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[VIC, NSW, ACT, QLD, SA, NT] $5 Quarter Chicken and Chips (until 4pm) @ Red Rooster


$5 Quarter chicken and chips deal is back at Red Rooster, this time minus the mash and gravy. The serving size of chips is a bit more generous however, as mine didn't come in the little bag, they actually filled up the box.

T&Cs apply. Only available In-Restaurant and Drive Thru until 4pm for a limited time only. Prices may vary by store. Prices may vary by region. Not Available in W.A.

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Red Rooster
Red Rooster

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  • +7

    Kept the price but removed the mash and gravy

    Similar to the sub lunch deal how they removed the onion rings but kept the same price

    • +3

      Inflation strikes again, damn it.

    • +2

      I find the Red Rooster p+g to be crap. So no loss for me, never ate it anyway.

    • +1

      Would much rather keep the price the same and get rid of the mash

    • Nothing of value was lost. Their mash tastes like sawdust and the gravy like salted maltodextrin.

  • Maybe it's a store thing my local Red Rooster still uses that tiny little bag

    • +3

      Mine came like it shows in the picture, where they just dump the chips in the box. Similar to if you were to buy a quarter chicken and chips at the regular price.

      • +5

        I have had a lot of these $5 quarters in my time. Its likely they just dumped the chips out of lazyness. I imagine the small chips serving (small bag) is still being used. sometimes they just use it to measure the serving (or just guess, or still use the bag).

  • +5

    I love the mash and gravy.

  • -1

    Essentially $20 for a chicken with large chips. Not really a deal

    • +2

      Well I doubt you'd be having a whole chicken and chips for lunch by yourself.

      It's not an awesome deal but not many fast food deals atm.

      • +5

        Challenge accepted!

    • Agree.. Very expensive roasted chicken. IMHO best specials are KFC but you have to pick and choose and there are really no salad options. Must be hard for RR to keep up, keep trying!

      • But when you dont get the deal its something like $13 these days I think

      • Not exactly a fair comparison but IMO Korean Fried Chicken are probably the most overrated and expensive chicken you can get.

  • -2

    So bland

    • yep need peri peri sauce on it

  • +2

    Am I the only one that rates Red Rooster, I think it is the best of the main fast-food joints. Chips are better than McDonald's, chicken is not too unhealthy. This is a good deal, helps there is one near my house for the days I am working at home

  • +2

    I'd be happy to lose the potato and gravy to get more chips in the box. $5 is still a good deal - that's still genuine 2002 prices for a RR 1/4 chicken and chips.

  • This, or the $5 burger from Grilld?

    • Do you feel like chicken and chips or a burger?

      • Had to do the burger because I'm doing a 13 day burger challenge

    • +1

      Why not both, RR for lunch, Grill'd for dinner :D

  • Used to work at RR a while ago. Some managers were anal on the correct serving size (small bag), some didn’t care and it’s easier for us to just chuck them in the box with a little more than the small bag serving, especially when it was busy. So it would depend on the store etc.

  • Did someone say KFC?

  • Not available in WA. Found out the hard way, rocking up at my local to order it!

    "*T&Cs apply. Only available In-Restaurant and Drive Thru until 4pm for a limited time only. Prices may vary by store. Prices may vary by region. Not Available in W.A."

    • Sorry to hear that. They added the part in about W.A. after I posted the deal. I’ve updated the post.

      • I wonder why they chose to do this in all states except for WA (which I think is where Red Rooster started)?

  • gave a super tiny 1/4 chicken and tiny amount of chips in the usual paper wrap. Didnt spread it around like in the photo ad above. disappointed. half the size of the ad- the chicken i received. i will complain to the manager tomorrow. sydney metro red rooster.

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