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Vodafone $250 12 Months 150GB Prepaid SIM Starter Kit - $125 @ Woolworths


Half price deals for Vodafone and Lebara are back at Woolworths
There is also Vodafone Triple Punch $30 for $9

Not sure when these must be activated though

Mod Note: Removed Lebara 6 Months 80GB duplicate from the title.

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        Yep Vodafone prepaid 12 Months have got access to all network features of postpaid.

        I have got access to 5G (including 5G Standalone 850Mhz, calls work over 5G network, also access to limited mm-wave network), VoLTE and Wifi calling. Make sure you are using a supported phone listed here, problem is many in OzBargain uses Chinese (Banggood/Aliexpress) phones which needs USSD codes to force enable VoLTE/VoWifi and sometimes just wont support them. I am using a Pixel 6 Pro 128GB bought from JB for around $600 net (Promo Price $1099, $799 using $300 trade coupon - Gift cards bought at 15% off - 10% GST refund during work trip)

        • Pixel 6? (profanity) LOL!

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    It has 5g and esim. Also works with 10% discount if you have wws mobile or insurance to make it even cheaper.

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        in my area voda has better coverage than optus

        • ditto for Melbourne.

  • Do they allow for data gifting to others on vodafone prepaid?

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      No. Try Belong for gifting on the Telstra network.

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    Wow 10% off with Woolworths mobile/insurance, redeem WW dollars from GC deals. 15% Special GC makes it less than $100 for a mobile service per year with full instant eSim support on My Vodafone app, 5G network access (including 5G mm-wave), VoLTE, Wifi calling, visual voicemail (on iphone) !!

    • GC as in gift cards?
      I don't believe you could purchase these using woolies/wish gift cards

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        He did not say using GC, but Rewards Dollars.

        • I try to buy gift cards using woollies gift card,, and they won't let you, NOt even let you use the 10% discount on a rewards card.

          • @ssd01: The SIM card purchases are treated like giftcards @ the checkout, but it may still allow you to redeem Rewards Dollars on them. FYI, my last exp was late 2020.

            The comment says the R$ earned from giftcard sale.

    • How do you get 10% off Woolworths mobile with Vodafone?

      • What it means is if you have woolworths mobile or insurance, you get 10% off one shop every month. Using that, it would be cheaper.

        • Can confirm 10% off works with the Sim purchase

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    Do they have any expiry date?

  • Really don’t like how Vodafone doesn’t work in Wilson’s Prom, I go there quite a few times and it’s more frustrating considering that both Optus and Telstra work fine

    • I am on above Vodafone prepaid plan and recently went to Wilson's prom. My phone was showing roaming and and I think it connected to telstra network or may be optus 3g and was able to make and receive calls but was not able to use data. Do you know anything about it why I was not able to do access data? I did turn on data on roaming option but still couldn't.

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        Vodafone has a roaming agreement with Optus in remote/regional areas since 2012. So that agreement is so old that Vodafone may not have access to Optus 4G or data. Basically for emergencies only.

        The same thing happened to us in Daintree QLD. Roamed on Optus 3G network with Vodafone prepaid but had no internet.

        • An inshore Vodoaone employee told me Vodafone would be moving to Telstra for non-metro area is "a few months"

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            @sw2018: Sort of. They aren’t moving to a Telstra roaming agreement, they actually extending their own network out to broadcast from Telstra’s towers up to 98.9% population.

            They’re getting a heap more coverage and they’ll be combining their spectrum with Telstra’s which will mean super fast speeds.

  • International calls included or no?

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    You can also price beat at OW, if you really want to buy from them.

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      That would be extra 5% off, good for those without WW discount.

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      Thanks it worked

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    Guys please note:
    Vodafone gives you 1 year to activate the sim.
    Lebara has expiry dates so just look at the back of the packs.
    Also if you go to ShopBack you can get it slightly cheaper with cashback: activate $5 mobile challenge. Buy via ShopBack and also get 25% cashback hence $150= $112.5-$5= $107.5
    However, if you have 10% off via Woolies you can get for $112.5 if you get 10% off and you pay by gift cards (another 4% off), would it make it $108 plus rewards points.

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      You can't use GC to pay for the SIM card.

      • I did, with no issues

        • How?
          Self check out?

          • @hhbb555: Yep, stacks with my 10% discount too from having woolies insurance

            • +1

              @lawyerz: oh ok.
              last time i tried to buy lebara simcard (less than 6 months ago), it basically rejected saying invalid payment method or something like that when trying to pay with egiftcard

              • @hhbb555: Your exp is correct. There are people talking based on theory or exp from many years. Also EDR pts are not awarded on SIM cards.

    • Does this track with shopback?
      Shopback t&C mentions prepaid plus is excluded?

      • +1

        Not prepaid plus specifically and YMMV but vodafone is the only vendor I've purchased from via shopback and had issues. Still fighting with them trying to get cashback approved from Nov last year.

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    Is this also credit for existing Voda Prepaid customers, or ONLY a starter kit for new customers?

    • Yes, I also would like to know that.
      Can you use this card but somehow retain your existing Vodafone mobile number?

