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Xiaomi Himo Electric Bike H1 - Grey/Yellow $349 + $9.90 Delivery ($0 SYD, ADL, BNE C&C) @ PCByte


Low price on this small Electric Bike and currently cheaper than the Mobileciti deal. Available in Grey and Yellow.

While this may look small and gimmicky it's a great option for your commute as it can be folded up to fit inside a backpack or easily carried. It has a max speed of 18km and a range up to 35km.

$9.90 flat rate shipping or click and collect from the stores in NSW, SA and QLD.

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  • +6

    I'd buy one if didn't have 1 electric bicycle and 3 electric skateboards already :D

    • +4

      And I thought having 2 electric scooters was bad. You win.

    • +1

      Oh damn, what skateboards do you have? And how do they fare?

      • +3

        He hasn't used them yet. He's saving up for a 4th so he can finally live his dream of never getting out of bed ever again.

        • +2

          Nah, I loved them all - started with a really basic second hand one a year ago, then a basic all terrain second hand 9 month ago, then decided to invest into a quality one Ownboard Zeus with 60km range

          • +1

            @alenpln: You should've gotten all the same model. It's gonna be really hard getting them to stay the same speed under your mattress.

            • @TheRealCJ: Lol skateboarding standing on a mattress is something

    • +3

      you must be not in NSW

      • +1

        Yep, I'm on the Gold Coast

  • I don't think these are legal in VIC.

    • +4

      This is one of the few times where I can say this is legal in VIC jv. The motor is 180W so it falls under the max. 200W power rule.

      • +1

        I can say this is legal in VIC

        proof ?

        • +7

          Nah I'm mistaken. Your backwards laws say it must be able to have pedal power still. What a shame we almost found you something electric to ride.

          • +4


            What a shame we almost found you something electric to ride.

            Dan is too smart for you…

            There will always be a catch…

            • -1

              @jv: We should meet up for some Neuron riding sometime. I'm up your way in a couple of weeks xo

          • @Clear: if this is not legal in vic, i guess it is also not legal in nsw

    • Shame, does this mean I can't ride this on the sidewalk too? https://toysforkids.com.au/kids-toys/mercedes-g63-licenced/

    • What the hell have you done with the real JV?!?

      The real JV would say: "These are legel as long as you don't get caught."

    • you are right

  • +2

    i always wondering is this actually adult friendly? it looks really small.

    • +1

      I was thinking the same, it looks like a kid's toy

    • +2

      Anything with wheels this small is not very friendly on the family jewels of either gender. Probably best for people under 6 ft too.

    • I recall seeing maximum weight: must be less than 75kg

      • That rules out plenty of ozbargainers then. 😂

  • +1

    Not a big fan of the design hahaha

  • Can it really be "folded up to fit inside a backpack"?

    Well, the pcbyte website doesn't give us the weight or the dimensions when collapsed. So that is quite telling.

    The weight is 14.5kg and other websites claim that it can be "folded down to a3 size". So yes, it could fit in a backpack that is intended for hiking…. But not a "backpack" in the more commonly used sense.

    All in all, another case of misleading marketing. Plus - look at this thing!? Only a fool would buy this scooter.

    • +2


      It really does fold into a backpack size!!!

      • +1

        Yup. People ought to do their research before calling bs 😉

        • Except when your backpack can now hold nothing other than this. I think the ideal form factor for 'portable transportation' is the foldable bikes which can be rolled around like one of those distance measuring wheels.

          • @ATangk: You could just carry it or perhaps have another bag?

            • @Clear: Might I remind you that the product weighs 14kg… Thats like a small child

        • -1

          Well, I'll let the reader be the judge of who is really giving bs here…. You say that "it can be folded up to fit inside a backpack" yet that is clearly false, unless you're referring to a hiking style backpack.

          The video posted by Speedz only serves to back up my point.

  • +1

    ugliest looking bike

  • +5

    I have one of these purchased through JB HIFI. I had to return the first one I got after a few months as the folding up latch broke from the inside, preventing the bike to fold up as one of the main reason for the purchase so I can neatly fit into my small car boot.

    Worked great, however wished it was a little faster.

    I did get a replacement, however the battery is draining too fast compared to the first bike. Mid ride the speed is affected by the battery output. And sometimes will jump from 5 bars to 4 bars and then die.
    I am looking at getting a replacement or refund on this.

    I got it for $750 last year.

    So for this price <$400 it’s a great deal.
    It does have its cons.
    Max speed, 15km avg.
    Struggles on small incline.
    Small wheels, so avoid little pothole and kerb side.
    Battery affects power, so you start at 15km but slowly lowers speed as battery drains so going 10km on 3bars
    And that’s on a straight.
    So incline it will be like 5-8km.

    Over all with all these issues, I still recommend to get. I use it at the park or riding from where I park to where I work which is 15min walk.

    I hope this might help someone.

    • -Struggles on small incline

      So what is the point of the electric bike?
      There is regular small inclines everywhere

      BTW how long can you ride on this before battery runs out of juice?

      • It’s slows down a little depending on the range of the incline. 5degrees ok, but more like 15degrees or more before speed is affected. It’s something that online reviews do mentioned and is noticeable when riding.
        Still worth the ride.

        yes I agree incline and declines are everywhere, but on average take into account of the straights and place where you may be riding it. I still get to places easy. And it’s fun. But yes you have to factor how steep the incline may be where you may be riding.

        Definitely recommend you check out youtube reviews. Considering there’s retailed at approx $1200+ I got mine from jb at $750 on sale. I thought it was ok at that price. So this current special. I’m thinking should I buy another. As a backup or ride with friends.

        For me, it fit my needs, the folding compact size was the selling point for me, so I can fit it in the boot. As I park at local campus and ride 3km away to work.
        This saves me parking fees and time.
        And rode with my son at the local park, where heaps of straight paths. He had a blast.

        The guide says you can ride approx 30km range and max speed at 18km. (Speed is affected by amount of battery)
        If your asking time wise how long , I say approx 30min depending on factors. Speed, weather, incline of the ride.

        As for the other comment regarding seat, it does lock into place. However, not adjustable for height. It’s set at a fixed height level I forgot to mention and reviews don’t mention.
        And no suspension. So you do feel every bump from the wheels to the seat.

  • That seat looks one bump away from giving you an enema…

    • Comes with a free rectal exam.

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