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Ego Tools Bonus Tools & Battery Offer with $700+ Spend @ EGO Power Plus


Changed quite a bit from prior deals due to supply issues:

Qualifying Purchase: $700 AUD/NZD (as relevant) or more in 1 transaction on any EGO product/s.

The promotion will run in participating Trade Tools, Total Tools, Sydney Tools, Mitre 10, Mitre 10 NZ, Home Timber & Hardware, Stratco and independent stores (including online) which are displaying promotional material (Stores) in Australia & New Zealand. For avoidance of doubt, 3rd party online stores such as eBay, Gumtree, Amazon, etc. are excluded.

To claim, you must:

make a Qualifying Purchase during the Purchase Period from a Store and collect your itemised purchase receipt
during the Claim Period and within 14 days of making your Qualifying Purchase, visit the website, select your country of residence, locate the claim page and fill out and submit the online claim form, including by uploading an image of the Qualifying Purchase receipt, selecting your preferred battery size and providing all other requested information.
Your purchase receipt must clearly identify where the Qualifying Purchase was made, the product/s purchased (which must be/comprise a Qualifying Purchase), the total amount spent and the date of purchase (which must be during the Purchase Period and less than 14 days before you submitted your claim).

For the avoidance of doubt, participating Stores cannot submit a claim on behalf of a claimant. It is the claimant’s responsibility to ensure they submit the claim within the Claim Period.

The Promoter is not responsible if your mobile device/desktop is not sufficiently capable for the purpose of submitting a claim, including having the requisite photograph capability.

Credit to Cootakid on Whirlpool for highlighting this deal.

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  • +6

    They get more stingy every year

  • +1

    Trying to give away their older/superseded trimmers and blowers

  • Ego Tools Bonus Battery Offer with $700+ Spend

    Which battery do you get for a $700 spend?

    • Updated title to fix that.

      As usual, someone down voting your comment because it’s you , even though it’s a valid point.
      I balanced it out.

      • "someone down voting your comment because it’s you , even though it’s a valid point."
        I don't think it is valid to downvote JV because he is JV tbh. I think sometimes we can forget there is a human on the other side of the screen.

        Although the deal is not as great as prior deals, batteries are expensive and I guess inflation is hitting everything, from the new cadbury chocolate blocks, plastic food containers, rugs, furniture… The only thing going down is 3000 series NVIDIA-based graphics cards.

  • +4

    Wow - terrible compared to previous battery redemption deals.

  • +1

    Seems they are really squeezing the fun out of this promotion.

    I still have 3 unopened batteries in my cupboard from previous deals, I milked them hard

  • +2

    Supply chain issues pfft, it's just bad value.

    • +1

      They are offering more options because they had so much trouble supplying just batteries in the last deal. So yeah, supply issues.

      • +2

        Having to spend $1000 to get any options.. Rofl. Pretty much have to buy a fancy mower for that. Or two big things. But most people buy singles on sale so getting over $700 is hard. This is terrible value.

        PS: not your fault and your thread is a good PSA. Its Ego that suck

  • +1

    This is the worst promotion from Ego. The values of goods are all over the place. At this rate they should just let you pick any of the items listed when you spend over the threshold.
    Seems like Ego needs some competition.

    • Especially when you can get top quality clone batteries these days

      • Care to point me in the right direction?

        • AU $193.80 5%OFF | Factory New 56V 5Ah Replacement Lithium-Ion Battery for BA2800T Cordless Power Tool Battery for EGO 56V Cordless Power Tools

        • AU $456.84 5%OFF | Factory New 56V 10Ah High Power Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery for EGO 56V Cordless Power Equipment Replace BA5600T

        • AU $304.34 11%OFF | Factory New 56V 7.5Ah Powerful Lithium-Ion Battery With Fuel Gauge for BA2800T BA4200T BA5600T for EGO 56V Cordless Power Tools

        • +1

          And having had each model for over a year still going strong

          5.0ah best deal others bit closer to real..

          I also repack old batteries with sanyo 18650s same as ego use.

          • @Wayne7497: How much would that cost you? My 5ah just died suddenly without any warning (was still lasting a long time)

  • +1

    Yeah I have been waiting 6 weeks for a faulty 5ah battery warranty replacement.

    • Wow. That does not bode well for getting stock. I'm already having trouble finding new kits.

    • I've got a 5ah battery that was built in 10/21 , and no lights come on.
      No errors when it's on the charger either.

  • +2

    Love the tools but never liked the Australian distributors.

    Have been waiting for a 240V version of the EGO Nexus Power Bank to come here as have so many batteries, but not happening. (Yep you need US VPN to visit the US site in and cookies cleared - just one of the annoying things about EGO Australia.)

  • has anyone had any luck getting discounts from stores? I have been watching for a while as i want a mower to go with my other tools. I don't need the 2.5ah battery so really that will be sold so i assume its a ~$130 discount on a $949 mower.

    • Total tools insider or trade days give 20% cashback to spend instores. (Combine with price match and redemption)

      Or trade tools in qld who post here occasionally

      • cheers will look out for it, they seem a good bit of kit but their mowers are a touch over priced.

    • Discounts on EGO are almost non existent unless on clearance. They have a tiny margin.
      What you will see are promos like this post, the Total Tool type one as per Geoff897, and also bonus equipment. A recent one had a free blower included with mowers.

      • How do you know they have a 'tiny margin'. Are you associated in any way?

        • +1

          Not associated, I have seen the dealers cost price on mowers and some accessories from a dealer that was closing down, it was shocking, so low I didn't consider buying at his cost price, the combo deals at full were better value than cost on singular item.

  • You can thank me as I bought the polesaw/hedgetrimmer kit last week. I specifically asked about upcoming promotions but they said they would not be told ahead of time.

    • I got my bonus battery yesterday. Impressed with the speed of the redemption compared to some others.

      Luckily, I had bought originally bought the EGO gear from Sydney Tools with their generous 14-day return policy so I was able to return and re-buy after the promotion started.

  • Been thinking about buying a mower for a while, agree this year the deal is rubbish, but the bigger issue is nobody has any stock of the mower combos. What a joke !

    • Was also waiting on a good deal to buy a mower this year. With this lack luster offer i may just go with Makita instead.

  • Had a chat with my local dealer about Ego and he randomly said he hadn't been able to get batteries for a while as there's no stock anywhere in Australia, wtf.

  • Anyone got the rotocut and a line trimmer? Does the rotocut make the line trimmer redundant?

  • Also, anyone notice the price of most items jacked $30 once the campaign started!

  • Not as good as previous, but stacks with the Sydney tools bonus points. I got the $1150 52 cm select cut self propelled mower 7.5ah battery with bonus blower and the $499 carbon fibre line trimmer with 2x 2.5ah batteries. With $300 of Sydney tools bonus points and the redemption offer with which I’ll get the pole saw attachment. So not bad really if you shop around. So 52 cm self propelled mower, blower, carbon fibre line trimmer, hedge trimmer attachment and 3 batteries for $1350 accounting for the $300 of bonus points.

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