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[Refurb] Dell Optiplex 3020M Mini with Intel i5 4590T 2.0GHz, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Win 10 Pro $169 + Delivery @ FuseTech AU


What is up OzBargain!

I've got a bunch of fresh stock, primed and ready to go, this time its the nice and smol micro Optiplex 3020M that will fit in your pocket. all the specs are down below with some upgrades available. 1 year warranty on all plus cables included ( power cord and display cable). Click and collect is available from our Yarraville, Melbourne 3013 warehouse

Make & Model - Dell Optiplex 3020
Form Factor - Micro
Processor - Intel Core i5 4590t 2.00Ghz
Ram - 8Gb
Hard Drive - 128Gb
Hard Drive Type - SSD
I/O Ports - 4 External USB 3.0 ports (2 front, 2 rear) and 6 External USB 2.0 port; 2 Internal USB 2.0; 1 RJ-45; 1 Serial; 1 VGA; 2 DisplayPort; 2 PS/2; 2 Line-in (stereo/microphone), 2 Line-out (headphone/speaker)
Connectivity - Ethernet
Operating System - Windows 10 Pro
Condition - Refurbished Grade A
Whats Included - PC + Power Cable/ Adapter

We also got some noice Dell laptops in stock if you prefer that :

[REFURB] 14" DELL LATITUDE E5470, I5 6300U | 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD | W10P - $349

[REFURB] 14" DELL LATITUDE E5470, I5 6300U | 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD | W10P - $399

[REFURB] DELL LATITUDE 7280 I7 7600U 8GB 256GBSSD W10 FHD 12.5" - $499

All grade A with power adaptors and cords.

And still got some stock of SFF Optiplex 3040



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      • +5

        I need a raise

        • +1

          We'll give you a 90 30 dollar raise

        • +1

          Clearly! Now the title it is wrong.

          Required changes:

          - [Refurb] Dell Optiplex 3020M Mini with Intel i5 4590T 2.0GHz, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Win 10 Pro $169 + Delivery @ FuseTech AU
          + [Refurb] Dell Optiplex 9020M Mini with Intel i5 4590T 2.0GHz, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Win 10 Pro $169 + Delivery @ FuseTech AU

          - Make & Model - Dell Optiplex 3020
          + Make & Model - Dell Optiplex 9020M

          Maybe you can give me a discount on the RAM upgrade I DMed you about now that I'd fixing your content for you.

          • @skwashd: Thank you for your support!

            It's a 3020M actually and yes they come in micro form.

            • @FuseTechAu: I'm the one who needs a pay rise now. They look identical to the 9020M.

      • does the supplied SSD occupy the 2.5" bay or the M2 slot?

  • +2

    Anything equal or above 8th gen intel?

    • +1

      Hi! Are you after a laptop or desktop?

      • Desktop. Ideally 16GB ram

  • +1

    Can this be purchased without the ssd and windows license? I would want to use it as a very low power home server.

    • Message through too our website and we'll see if we can help!

    • +4

      Isn’t the windows license tied to the hardware in the form of digital license? Didn’t think it could be removed.

  • +2

    The optiplex mini would be good as a mame machine?

  • -1

    assuming the PCIe slot can accomodate a graphics card can you recommend any that would fit in the case?

  • Hey rep, sorry, I'm a bit confused with the website too:

    Does the 3020M (via the deal button here) come with wifi as standard for $169 (as I read the title to indicate) ?

    Or is an extra option (through the selection button) $179 ?

    Thanks for your help !

    • Hi ,

      Yeah so the edit were not saved , fixed now. The WiFi is seperate as they don't come stock with WiFi (the ones we got didn't) so it'll be a little extra

      I blame my enter key.

      Cheers and lmk of you need anything!

      • No worries, thanks mate, all good.

        Got one with wifi, thanks for your help!

        • Happy days , hope you enjoy!

        • did you also upgrade the memory and increase the storage? Not sure if $299 is worth it for 16gb memory and 480gb storage

      • +1

        Hi rep - outstanding job with the updates - are these onboard wifi modules or USB 3rd party if we pay the extra $10

        • I'm also interested to know this.

        • USB wifi dongle according to OP

  • +4

    Please don't post this. I don't need it.

    • +5

      If it can fit in your pocket. Imagine the potential.

  • +1

    Do these have a TPM

    EDIT: I'll answer my own question - it doesn't, and doesn't technically meet W11 specs as it's older than 7th Gen.

    You can still run Ubuntu on it, and it's actually better value than a Pi 4 8GB in that regard as it comes with a case and disk. You're also not hamstrung by ARM, which is a pain for more than a few use-cases I've come across.

    • +1

      It’s wild that these are much more powerful, and not massively more power hungry than a Pi, for about the same money after power supply and case.
      A combination of the lack of progress in i86 and the chip shortage killing ARM affordability.

      • These are nearly seven years old

        • Are you worried they might fail from age?

          • @mskeggs: No, I’m just putting some perspective on the observation that these are the same price as pi’s

  • these things are pretty cool. got something like this about 4 years ago, since upgraded to an i7, 32gb soddimm, beefier HDD. Good to use as a homelab/plex server/minecraft server

  • Hey Guys!

