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[XB1, XSX] Halo Infinite $39 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ Harvey Norman | Delivered @ Amazon AU


First time poster, long time deal watcher.
Noticed Halo Infinite for $39 at Harvey Norman.

Yes it's HN, proceed with comments below. Highlighting deal in hopes Amazon prices matches. EDIT looks like this has been achieved.

Yes it's also free on Game Pass, this is for those who want a physical copy if that's your thing.

Haven't seen a lower price physical, but I'm also not the best at determining if it's been cheaper elsewhere.

Amazon AU - Back in stock 10/5

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    Yes it's HN, proceed with comments below. Highlighting deal in hopes Amazon prices matches.
    Yes it's also free on Game Pass, this is for those who want a physical copy if that's your thing.

    How sad that OP's have to say all of this to try and prevent those long winded and highly opinionated conversations each and every time a HN or Xbox physical game deal comes up.

    Either way, great first deal OP. Thanks for the post and keep it up!

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      Doesn't want to offend anyone.. Least someone gets offended by that

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      We just need a separate forum called "I hate Gerry Harvey" where people can go and whinge there and keep OzB for actual bargains, not personal vendetta crusades.

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    For those that don't know about GamePass.

    If you want to play the game (campaign), you might want to sign up to GamePass for $1 and you will get a month free. Halo Infinite Campaign is free on GamePass so provided you finish within a month (expect around 15 hours of playtime +/- 3 hours depending on if you rush or do side quests) you'll get it for a buck. You can also guess a 3-month voucher on G2A for about USD4 which is what I personally did. After this, you might find that GamePass is an absolute steal. Amazing library of games for an eventual cost of $16pm (or much less if you play the location shenanigans game, eg South Africa which is about $8pm).

    If you just want to play the multiplayer, it is free to play (afaik), at least it is on PC.

  • Is the gamepass version just multiplayer?

    I thought physical copy grants access to campaign too.

    Also looks like $39 on Amazon now too

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      Multiplayer is free
      Campaign is free on Gamepass

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        Campaign isn't free since you need to pay for Gamepass

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          free drinks arent free at all you can eat, you pay for the all you can eat
          delivery isnt free on amazon prime, you have to pay for prime

    • All first party games are on GamePass day one, all of the game, not just multiplayer.

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    good timing with season 2 starting today

  • Multiplayer is already free.
    You would be paying for the campaign only.

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      The campaign is great though, can highly recommend it.

      • It is great, but replay ability is low, at least until co-op is added.

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    I cant believe how disappointed I am in this game on game pass - it just wont launch, it works then when you try to play it again it wont launch!
    its a known bug for months now - you can google it.
    its totally unbelievable
    I would love to be able to play it, for a bit that I did it was a great game.

    • All the halo games have been buggy af since 343i took over.

      At least for this one, they can't blame Bungie.

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        I didn't have a single bug with 1 or 3 havnt played any of the others on series x yet but the others where bug free for me

        • You mean in MCC? The PC port was buggy af for over a year. I've been playing it since launch in 2019.
          There were hundreds of bugs, some of the memorable ones for me:
          (fixed) - Frame doubling above 60fps causing stuttering
          (fixed) - Muffled sound effects for shooting, etc (you could only really hear the echo effect)
          (fixed) - Stretched HUD/crosshair with non-16:9 aspect ratio
          (fixed) - Your pistol dealt less damage in if you ran at > 60fps.

          (outstanding) - If you crouch on the lift in "Reflection", it will launch you into the roof and then you fall to your death
          (outstanding) - Crashes related to easy-anticheat and UE4.

          Oh, and MCC servers were broken for 5 days, but at least they "understood it's frustrating" and were working on it.
          Oh, and Halo Infinite servers were offline for 2 days, because their network guys were stressed about the Ukraine war.

          P.S. If you're playing campaigns, give the Halo 2 Anniversary a try, it looks amazing.

  • Getting on console is the place to get it, the PC redownload bug still hasnt been fixed. not redownloading 40GB once a fortnight.

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    As a fan of older Halo games (the series kinda lost me from Reach onwards), I went into Infinite hopeful but expecting it to not grab me. I was pleasantly surprised to find it really hit the spot. I played through the campaign twice - which I hardly ever do. The "feel" of the gameplay - especially with the grappleshot is just so fun. And The Weapon. What a great character. So enjoyable.

    I actually went back afterwards and played Halo 4 as it was the first game by 343, and was immediately struck with how different it felt. Obviously the lack of grappleshot was different, but just the gunplay and movement in general was "all wrong" by comparison. It didn't feel very polished or tight. I think 343 really got it spit-shine-perfect in Infinite.

    I can't help but wish the MP wasn't free-to-play though, as not having much interest in MP I feel it's already swallowing up the studio's time and effort - and hence halting more campaign work (at least that's my assumption)

  • So with these xbox games with the Series X and Xbox One on the label, what version is actually on the disc?

    Like if you put it in your xbox series x with internet disabled, what version gets installed?

  • Looks like back to $74.90 on amazon

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      Available again fyi @2loud2old

      • Sold, thanks

  • I wonder how gamepass impacts on sales of these games…

  • i think i still have one copy come from my halo X, with gamepass, i don't even want to redeem it.

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    do you have deals on pc ?

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