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[VIC] Ryobi 18v ONE+ LED Lantern Kit $69 @ Bunnings (Croydon)


Went in to buy an 18v LED Lantern without the battery, which is still $79. While I was there, they tagged the battery kit down to $69 from the usual $130. Also had the Camp lantern (smaller version, no USB), the LED spotlight and camping torch on sale. Unsure if this will be other stores (yellow sticker sale).
Lots of stock of all of the above at Croydon VIC. Don't usually see sales this decent on ONE+ gear, so very happy (bought myself one as well, just because).

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    Great deal for camping, or just to have in case of emergency.

    • +12

      or just to have in case of emergency.

      I got food poisoning last week and this didn't help.

      • +7

        Be realistic though, that was hardly an emergency. Maybe if you had a stroke or heart attack this would have been far more helpful

        • +3

          18 volts couldn’t even resuscitate my husband’s penis from the dead. Maybe you could string a group of these batteries together for better results?

          • +1

            @tharlow: Is that you Ashley Madison?

            • @justtoreply: Life is short, get a Ryobi Lantern Kit??

              • @tharlow: When something is short, get on Ashley Madison? :p

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                  @justtoreply: It’s not how big your Ryobi Lantern is, it’s what you do with it that counts. For example, don’t suddenly shove it in someone’s face and expect them to enjoy the sensory overload

          • +1

            @tharlow: no no, i meant the other type of stroke

      • Try immodium?

      • Did the emergency department help?

        • I think jv couldn’t open the lid of the lantern fast enough.

  • Is the lantern waterproof? Listing doesn't mention it so I'm curious.

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    In brightest day, in blackest night

    • No evil shall escape my sight

      • It’s always darkest before you turn your Ryobi Lantern Kit on

        • +1

          You kinda ruined the whole thing there dude.

  • This must be in-store only as the online price is $130. Curious if this is on sale at other stores as I need a spare battery

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    would this be the cheapest way to get a spare battery?

    • Yes it is. 2ah battery sells for $85 on it's own.

  • +10

    Thanks for highlighting the deal OP

  • Nice

  • +5

    Why does the lantern look like a cheap plastic container that is sold at kmart which you store food in

    • Tell us what you really think

    • +3

      From the thumbnail I thought ryobi released a blender.

  • Has anyone tried the spotlight? Any good?

    • +1

      I've been using this one for ages but I think mine is 30W. I've very happy with it and use it all the time. It's very durable and quite bright. Only issue I have is it would be good to be able to turn it down. Sometimes it would be good to have it run say 20hrs at a 5W for example. Current runtime is 4 or 5 hrs with a 5Ah battery. If you're talking about the handheld spotlight I think they would be less useful as I presume you have to hold them all the time. Maybe good if you're hunting.

      • +1

        I have the same one and like it. I use it extensively while painting walls etc. I use the workshop light I think it's called way more but glad I have both as it gives a lot of options.

  • A little off topic but does anybody know if Ozito has anything similar in the range?

  • Has anyone found the deal in an other store? QLD in particular

    • Not in Mackay Qld

  • Here at bunnings now they are sold out but have the smaller version for $50 and torches still in stock

  • no dice in Bacchus Marsh, not on sale.

    • Didn't know that there is a Bunnings store in Bacchus Marsh?¿!¡

      • Melton* sorry haha

  • Still 1 more left. But took the flash light instead

  • Anyone willing to share a receipt, so i can ask for price match?

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