    Just an update, you've requested a 16gb upgrade option so I've gone ahead and added one! if you have any questions message through or DM!


  • Could these transcode 4k x265 (or x264) vids via plex to 1080p? Might be a better alternative than the big $$$ to upgrade my NAS.

    • Here says nay: Wikipedia

      Direct play would be best option (also after reading up any transcoding strips out HDR via Plex) so is required anyway…

  • Good openwrt router with a USB nic

    • Since USB NICs sound flaky, wouldn't you be better off buying a managed switch for $40? Would give you more flexibility, too.

  • +1

    can this one output [email protected] via dp?

    • +1

      Yep, any basic DisplayPort 1.2 output can output 4K60 - if you want 4K60 HDMI from the same port, then use a https://www.amazon.com.au/Plugable-DisplayPort-Supports-disp...

      • Thanks! I did not know there were cheap devices to convert DP to HDMI 2.0.
        Passive adapters will only allow 4K30. (hdmi 1.2)

        • Yeah, I've used one in the past (not the exact one I linked) and it works perfectly - they can even cope with HD Audio formats like Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD directly into the receiver, just like a real HDMI output.

  • -1

    Op does it (cDell Optiplex 3020M Mini) compatible with dell usb docking station? As i need to run 2 screen

    • You know this machine is very old right? Don't know if usbc was invented when this machine came out.

      • yes bro…i did not have knowledge when it was came to market and all. so just clarifying before buying.

    • You could connect a second monitor on the VGA port, or by daisy-chaining on the DP. One monitor will need a DP out.

      • You can only daisy-chain if the DisplayPort can do MST - I'm not sure it will be able to on a device this old 🤔

  • Do you have any Dell 5070's come through?

  • The Wifi option: is this the native wifi that would come if you bought this from Dell back in the day, or are you including a wifi dongle of some sort? EDIT and does that also include bluetooth?

    • Yeh same q here…

      • +1

        Also the website description says there are 6 USB 3 ports and 6 USB 2, which isn't correct… there are 2 usb 3 (1 front, 1 rear) and for usb 2 (1 front, 3 rear). Though strangely in the pics they are all black, usually usb 3.0 are blue so how do you tell the difference?

        The Mini PC wifi for this model is the 7260, these can be had on eBay for 20/30 bucks… if the wifi upgrade option is one of these then it's worth the extra $10, but if it's a usb dongle, i'd just buy it without.

  • +1

    Can anyone comment whether this 6th gen i3 Lenovo would be ok for a Home Assistant box?

    Or should I go for the Dell?

    • +1

      These boxes are overkill if running only home assistant. You can run many more applications at the same time as long as you have enough RAM.

      There won't be too much diff between Lenovo vs Dell. The CPU generation however does mean 4th gen is running DDR3 and 6th gen is running on DDR4.

      • DDR3 vs 4 wouldn't make much difference would it?

  • -2

    Lack of HDMI kills the deal for me

    • +7

      Why ? It's got got display port, easily get a cheap dp to HDMI adaptor…

  • Thanks, just picked one up to go with my NAS :)

  • Hi OP, do you have any deal for Optiplex 3020M with 1TB?

    • Hi! we do have it as an upgrade option, but no deals on it unfortunately

      • What sort of drive are you guys using btw?

  • Does the 8gb ram option have 1x stick or is it using 2x 4gb?

  • @FuseTechAu wondering if you could answer the several questions about the wifi option - is this just a usb dongle for the 3020M or is this the onboard card.

  • Will usb3 affect simple media sharing / streaming in any way, if I used this as a full time server? As opposed to normal data connections.

    Is it possible to get some kind of multi data ( sas ) connection.

    I'm assuming you just have a bunch of HDDs plugged into the USB ports as storage?

    • USB3 works absolutely fine for this purpose. And it's usually the cheapest way to buy large drives.

  • Sorry could someone answer the following: Is it safe to leave this on 24/7? I would like to try setup plex. Also is plugging in multiple portable HDD in the USB ports an issue? Would the plex over wifi dongle be sufficient or it needs Ethernet connection?

    • So we have a small server running basically 24/7 , never had an issue. I don't wanna go ahead and recommend it but from experience we've never had issues running them as servers

      • Thank you I purchased one yesterday from this post :) look forward to receiving it

  • Lack of HDMI kills it - I use HDMI with audio to my monitor. Displayport doesn't carry audio.

    Do you have anything else in this small footprint

  • Will this run skyrim?

  • Hello,

    Thanks for this - looks awesome :)

    If I installed Linux on this, could I take the provided W10 key and use it on my main PC (New build I am about to do that meets W11 requirements) and upgrade to W11?

    • You can do this if the Win 10 key is visible on a sticker - but it won't be, it will be an OEM key in the BIOS. So no.

  • What's the SSD Make/Model thanks?

  • Hi, can I please ask which display cable come with it? Can I have DP to USB c?

    • Hi! will come with a Display port cable and the power adapter for it! We dont have any DP to USBc but you could some cheap on eBay

  • How many chrome tabs can this PC support?

  • +1

    watching for a 7th Gen one!

    • +2

      We should have some 6th-7th gen ones incoming , micros! so stay tuned , If not later tonight next week


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