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[Refurb] Dell Optiplex 3020M Mini with Intel i5 4590T 2.0GHz, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Win 10 Pro $169 + Delivery @ FuseTech AU


What is up OzBargain!

I've got a bunch of fresh stock, primed and ready to go, this time its the nice and smol micro Optiplex 3020M that will fit in your pocket. all the specs are down below with some upgrades available. 1 year warranty on all plus cables included ( power cord and display cable). Click and collect is available from our Yarraville, Melbourne 3013 warehouse

Make & Model - Dell Optiplex 3020
Form Factor - Micro
Processor - Intel Core i5 4590t 2.00Ghz
Ram - 8Gb
Hard Drive - 128Gb
Hard Drive Type - SSD
I/O Ports - 4 External USB 3.0 ports (2 front, 2 rear) and 6 External USB 2.0 port; 2 Internal USB 2.0; 1 RJ-45; 1 Serial; 1 VGA; 2 DisplayPort; 2 PS/2; 2 Line-in (stereo/microphone), 2 Line-out (headphone/speaker)
Connectivity - Ethernet
Operating System - Windows 10 Pro
Condition - Refurbished Grade A
Whats Included - PC + Power Cable/ Adapter

We also got some noice Dell laptops in stock if you prefer that :

[REFURB] 14" DELL LATITUDE E5470, I5 6300U | 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD | W10P - $349

[REFURB] 14" DELL LATITUDE E5470, I5 6300U | 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD | W10P - $399

[REFURB] DELL LATITUDE 7280 I7 7600U 8GB 256GBSSD W10 FHD 12.5" - $499

All grade A with power adaptors and cords.

And still got some stock of SFF Optiplex 3040



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FuseTech AU

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    WiFi build in ?

  • What brand / kind of SSDs are they?

  • Ok, oos. What other products are offered with this form factor /size?

  • Op you should work it out on your postage charges. we are nearly paying $21 for postage which is similar to express postage price and not getting that service. I have order item on 28 Apr 2022 and so far no update. you must need to work out on your postage charges. Specially for metro areas. Postage charges for Sydney 22$??????????????? it is a joke.

    • Hi!

      So in regards to postage we cant really control pricing as that is what we are quoted with our Couriers ( Big post , TNT express ). Metro for Sydney is indeed around the $20 mark as we are located in Melbourne. As for your update you ordered a PC on the 28th on a Saturday, as we don't work on weekends please allow some time for us too process orders through. We have over 100 to get through and are trying to get them out as fast as possible.


  • Anyone had a dispatch notification yet?

    • Nope. I contacted them today, waiting for a response. Given I paid $22 for shipping to Canberra I would have expected it arrive by now.

      The FAQ mentions Radium. A quick check shows that Radium PCs and FuseTech share the same ABN and address. The ABN belongs to GTND Pty Ltd, which uses 4 different trading names, including FuseTech and Radium PCs. When searching for Radium and Yarraville, Google gives a mobile number. The contact page on Radium's site lists their phone number as 1300 935 884.

      Edit: added more links

      • The responses I got via email weren't great. The initial response was that it would ship soon. When I asked for a definition of "soon" I was told "maybe Friday" and that I shouldn't complain as I placed the order Friday night. It was placed on Wednesday night. I also got a sob story about how they got over 100 orders from this deal. I'm sorry for making your deal successful. On my math 10mins per order is 2 days of effort for one person to get ~100 out the door.

        • Hi Skwashd,

          Thank you for your message. look we usually give ourselves 5+ business days to get through orders as said in the email. We did have a huge influx of orders which put our guys on the back-foot, with a few out due to Covid, but a large majority are out at the moment. Apologies for the stress it has caused you, and if you would like to cancel your order we are happy to refund.


          • @FuseTechAu: I suppose I should be grateful that mine shipped today. ETA mid-late next week.

            • @skwashd: Hope you enjoy your Dell Optiplex! And once again thank you patience and understanding.


