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Acer RG241YP Nitro RG1 23.8inch 165Hz FHD IPS HDR Gaming Monitor $209 Delivered @ Scorptec


Not a bad price if you want a high refresh rate monitor right now, everything seems to have gone up in price the last few months probably due to the influx of next gen consoles received for Xmas gifts.

Acer RG241YP Nitro RG1 23.8inch 165Hz FHD IPS HDR Gaming Monitor, 1920x1080, 1ms, 1000:1, Contrast, 2x HDMI 2.0, 1x DisplayPort 1.2, Tilt, Swivel, VESA, HDR10, FreeSync Premium (HDMI & DP Cables)

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    The 27inch also only $249

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    This or the Acer VG240Y, same thing but with a better stand and speakers for $219 also from scorptec

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      VG240Y for sure, but it's not available for pickup in NSW

      If the photos are actually correct the Y has a normal VESA mount position centred on the back of the monitor, while the YP has it really low where the factory stand is mounted.

      • Yea I ended up ordering that one (VG240Y) and since its over $200 its free delivery.

      • What about the RG271P? Its 20 dollars more than VG240Y but it has bigger screen

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          Pixels will be big on FHD 27 inches screen.

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    250 nit HDR?

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      Should read “accepts hdr signal” not advertised as hdr.

  • This or the 24g2?

    • 24G2 is miles and bounds better imo. Slap on an icc profile and ur set.

    • I think it's better to wait for EOFY sales and get it then

  • How do i check if my weak laptop supports 165hz

    • does it have display port? it probably only accepts 165hz through display port

      • My laptop doesn't have display port. It has hdmi, usb c, and 2 usb 3 ports. And also headphone jack. I dont think my laptop will support since it was $388 at harvey norman and it has vega 3 graphics

        • What version HDMI port is your laptop? If it's 2.0, it should support up to 240hz for this 1080p monitor. HDMI 1.4 will only support up to 144hz, which still isn't bad. It then depends on whether your device can draw that many frames or more with your current graphics card.

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            @Muzos: Hdmi 1.4b and i don't think its worth for me get this since games like minecraft or other low performance requiremnt games don't even go above 30fps for me lol but thanks for the help.

  • "HDR"


  • shows as about $35 delivery to Perth - but if you put it in cart goes to zero - nice

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