Best Router for a 4BR Double Brick Home?

Hey All,

Partner and I moving into a 4br house in Canning Vale Perth and it has FTTN.

I WFH most days and game too, Partner also does gaming on possibly pc in the future but currently loving her ps4.

We both have the standard mobile phone and laptop each. We most likely gonna have 2 TV's with Wi-Fi for Netflix etc…

I know the house currently has a 6 year old Router Modem from TPG. I'm keen to get the Asus ax86u but i know this is not a modem.

Do I have to get a new and better modem as well to match the router?

Is there a better router for the money for the above requirements?


  • I lived in a stone townhouse once and there were blackspots everywhere, even though I had an expensive router. Do you even need a modem for FTTN?

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      A VDSL2 modem is required for nbn FTTN.

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        What a rip. With FTTP you just need to plug a router into the box.

        • the FTTP box is technically a fibre modem ;)

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    FTTN you will need a VDSL modem as well. Not sure if a new one will be better, as I don’t know if your old one is crap. When you get connected your ISP should send you an email advising you or your max attainable speed. If that varies significantly from what you can me up getting then a new modem might be required as well.

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    Might need a mesh system
    If you’re connection point into the house is sort of central, then you could get away with a good router (like one of the Asus AX88 for example)

  • Mesh

    We use a Google Nest wifi…

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    A mesh system will still need a vdsl modem. Have you considered the Deco x20? They have a model that includes a VDSL modem. Comes in 1, 2 or 3 pack.

  • Get a mesh, we use Google 1 point upstairs. Went from no signal upstairs at all to full bar. Our router is the dlink blue alien looking one that cost $500 and is basically useless so just skip straight to mesh

  • If considering a mesh unit then Choice conducted a review of about 20 different models on 4th April

  • Double storey? If so is there a slab between them?

    • If so is there a slab between them?

      Just VB.

  • I don't recommend to go with single pricey router. Better to get Wi-Fi 6 Mesh router and single storey house can do with 2 mesh (1 Main Router + 1 node).

    Check for below as they have clearance price. However, you can get cheaper Dual-Band Mesh Router that will work as well but as soon you going to get FTTP, better to bid on Wi-Fi 6 Mesh router. Also, you can try Xiaomi AX1800 or AX3000 which will be cheaper as well but have better performance if you like. You may have to order it from online marketplace and may comes with international plug so make sure you get 220v one and not 110v.

    • Xiaomi router are excellent for buck, but I wouldn't recommend one.
      I'm struggling to add vpn to my router and all the tutorial's online are useless

  • Please take the time to look into EoP (not to be confused with PoE); sometimes called Powerline Networking.

    Your easiest answer, is to place the router wherever you KNOW you'll need wifi (bedroom for mobiles? Office for printer? Wherever) and anything thats stationary (tvs, consoles, PCs), wire it in.

    The EoP devices got a bad wrap from their early days, but its been probably 5-10 years that they've been very reliable.

    The other upside to doing this, is that you can then disable mixed mode wifi on the router, lock it to 20mhz-wirelessN, and enjoy the extended range of 2.4G at up to 150mb; rather than worrying about speed and latency for the much closer range 5Ghz band.

    Home routers just outright fall off a cliff in terms of performance in mixed mode scenarios. The AsusWRT ones are less bad, but if you can lock a frequency, so much the better.

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