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Boost Mobile $300 SIM for $219.45 260GB Data, Telstra $300 SIM for $219.45 200GB Data (Activate before 4-07-2022) @ OZTechBiz


Activate before 4-07-2022 to receive bonus data.

Telstra $300 SIM for $219.45 Get 200GB Data

Telstra $150 sim for $115 get 90GB data 06 MONTH EXPIRY (60GB+30 GB BONUS If activated before 04-07-2022)



Tri-Cut Sim Fits Any Phone
Free Registered Shipping With Tracking
Keep Your Own Number Or Get A New One
260GB Data if activated before 04-07-2022
Unlimited standard calls to 20 selected destinations: Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA, Vietnam.
3600 mins to standard numbers to 30 selected destinations: Argentina, Austria, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Kuwait, Mexico, Nepal, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, UAE
3600 texts to standard numbers to any country in the world.
Boost Offers 3g And 4g Services On The Telstra Network. Outside Of 4g Coverage Areas Your Device Will Automatically Switch To 3g And Speeds Will Be Less. For A Complete List Of Included Calls And Destinations Go To Boost.Com.Au/International

For Full Consumer Advice Including Critical Information Summaries, Privacy Policy, And Fair Play Policy Please Visit the Boost Moblie Website.

Sim Card Cannot Be Returned Once Opened.

About Porting Your Own Number To Boost:

You Can Request Porting Your Own Number To Boost When Activating The Sim. Before Porting Number, Contact Your Current Service Provider To Confirm Personal Details. Make Sure Your Name And Date Of Birth Registered With The Number Are 100% Correct Including Spaces. Ask To Update Your Details If Anything Is Incorrect. Once Confirmed, Provide The Exact Same Details To Boost To Initiate The Porting. Some Carriers Will Send You A Sms To Authorise The Porting Request, So Make Sure The Current Sim Is Inserted Until The Service Is Disconnected.


For activation and porting assistance

Please contact Boost customer service

Boost customers: 125 8881
New customers: 1800 100 933

available 7am-11pm AEDT, 7 days..

As per one of our T&C, you agree when buying products from our website. If you cancel your order Paypal fees which PayPal deducts for processing payment will be NON-REFUNDABLE because PayPal doesn’t refund those fees to us as sellers even if the order is canceled.

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  • can i buy this and recharge an existing boost account that has recently expired?

    • I don't think sim starter kits are rechargeable

    • Hi,
      Thank you for contacting us.
      This a sim card and it cannot be used as a recharge.
      Kind regards
      Support team

    • +1

      Jump onto boost and say that you want to use a new sim to top up your existing one. They'll do it, I've done it twice now.

      To clarify, you still need to swap sim but they transfer your number etc.

      • So basically use this sim starter kit and tell them that you want to replace your sim and give the details of the sim starter kit?

        But then, from which date your plan starts?

        • +1

          You'll forfeit any existing allowances etc when they transfer it over to the new sim.

      • Do you mean chatting with Boost on its website? If so, I can use the starter kit to recharge my Boost account.

        • +1

          Yes speak to a customer rep on Boost. You can use the starter kit just tell them that you incorrectly purchased it instead of a recharge.

      • can confirm this worked. easy enough. as per Heybargain below, youll forfeit any allowances when you do this. I was 5 days expired so it made no difference to me.

  • +1

    Tri-Cut Sim Fits Any Phone

    When e-sim ?

  • Does not include delivery?

    • Hi,
      Thank you for contacting us.
      It is not.
      Kind regards
      Support team

  • Is there a way to get discounted boost recharges?

    • This one.

  • What's expiry on the Sim?

    • Hi,
      For Telstra Feb-2024.
      For Boost May- 2023

  • I would rather get it from Auditech - much better website with better contact details. OZTechBiz only has a PO Box listed as contact details and no ABN to be found. Dodgy as hell.

