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[Kogan First] iPhone 12 64GB (Black or Product RED) $894 Delivered (Import) @ Kogan


Just saw this deal on kogan,iphone 12 64gb available for 894 for first members. Alternatively 128gb for 1098 but 894 a very good deal in my books . Also will get 9$ credits and 18$ additional savings if bought through gift cards

Direct import. International version.

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    Edit: $949 at OW

    Come on, you've been a member for 2 years and can't even link the deal or format a title?

    Here's black and red which are the only colours $894 with Kogan First. White and Green are $5 more, but all are $929 without First.

  • I believe they are grey imports

    • They say offered and supplied by kogan Australia,not sure what ot means though

      • That means Kogan buys them (likely from overseas) and sells them in Australia.

        There's also a seller offering $1 less and free shipping for the same probable import.

  • Yup,just checked,direct import but warranty covered

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      What does "warranty covered" entail? Manufacturer warranty or Kogan warranty? All I can find is Kogan trying to sell their extended care.

      Personally wouldn't touch grey imports from a Kogan with a 6 foot pole. It's still costing you $900

      Get it for $949.05 from Officeworks after price beating Big W. $20 more than without Kogan First, plus you can get flybuys points + local model and warranty.

      • Usually, iPhones have one year international warranty.

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        I agree. Not sure about others here, but as a grey import product would want to be 20% less than that pricebeat price for me to consider.

  • does grey import mean we can't buy Australian Applecare?

  • You save around $100 compared to local stock but have one year less warranty. I wouldn't go for it

  • if stock from Hong Kong would be great as it comes with 2x physical SIMs ;)

    • Yeah but no esim

  • Kogan what a bizness

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    Where is “64gb in 2022” comment 😀

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    I got done with Kogan grey imports with a theragun .. manufacture wouldn’t provide the 12 months warranty as Kogan wasn’t an authorised seller. Kogan offered to give me credit only if their technician determined it a warranty item. If not I would have to pay for the technicians time and postage. I wouldn’t waste ur time.

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      I ordered a (new) Surface from them and inside the box was a note that "this is a manufacturer refurbished product"… I needed it straight away for work so I started using it and shortly after negotiated some money back with Kogan, which took some back and forth (with them offering a gift card etc.) but got there in the end and overall the outcome and product was fine for me.

      However - the whole thing smacked of dodgy and I doubt I'd have wanted to make a warranty claim.

  • If you are looking for the 128 Gb version you can get it from JB for $1079 or OW $1077.

  • One of the biggest draws of an Apple product is the warranty. I wouldn’t be purchasing an iPhone that doesn’t have this,

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      Absolutely. Apple tends to be generous with replacing dodgy phones.

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