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May Weekly Deals: Wk 2 20% off $10+, Wk 3 Sml McChicken Meal & Cheeseburger $6, Wk 4 20% off $10+ @ McDonald's via MyMacca's App


Not targeted deal. New promotion every week

https://ibb.co/pXC87CD (From internal promotion guide)

Week 1:
$6 Small Big Mac Meal + Cheeseburger
(2nd May – 8th May all day)

Week 2:
20% off orders over $10
(9th May – 15th May all day)

Week 3:
$6 Small McChicken Meal + Cheeseburger
(16th May – 22nd May 10:30am to 4am)

Week 4:
20% off orders over $10
(23rd May – 29th May all day)

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    Thanks OP

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    Thanks !

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    Weeks 2 and 4 or shiite… As they give these 20% off deals on a regular basis during the week!

    • +22

      I get them but the minimum spend is always something random like $37.50

      • I believe thats the 1 time offer that keeps refreshing if you dont use it.

        • +6

          It's not 1 time.
          I've actually used it just to see if it would go away….nope it's back again

      • +1

        like $37.50

        That’s the same deal everyone’s had for a long time now. Just make some more accounts; I regularly get the 20% off ($10 min spend) and 25% off ($15 min spend) deals.

      • +17

        Not random. 37.50 is minimum cost of a filling meal for one person at maccas

    • I agree with this. At least no hash brown rubbish for a month lol

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    Pretty crappy that they take away the good deals and replace them with these instead

    • +5

      They haven’t. I have four deals on each of my accounts. That all have this deal plus a 20% off deal. And then they each have one or two more deals like $1 large fries, $4 cheese burger meal + extra cheeseburger…

      • I've only got 2 on each of mine, maybe it will be updated soon for me

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    Wish would stop with the extra points medium coffee deal, I want a large coffee…

    • +1

      Their coffee tastes crap anyway…

      • +4

        hehe I gotta agree on that one; the blend isn't even that bad but nearly no stores have properly trained baristas.

        • +5

          I’m sitting at my local Maccas right now, asked for a latte and they gave me a cappuccino instead! Woeful!!

      • Had an oat mocha with 2 sugars and it still wasn't enough to cover up the incompetence

        • +3

          yours or theirs ?


  • +1

    Just put an order through for the Big Mac meal with cheeseburger. Went into the system as a cheeseburger meal with extra cheeseburger, receipt confirms this.
    Impossible to prove otherwise, Scammed!

    • Thats genuinely weird; never seen that happen in my life. All I can say is if you're bothered try sending through a support request in the app :)

    • +2

      May have been a miss click on your part? there are also random targeted offers that go around and one of them is a Small Cheeseburger Meal + Cheeseburger

    • +1

      I thought it was just me, but had this happen as well… Must be a glitch in their system. I sent them an email and they refunded me.

    • but did they charge you the Big Mac price?

    • +1

      Probably a minority but I wish this would happen to me haha. I’m a bigger fan of a standard cheeseburger than a Big Mac so I would be happy about it.

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    I had been travelling overseas due to work engagement prior to COVID. Honestly. it's sad to see how boring our local marketing compare to other countries. They have new things and new foods, and other interesting ideas to get customers to the door every month, but not here in Australia. Look at Hungry JACK for example, they bought in UNO games recently as a new marketing campaign but it's no different to Macca's monopoly game! Macca has the same marketing idea for the last 5 years if not 10. It's never being any new idea. I am so disappointed. The burger is getting smaller and smaller while the price is becoming more and more expensive! They treat us like a stupid fool. It's so sad! I am sure some of you may not agree with what I said but it's true in a way.

    • +2

      McDonald’s Australia menu is way better and bigger than USA maccas.

      Plenty of YouTube videos about it.

      • +3

        I agree; the menu is alot more extensive than the US one and quality of food is arguably better here.

        • +2

          I don't believe they mentioned US, just Overseas.

          e.g. Menus in Asia are much better.
          Maccas has had Fried chicken for years, and chilli sauce literally on tap..
          Not to mention Sambal burgers, Halloween black buns, and numerous other specials.
          Multiple flavours of soft serve, and Twister (mixed flavour) soft serve.
          And the quality also sh1ts over the quality here.

          In France, you can get a blue cheese and bacon burger, a croque monsieur, a burger with Raclette and Emmentale, wedges, ice-cream parfait and a fully stocked pastry cabinet

          Even the UK has a range of salads.

          So what was that again about Australia's selection of stale fries, wilted lettuce, and tasteless burger options?

          • +3

            @Tiggrrrrr: You’re not wrong but maccas sells what is popular. In those locations it’s successful to have such an extensive menu; but in Australia having a wider menu simply is not popular. McCafe used to sell 6-7 types of macrons, three types of muffins, 2 types of donuts, mccruffins and much much more.