  • I've got a pick up notification for Sendle today (Thursday), so let's see. Hoping it comes tomorrow (to Victoria) but just have to wait.

  • +1

    Well mine still hasn’t been picked up. Ordered over a week ago. Total cheek charging us delivery for this awful service!

    • Hi! thank you for you message, Driver is expected to pickup today


  • Missed out on this. What's the best option from other sellers now that these are OOS?

    • Hi! We're bringing out a similar Lenovo this weekend, similar specs as well

      • +1

        just WOW!!!! I live 10mins drive from Yarraville VIC and all ive got from U is also the generic bs response about unable to keep up…. And youve got the guts to post more deals U cant keep up with….

        • -1

          Hi! We plan to post more, as for your order , DM through and i'll have a look if its ready for pickup!

          • @FuseTechAu: OP, i also haven't received any update my order yet. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE WHEN WE PAY GOOD AMOUNT OF POSTAGE FEES TO GET THE DELIVERED OUR ITEM.

            • +1

              @Siddh: dude.. just cancel it. its not a big loss. lots of similar deals. ebay bneactradder which i bought from are top guy. a deal for plus mem bringing it to 208 - free post with 256gb ssd. to me for extra 30bux but having it in my hands in a few days is more important.

  • +1

    Mine FINALLY arrived today, but there was no display cable in the box… so I’ve had to buy one… That’s another 5 days I likely can’t use this thing, and another $10 I’ve spent. Avoid these guys. It takes far too long to get the product, then you don’t quite get what you expected. I’ll probably boot it up when I finally get a cable, and find it’s running Windows 95 or something.

    • Hi! ah sorry about that one, More than happy to express post one out to you!

      • I'm in the same boat - received today, but no display cable. Can you ship one out to me too please?

        • -1

          No display port cable or drive tray here. The SSD was wedged between two pieces of foam. When I called up I was told they ran out of trays.

          I'm returning mine. So not worth the hassle of buying from FuseTech/Radium/PhoenixNextWeek.

    • Same here about arriving today without a display cable. CBF waiting so take it on the chin at this price, got a couple of DP somewhere around here.

      • Mine already has Win11 installed which is a bit frustrating to say the least. Otherwise seems OK so far. Trying to strip out all that I can from Win11 to get this to be an HTPC with Plex server built in. Seems smooth thus far.

    • I agree - avoid these guys. Mine also arrived today, no display cable and I too spent an extra $10 acquiring my own. Disappointing experience all around.

  • Hi Guys,

    So with the current Optiplex 3020M orders , a few of them have not actually been sent out with display port cables, a mishap on our end every Optiplex is sent out with this, however these tiny PCs we're missed. We're happy to either offer partial refunds, or Send out display port cables, just message through via the online chat or email and we'll get to it!


  • +1

    So I finally got my order today - and surprisingly, it is not the Dell Optiplex 3020M I was expecting, I got an HP EliteDesk 800 G2 instead.

    I opened it up to check the specs, I got the RAM upgrade I wanted, and it ends up being an even better PC than what I order (came with a i5-6500T CPU and has a USB-C port)

    Disappointedly - the WIFI is just a USB dongle, was expecting to an internal one, but at least it comes with the PCI slot for one.

    Not that I'm complaining and I'm happy to keep it, but has this happend to anyone else? I wish that FuseTech would have let me known in an email that the item was getting changed.

    • Hi!

      So from our orders we actually oversold a few Optiplex 3020M, and we opted to change them out for HP EliteDesks 800 G2s ( i5-6500T, DDR4 ram) instead, a nice free upgrade. Apologies for the lack of communication on our end, you where meant to get a notification asking about that, its been noted anyway that it didn't happen. As for wifi yeah they all came with wifi usbs I answered that question in a previous next comment, next ill make sure to pin or write that in the OP.

      Hope you do enjoy your PC and let me know if you need anything! Happy to follow up any queries people have today regarding stock.

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