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[PC] Far Cry 6 $9.95 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Cheapest I've seen it. Will be ubisoft launcher. Enjoy hopefully lots of stock.

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    Well that didn't take long

  • +9

    It’s not the best of all FC but I’m sure it’s worth more than the BF2042

  • +2

    Now let's just get the console versions this cheap

    • -2

      It’s an adults game.

  • Jeez not a bad price

  • +1


    …and Far Cry 6 is supported by GeForce Now, so you can play on Nvidia Shield / Chromecast with GTV etc:


    • Guessing still need geforce now sub for this though?

      • Yep, although I find the free tier works fine for me.

  • +1

    Get an error when trying to add to cart, has anyone else actually been able to proceed to checkout?

    • Same. Haven't seen this happen before. Hit buy now but nothing happened. Add to cart but nothing happened.

      • Yup, not seen that either.
        I didn't have Prime atm, so I double checked it wasn't sold out before signing up.
        Was already in my cart, but go to check out - weird errors.
        They scammed me into buying a Prime sub I guess.

        • +2

          Nobody scammed you.

          If you haven't bought anything yet, you can get your Prime refunded. Just contact support.

        • -1

          LOL, I dont care. I knew there was a chance of it going out of stock.
          Scammed might be a strong word, but I thought I did my due diligence to reduce the chances.
          It was still listed as in stock and in cart, before & after signing up to Prime. I forced refresh & in multiple browsers to ensure it wasn't just cached
          It was saying it was still in stock for a good 2 to 3 minutes while the weird cart issues occurred.
          I've not seen it do that before, the page goes out of stock, the same time the cart says this item is out of stock.
          I did try to cancel the Prime sub, but it was going to charge me a dollar or something, so it didn't seem worth it. I am not going to waste support's or my time on that little a difference.

    • Yes I got mine @ 8:57PM

  • Woah, cheers!

    I didn't mind the little free weekend thing they did a while back.

    (INB4 Uplay+ now gets announced coming to Gamepass or somesuch 🤣)

    • Actually rumoured. Serious.

      • Hehe yeah I know, I vaguely remember seeing it in some article or subreddit very recently, nevermind the rumours from a year or so ago.

        No complaints from me in either case though.

  • +3

    Already OOS

  • Might be OOS already?

  • A solid Far Cry entry for $10. Chicharrón is one crazy bird.

  • +1

    NNNOOOOoooooo, I wanted one under 10

  • Bear in mind that you need more than 8GB VRAM if you want to turn everything up to max settings. But otherwise no issue with 8GB.

    • Seriously? So people with 3060 12 gigs get more out of their cards than 3070 8 gigs?

      Man wtf.

  • Late….

  • Damn, I wanted that one for sub-$10, Ubisoft games always go on heavy sale within first year. AC is often the exception.

    AC Valhalla Xbox One/Series - $32.00

    • +3

      Ubisoft more than other BIG companies, understand that after launch, people are not interested in full price if they weren't already sold on it. IF they didn't buy it at launch for $90, they ain't gonna buy it at $90 next month.

  • +2

    bugger, would have jumped on this. huge fan of the series but cant justify current PC prices for it IMO

  • damn late to the party, easy buy at that price

  • How about $10 for the xbox version Amazon?

  • That didn't last long at all

  • +2

    Noooo, missed it!

  • Damn wish I had seen it sooner, next best price is Gamesmen for $30

  • +1

    (profanity) i missed out

  • +1

    I love FarCry but this game is incredibly boring. I really struggle to find the will to bother playing it.

  • +1

    Damn missed this

  • Heh, ah damn.

    Got an email from Amazon about my order being 'delayed' since it was supposed to arrive today, but I guess it's not cancelled or refunded so that's nice :P

    • +1

      Got the same email.

      • Just got mine dispatched today, arriving tomorrow :D

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