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Matching First Deposit (up to $100 Bonus) on Everyday Living Account (New Customers Aged 16-25) @ People's Choice Credit Union


To participate in this Offer, you must be 16 to less than 26 years of age when the Offer commences and have never previously held a personal membership with People’s Choice.

During the Offer Period, when you open a personal membership and Everyday Living Account, and activate your Visa Debit card, we will match your first deposit (the first amount credited to your new account) up to the value of $100 (Cashback Amount). To receive the Cashback Amount, make your first deposit within 2 weeks of the account opening.

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    You will have to be living to open this account

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    16 to 26
    Discrimination to other age groups

  • pretty sure only truly free accounts are children and over 60 at peoples choice, else need to deposit x money x times to not pay the monthly fee

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    new user 45 minutes ago, come on atleast introduce yourself

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      Have used Ozbargain for ages without posting or commenting, I only made an account so that I could post and contribute.

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    Are you from the bank? Created a new account

    • Haha, I wish I was getting paid by them. No, just saw an advertisement for it.

      • thats great. welcome to the forum! I've saved and benefit lots from this forum

  • Cheers, just got my payment

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      No worries mate! Glad other people benefited!

    • Did you have to actually use the account regularly to get it? I deposited 100 and made a payment on it just to see if that triggers something, but still haven't gotten anything…

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        Didn’t purchase anything, just activated the debit card, deposited the money, and then had to wait 1 month for the money to come through

  • CRAPPP I accidentally deposited $50 as my first deposit. Any chance they can still match $100? I have since obviously deposited more to exceed $100.

    • I clarified on the phone with them about the Terms & Conditions and they repeated that only the original (opening) deposit would be matched up to $100. At least you’ll get $50!

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