    • +1

      Thank you for your concern.
      There is an email address available for contact.
      The website is getting updated.
      You can search on the Australian business register if you have any doubts about this business.
      If you need a tax invoice will get all the details including ABN.
      (Dodgy as hell.) We have sold products in thousands and our loyal customers are ordering from us every single day.
      Stay safe

    • Pity to see that you are too quick to decide just by the looks of their website.

      I have purchased my current Boost sim from Oz Tech Biz and have 0 issues. Good luck with your sixth sense!

  • +2

    If currently on Boost, can you get Tesltra Sim and transfer to them when current Boost expire? Thanks

    • Hi,
      Thank you for contacting us.
      Yes, you can.
      Kind regards
      Support team

    • just talk to boost online chat and you dont need to port out

    • Recently went from Boost to Telstra - this was very easy.

      Anyone can comment from Telstra to boost?

      • Read there are issues with boost and telstra porting since they use the same backbone. Did you have to go through Boost or Telstra support for porting out to Telstra
        from Boost?

  • Can I do payment using credit card instead of paypal?

    • Hi,
      Yes you can when you click on the Paypal payment tab on the next screen it will show you two options pay with Paypal or PAY WITH A CARD, You can choose this option and follow the next process to complete the payment.
      Thank you.

  • Thanks just ordered one 👍

  • I know that boost does not support international roaming, does anybody know if telstra supports it? Thanks.

    • not for prepaid afaik

  • Does anyone know if Boost (using Telstra) has this same issue as with Coles Mob.(using Optus) for iPhone 12 and above?:


  • Can anyone clarify the international calls such as when they say 20 countries standard calls, or, Standard Numbers, what exactly is being defined when using "Standard"? Is this Non Mobile or Cell? or Standard being a Landline number or non mobile?

    • Hi,
      These are mobile and landline numbers but not premium numbers.

  • Just thinking out loud, apart from the amount of data and branding, what’s the difference between the boost and the Telstra sims? Why would anyone still stock both these days?

    • Telstra has esim, not yet with Boost. The more expensive Telstra prepaid SIMs also have 5G, again not on Boost.

    • Hi,
      As you just mentioned first thing is the amount of data and the second important is the International calls offer is better than Telstra we believe.
      Boost is using the Telstra network but only offering 3G/4G Services But Telstra does have 3G/4G/5G Services on selected plans.

  • +2

    Add "+ delivery" in the title.

  • Hi, my order on 17 April seems lost by Aus Post. Whats the process of getting a refund or replacement sent? (I don't mind replacement)

    • Did you contact them? 17th April is too long for just a "letter"

    • Hi,
      We have checked your order details and postage information which shows the item was delivered on 21-04-2022.
      We also can see that you have lodged a case to Australia post regarding this.
      Reply has been sent to you regarding this for the further process.
      Please reply to us via email.
      It should be sorted out soon.
      Thank you

      • Hi there,
        I've sent you guys an email afterwards but you guys did not respond.
        $200 dollar spent on a simcard and I did not receive it.

        Could you find out if the sim has been activated or not so I can report it to the police if required.
        As directed, I'm contacting BOOST directly to see if they will be happy to transfer $200 credit.

        Can you please respond?

  • Bought one, thanks for the deal mate.

  • postage killing the deal . Any idea?

  • On Boost$300 package is it 260GB data or 200 only? Also does 13,1800 number free or not? Thanks

    • Hi,
      It's 260 Gb if activated before 04-07-2022.
      Yes, 13,1800 numbers are included.

      • Thanks. Could I port my number from circle.life to Boost? Thanks

  • I bought a Telstra SIM from you a couple of days ago and have requested a GST invoice. To date, you have only just resent a receipt but not a GST invoice. Can you please do so? I have just PM'd you.

    • Hi,
      The invoice has been sent.
      Kind regards

  • Code not working :(

    • Hi,
      The code has been updated and it is working now.
      Kind regards

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