            The main menu used to have fancy burgers like Chicken clubhouses and veggie burger, and there used to be 3-4 types of loaded fries. But when no-one ever bought them it was not profitable thus them removing the item.

            And the comment about UK salads, we had a salad/wrap promo just last year with 4 types of wraps and salads but due to no one buying them ever they were removed.
            Oh and let's not forget the smoothies maccas aus also introduced last year, 4 versions but again no one bought them so they were removed.

            Oh oh omelette wrap and nutella hotcakes too, removed due to no one buying them.

            I could keep on going but I think you get the point. They try items every year but nearly always they get the same results; majority of Aussies only care for the regular iconic menu and nothing else.

            (Also fried chicken is litrally being trialed in South Australia as we speak)

          • @Tiggrrrrr: totally agree with you , I've been to India and their Menu is huge with so many options

      • +3

        Well you can't beat the Dollar menu they have $1 McChicken everyday does Australian Menu have anything close to that

        • I mean; thats a different country lol. Different economy, different dollar value, different currency, different ingredients suppliers. Yes US & Australia both do McChicken but its different logistical network! Maccas Australia does have a loose change menu. Is it amazing? no but it exists. https://mcdonalds.com.au/loose-change-menu

        • +2

          cant even get a $2 hamburger anymore at least not all stores

          • @perfectlydark: I'm sick of trying to order a soft serve with flake just to get to the store and be told they have no flakes, or even better no soft serve.

      • Portion sizes are certainly much smaller though. Prices are probably more expensive too.

    • +4

      Yeah I don't know how some people can still afford to stay morbidly obese here. Without the app deals, you'd need to be spending minimum $80 a day on fast food to remain that fat.

      • $80 seems a bit extreme. Can get quite a lot for $80 a day.

      • $10 bucket of grease popcorn chicken would like a word with you.

    • +2

      Agree, I saw a random kfc ad from singapore on insta the other day (never been there) with a mac and cheese chicken 'taco' and other random seasonal offerings from other countries but here our 'specials' are often a big box/bucket of something thats always been on the menu (think kfc popcorn bucket/24 nugget deals).

  • Im sure maccas have lost money to me, i only eat there when its the $4 double cheeseburger meal or $6 big mac and burger meal, sometimes $2 shake deals

    • +3

      They’d still be making profit from those deals.

      • They make profit through all the real estate that they own.

        • yeah sure, but thats the company making the money, how does the franchise stay afloat.

          • @TsunamiInTheHouse: Profit margins are so high that they could run these deals 24/7. While saying that the franchisees usually hate these because of lost profits but they still make a good buck! like a shake would cost the franchisee less than 40 cents or something

            • @Matcha Latte: Purely on the item yeah, but it costs like 30c for somoneto actually put it in a cup, serve it and the materials, other expenses and then the franchisee cut.

              The margins would be quite slim on the discount stuff.

              • @TsunamiInTheHouse: Medium size drive thru stores still tend to make anywhere from 11 to 18 k in sales a day and with cheap as (profanity) labour from child wages it ends up working out. It's the dark side of fast food only using younger kids, as they're cheaper. The stores are the ones usually to suffer if they have less sales as they'll receive alot less funding thus getting run down (franchised stores)

        • +1

          How does 'real estate' make profit. A building sitting on land does not just generate money. Someone has to be renting it, or doing something else productive with it.

          • @random12: That's exactly how it works. Franchisee rents the property from the corporation.
            Often also, Macca's owns the entire block/site (could include another store, service station etc).

    • $4 small cheeseburger meal + cheeseburger + small coffee (Student Edge). How do people eat like this regularly, I'd need a bypass.

      • $4 cheesburger deal doesn't come around everyday.

        • True, but people buy multiple (or used to when they were $1) with hamburgers or even just buy eating cheeseburgers everyday.

          Everything is so dry and/or dense.

  • +3

    Week 2 and 4 the classic useless trash

  • +2

    Got excited when i saw matcha latte, that would be a good offer, replace a coke with a matcha latte at no additional cost on a value meal

  • +1

    Maccas app rewards or promo cherry picks its stores that the reward is redeemable at. Such discrimination! If I earned a reward I should be able to redeem it at any Maccas right? Not going to bother with maccas anymore.

  • That title hurts my head

    • +1

      Can't blame OP, one of the mods changed it.

      • Silly mod 😋

    • This deal will hurt your entire body.

  • +1

    I have not had mcdonalds for over 15 years. Their patty is far less meat than you think, especially their chicken burger.

    • far less meat than you think

      Size matters. Once you get it inside you, it’s just not as satisfying as you had hoped

  • These deals are evil I tell ya

  • +3

    Week 2 and 4 are total cop outs. They only needed 4 deals and they couldn't even do that.

