not sure if someone "proved" it yet or not, but yes - it is.

        That said, it may have disappeared from someone's app due to their recent product shortages (where some KFC branches run out of an item, cannot fill deals containing that item, so they remove those deals from the app for their store until they get it in stock again). This has happened a few times over the last couple of months.

  • Shut up and take my money.

  • +6

    Vin diesel: FAMILY

    gear shifts 69 times in background

  • Been buying this for years now. You can add additional sauces for free. I like supercharged. You can also replace the chips with Pepsi Max.

    • how do you add sauces for free? can't see an option…

      • Edit the deal, the edit the burger. Add whatever you want. I usually change my burgers to zingers also.

  • -1

    How the F. does this get posted and yet, no one posts about a bucket of popcorn chicken for $10.lol

    • +1

      You can post it.

    • Don't forget about the $2 sliders, I like them but need like 10 to feel me up but also feel like $2 should be the normal price and $1 the special price

    • +4

      Bucket of popcorn chicken for $10 has been posted though.

    • +5

      This has been posted you god damn noob.

  • Cheap as Chips

  • Just wondering if these burgers have gotten smaller over time ? Or it’s just me

    • Well, hold onto your seat, because I've got a take that will blow your mind…

      Big Macs are smaller these days! 🤯

    • +4

      Your hands have grown

    • +1

      Yes they've gotten a LOT smaller. I didn't eat KFC for a few years. Then I ordered one and couldn't believe how small it had become. All the ones I'd had before the break, the fillets were so thick (and juicy) I couldn't open my mouth wide enough to fit the fillet and bun… I'd have to bite at them from the side kind of thing, so in two bites if you get me. I get Zingers now too because most of the time their fillets are thicker than original.

    • +1

      I've always thought zinger burgers were small since early 2000s.

  • If the people making the burger did it properly the burgers would come out great but geez At least my local one the burgers are just small and sloppy and a turn off sadly

    • +3

      You're hoping to get turned on by KFC burgers?

      • All that KFC grease makes good lube

      • hell yes fried chicken done well is a OMG drools turn on moment!

    • Mine were pretty good tonight surprisingly.

  • The chicken is getting smaller and smaller. You end up eating mostly carb. I had the 8 pieces, 6 nuggets, 2 large chips and 2 sides for only $20.99. I think better deal via app.

  • +1

    This has always been available evey time I've gone into the city for the last few years? As far as I'm aware it is always in the app?

  • Have been ordering this prob once a month since late 2021 … But have seen it consistantly in app prior to that.

    Maybe KFC decided to remove this deal for a period of time for certain states???
    I'm in WA by the way.

  • Does two people count as a family? Asking for a mate.

  • It's $24.95 through my KFC app

    • it is $21.95 for pick up and $24.95 for delivered(not including delivery fee), depending on whether you choose pick up or delivery when you select your store the prices change

  • +1

    I think the cheap as chips deal is much better. 8 pieces of chicken, 4 large sides ( your choice) plus 6 nuggets + a sauce $21.95.

    • Yes better deal to your hunger and wallet , but not to your health.

      • Once every few months is just fine thanks.

  • Good deal. After stuffing up my order last time I checked the bag this time before departing and yep they stuffed it up again. Went the 4 zingers and they only gave me 3. They really are special down at my local KFC. Don't think they have ever got an order correct 🤣

  • Went to order this tonight and it applied discount at checkout, reduced it to $17.56!
    No idea why, but very happy with the haul.

  • Price has gone up?
    I am using the app.

    • Just checked. $21.95 on my app.

      And I usually ALWAYS have higher prices at my local due to country/rural and usually all these KFC deals are a dollar or two more at my local.

  • Seems like they removed the 2 burger deal though which is what I always got.

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