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ASUS GeForce RTX 3070 KO GAMING V2 Short Design $899 + Shipping @ OnLine Computer


I think this is one of the cheapest one other than the 836 dollars one earlier , but imo this looks way better and even better than the generic looking cards out there

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  • Dual mine when not in use 👍

    • Dual mine?

      • only has 8gb, a bit of stretch for dual mining. need at least 12gb, 3060 ti suits better.

        Btw how's brand spanking new rog 3080 strix?

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    This is probs a better deal i'm personally allergic to 8gb cards at this price point tho: https://www.onlinecomputer.com.au/121817

    • We've had a fair few sub $1k higher tier 3070 Tis recently. Wouldn't recommend a $1k galax.

      I do agree about the 8gb for $1k but. Feels a bit off. I'm hoping I can grab a 3080 for $1k at eofy.

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    For those looking for 3 fan cards.

    https://www.bpctech.com.au/product/08g-p5-3751-kl-evga-gefor... - 3 fan evga black $849

    https://www.bpctech.com.au/product/08g-p5-3755-kl-evga-gefor... - 3 fan evga with backplate $899

  • I honestly believe that you should wait till september , by then the prices will have decreased significantly due to Intel gpus being in market and 4000 series being unveiled but than the cycle keeps going , in september you wait till black friday than you wait till some other thing .
    The one reason I love asus is because I had gtx970 and I sent it to warranty cause it died and they sent me 1070 for free . I bought from Amazon US and sent it back to US.

  • Short Design is a bit misleading. I have this exact card (about $850 during the Afterpay Week) - it's actually 27.5cm, which is about the same as lots of the 3-fan variants.

    Shroud is plastic, but backplate is metal - happy so far.

  • Quite a few triple fan cards available for less, also pretty sure the fans are sleeve bearing.



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    I have the 3060Ti variant of this card - It is a very well made card. Dual fan or not, it doesn't get hot nor noisy under load. Very solid build, very chonky boi too. I can see it being compared to some entry level cards from other manufacturers - this one, from the information I had seen available several months back, was basically designed for 24/7 use in cafes. 5 ports with 2 dpi and 3 hdmi is also handy.

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