      • I asked VF chat, they said NO, the credit gets assigned to the new number that comes with the SIM Kit. The only way to use this is to churn out to another provider on a $2 SIM, then back again.

  • Does anyone know when this needs to be activated by? My current deal with Boost expires mid-Aug.

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      See fozzie's comment.

    • Vodafone Sims have a 365 day expiry once paid for.

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      Just extract the information from Woolworth catalogue

      Voucher must be activated within 6 months of purchase to avoid expiry.
      In your case should be OK.

      Vodafone $250 Triple Punch SIM Starter Kit^
      – 150GB data
      – 365 day expiry
      – Unlimited standard national calls and text
      – 50 standard international texts

      ^Not for commercial or resale purpose. Available at Woolworths Supermarkets only (excludes online) until 10/5/22. Limit 3 per customer. Discount on full price only and not exchangeable or redeemable for cash. Subject to change. Recharge costs additional. Voucher must be activated within 6 months of purchase to avoid expiry. Vodafone starter pack terms apply – see packaging.

      • The pack says needs to be activated within 365 days to avoid expiry

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    Vodafone never again! Got one of these yearly plans last xmas, since then I've travelled a bit around NSW (Nowra region and up in Forster) it non existent for most of it. Don't do it if you think you may travel half an hour from Sydney. I Feel sad I missed Boost deal the other day :facepalm

    • +1

      Yep networks fn terrible if you go regional.
      I was only at Marysville this weekend and no internet reception. Was up Tocumawl over Easter and it was non existent
      Travelling to work from Eastern suburbs to city it's even shonky tbh. I used to have no issues playing my mobile games on Telstra but now it just lags and unplayable. This is brawl stars.
      I guess surfing net is okish
      Anyways it's pointless having this much data if it's unusable.

    • But does the sim needs to be activate with in 30 days of purchase if bought through shopback as it says in the other terms and conditions?

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    This doesn't come with international calling 😶
    Boost $200 starter is a better deal when it's on sale.

  • Woolworths Mobile offers 12 mth prepaid with 100gb for $140 and you get 10% off your monthly shop.

    Isn’t that better? On Telstra network

    • 10% doesn't apply to Wollies mobile.

      • +1

        Wdu mean? I get 10% off my shopping at Woolies every month using Woolies Mobile.

        • Yes and if you do one big family shop per month ($250-$300) it pays for itself

          • @modsec802: Don't know if the exploit still exists but you used to be able to do two 10% shops per month - one in store and one online.

            (You used to be able to do multiple in store 10% shops in fact along with one online shop, but they did definitely fix that loophole.)

            • @wavesgreen: Don’t think you can - at least the message doesn’t pop up in store after using it online.

              Haven’t tried the other way around - in store first then online

              • @modsec802: I think that was how it worked last I knew. You shop in store and then later use the code for your online shop.

                Doing online first "uses up" the code and flags it in the system I think. Either than or they've fixed all the loopholes now.

  • People should be aware that the network upgrade is presently rolling out and may continue for months. A good thing once done, it is bad in the short term if your area is not done yet.

    All our local Optus and Vodafone towers are down (limited service/SOS/No Service) and we're in a major suburb. We've had no connection for weeks now, and will be another two weeks before they are currently claiming the work will be done. Only wholesale 3G is up (for things like power meters).

    Maybe check when your local area is scheduled for maintenance on the coverage maps, before getting one of these SIMs. Our area was supposed to be down for a week, but then they scheduled 3 more consecutive maintenance windows, once underway. And no service in between. A month of no service without warning is pretty poor.

    I guess these providers and their MVNOs are grinning in silence and bearing the exodus, hoping that in ignorance, fewer customers leave. Gotta love the quality if service market 'competition' we achieved in Oz.

  • Any int'l data roaming?

  • What are people's thoughts on this deal vs boost?
    Boost (Telstra 4G network) 140gb ~$150
    Vodafone (5G network) 150gb $125

    Don't need international call. Seems like Vodafone is a better deal but not sure how reliable their network coverage is? Their network coverage map around metro Sydney looks ok, but other comments here seem to suggest otherwise?


  • Can I use this sim in a wifi hot spot unit instead of a phone?
    I have a need for a small amount of data cheap.

  • -3

    Does this have unlimited data?

  • 4x $40 SIM @ $14 each seems better.

    • Sometimes you may find it under $9.

    • $40 sim is just 1 month? This is 1 year?

      • I run out of data before I run out of time.

        • It has umlimited data with capped speed.

  • Grabbed one for my wife and my MIL from Innaloo WA. Seemed to be last two and someone (in Woolworths uniform!) grabbed a massive stash before me.

  • Can we do the $5/days (which is actually the cheapest among networks) roaming with this?

    • No

  • For those of you in Melbourne's Inner West, I got one of these an hour ago from Woolworths in Williamstown (Kororoit Creek Rd) and they had quite a few left in stock.

  • Just wondering if you port a number away from Vodafone Prepaid to a MVNO on Vodafone’s Network like Kogan Mobile, do you have to wait 28 or 30 days to port back to Vodafone Prepaid with this 12month prepaid deal? Or can it be a day or two later?

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