    • total cop outs

      Not really — that’s the doughnuts

  • Day 1: Ordered a burger meal with no pickles. Received pickles plus Mac sauce.
    Day 2: Went up to drive thru speaker. Was told that the system is updating and they can't do drive thru. Why not close the bloody drive thru then?!
    Day 3: Order 6pack happy meal with sweet n sour sauce. No sauce in the box.
    Day 4: Repeating my order 4 times in drive thru and having to change it again at the window because the server is taking multiple orders at the same time and screwed it up again.
    I could go on for days… In the end we're the stupid ones for accepting this crap to be honest. If it was easy enough to boycott this rubbish I would.

    1. eat ya pickles ya sour bastard
    2. just do a loop and park, took you more time to type out this comment lmao.
    3. should have checked the box before you zoomed off
    4. use the app champ, quote the order number, all done.
    • -3

      litrally, like mate you get what you pay for. It's a fast food restaurant run by teenagers not a 5 star steak house. Stop giving shiitte to maccas when you chose to go there!

      You're upset over a literal pickle, 1 minute of your time wasted, a bloody packet of sauce and the fact you don't know how to use an app.

      The lesson here is if you want better service and accuracy pay for it and don't go to your local maccas, I bet they dont want you anyway.

      • +1

        It doesn't take much effort to get it right.

        I know they are doing many things, and sometimes things might be wrong, but they should at least try to get it right.

        I have ordered a Quarter Pounder with extra sauce, and I have looked at it and it has less sauce than a chesseburger. And I know a regular Quarter is supposed to have more sauce than a chesseburger (even without asking for extra sauce). I worked at a maccas for a few years

    • +1

      (btw this made my day ty Tsunamiln)

  • Hello McDonalds God OP, how often does a postmix bag of drink (like coke no sugar) get replaced in a typical restaurant? Is it an annoying process that no one wants to do?

    And how do you know when to replace it? Is it customary to wait until customers start complaining that the drinks look and taste weird?

    • +3

      Hello watwatwat i love your username btw lol.
      So the bag we call just the surup is litrally a box with a bag in it which is located on a rack in the back of the store (thus named the surup rack). Its bloody easy to change litrally screw it on and off but its one of those things maccas is lazy to train crew on. Theres normally 2-3 boxes per surup flavour (differ by store size) and needs to be changed every 9-12 hrs (again according to how busy it is). Theres no monitoring system so what's meant to happen is someone physically checks how much syrup is left in the box but this usually never happens due to everyone plain out forgetting to. So this means normally we only find out when the customer informs us or we physically see the colour change from the surup.

      If the drink itself tastes weird honestly its probably the water filters (water thats then turned into soda water and mixed into the drink) has not been changed in a while.

      With coke no sugar all ill say is if you're diabetic mention it or theres a good chance youll get diet coke or even regular coke, many crew are too bloody lazy.

      Hope that answers it happy to answer any questions lol

      • Cool, thanks for the detailed info.

        I was curious as to how this worked because commonly the drinks taste like crap and I suppose someone hadn't changed out the box/bag.

        In case you are curious, this is my coke that isn't even the right colour (looked even more clear in real life): https://imgur.com/oZGGTFf

        Appreciate the inside knowledge.

        • +1

          Ok that looks horrible omg. The line might be dirty because I wouldn't drink that

      • one of those things maccas is lazy to train crew on.

        More like the crew don't like doing it haha.

        It's up there with filling the fries machine (mine was called 'Archie') and filling shake/sundae machine.

  • Many of the standard deals that are updated every Monday and Thursday at 11.59pm are better than these…

  • +1

    forget these pathetic 20% off. $4 small coffee with 2 hashbrowns is good enough for a day

  • week 2's deal sucks.

  • Wasnt it 25% off before? And that was on the regular…

    • No it wasnt. But who knows I might be lying and edited the image that states 20% off

  • what do people use the 20% for? looking for ideas

    • +1

      For best value? My go to is:

      Two cheeseburger happy meals ($9.90) + a sauce packet ($0.40) = $8.24
      Upgrade drink to a coffee or something if you don't want to waste 40c.

      • very nice.. thank you

    • +1

      usually the value box, under $20 for 4 burgers and sides is not bad. usually feeds me 3 meals

      • that is solid.. thank you

      • The value box is not available on the app though and isn't this an app only deal? So are you sure you can do this?

        • Usually just go to a self service kiosk and input the code or scan barcode, don't think things have changed since the last time I used it

  • Purchased the McChicken deal yesterday and was surprised at the size of the cheeseburger bun. It looks smaller than it was previously.

    • McChicken tastes so bland unless its drenched in mayo.

  • I’ve been getting 2 small Big Mac/quarter pounder meals for $9 all week. Over 60% discount so much better value than just 20% off.
    Perks of having 10 accounts to rotate offers.

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