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[Refurb] Fetch Mini $49 Delivered (Was $129) @ Fetch eBay


Guessing that the non-4K Fetch Mini box has been discontinued, hence the cheap pricing and becoming hard to find in store.

EDIT: Don’t pay the extra $5 for Express Parcel Delivery: They seem to use that for the free standard postage.

Also available new instead of refurb for $99 - was $149

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  • why not Fire TV Stick 4K Max?

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      Can't use Kayo on the firestick. Probably the only reason I haven't gotten one. They seem good bang for buck but limited to the apps you can have on them compared to an Android system.

      • +6

        Install Kodi on the Firestick and use this https://www.matthuisman.nz/2019/03/kayo-sports-kodi-add-on.h... - I've got it running on a non-max 4K no probs

        • That's good to know. I tried Kodi once to try get around the old NRL app streaming screen size limit to no avail but if that's the case might get a firestick. Been running Kayo on the PS4 pro and it constantly buffers while the chromecast streams perfect.

          • @Damannation: There's a bunch of others on that webpage too - Binge, Foxtel Go also there.. I've been running it on Vodafone TVs, Firesticks, Google TVs, all good

        • Does Kayo stay signed in through Kodi or do you need to sign in everytime?

          • @Damannation: Stays signed in. You have to re-sign in if you exceed your device limit, ofc.

            • @bdl: Awesome, you've got me sold. Cheers for the info, was the main thing stopping me getting one rather than getting another chromecast with remote.

      • +2

        I have kayo running on a firestick max, side loaded, without kodi. It does work both ways.

    • These minis are good to stream recordings from a Fetch mighty (I've used them to standardise all TVs with same interface so older family members only have one EPG/GUI to learn)

      note that the non-4k minis only have IR remote (not BT)

  • Can this stream free to air channels? (Not the on demand apps)

    I no longer have an antenna to access free to air.

    • +5

      The Fetch Mini won't do it.

      If you have a device which you can install Kodi on, there's an IPTV AU plugin that you can use to stream Australian TV - you select which state you want in the settings.

      Install the repo in Kodi as a first step https://www.matthuisman.nz/2020/02/slyguy-kodi-repository.ht...

      • I can confirm that the SlyGuy repo is fantastic. Running on two Chromecasts without an issue.

    • +2

      It has the channels' catch-up apps with live streams in them, ie 7plus, 9now etc. I regularly stream the ABC, 7, 9 and 10 channels. I just can't remember if SBS does too right now.

      • Fourth photo down on the eBay ad shows the Fetch has access to all 5 free to air stations catch up apps, including SBS.
        I have a Fetch Mighty and have no issues accessing all the catchup apps.

        • I don't like the catch up ads because you need to create login accounts with some of the services to use them, the Kodi plugin avoids that

  • In its current state, this is not worth even $49 imho.

    my comments from previous deal posted here, copy pasted again below as its still a big problem : https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/687827

    I'm not sure if this is the new 4k mini version, but if it is the older non-4k one (that I've got), just be aware it is currently laggy as all hell.
    Never used to be as bad as it is currently, I think last few updates really screwed it up.
    I hate updating old devices for this very reason. Lots of pain for very little gain.
    And the updates weren't even optional, they push it thru with no option of opting out.

    • We regularly use this model connected on a network with a mighty box with no issues. What lag issues have you had?

    • +2

      Interesting. Kids have the mini (have for maybe 2 years?) and have reported no lag issues.
      Everything is hard wired on home network though if that makes a difference.

    • +1

      Yeah, Updates have definitely made it worse.
      I have the non 4K mini and a brand new mighty and they are both laggy when using the UI and don't respond to commands from the remote control all the time.
      The mini is worse and annoying to use, I guess I'm used to a fast and responsive android TV experience when comparing Fetch.
      Having said that, I don't know of anything else that will let you watch "premium" channels packs almost on demand like the "knowledge" pack has Discovery, Nat Geo, Animal Planet +++ for $6 per month.
      I would hate to imagine what the equivalent cost to get these channels would be on Fuxtel.

  • Great deal ;)

    Bought one of these last week to add to my multiroom setup of a Mighty and 4K Mini, to stream and record FTA from the Mighty to a room with no antenna.

    Don't see the lag mentioned by the poster above - it's not as snappy as the Mighty, but it's definitely usable and fine for a cheap standalone STB/streamer or multiroom box.

  • What is the difference between Chrome cast?

    • This is a TV tuner as well. The mini can pause TV for a short period with a limited recording function. It also has access to streaming and catch-up channels.

  • Been wanting to claim my Fetch Mighty back off my parents, since they don't use the DVR feature.
    This deal makes that possible while keeping things familiar to them. Cheers OP.

  • +3

    Fetch is releasing a next generation Fetch Mighty 4, here's a news review
    Here's another from Ausdroid Fetch TV releases Mighty (M681T Gen 4) personal video recorder and streaming set top box (STB)
    This may explain the price drop for this Refurb Fetch Mini, which BTW seems to be an excellent price.

  • This seems like the cheapest way to get the 2 ESPN channels but you have to jump through hoops to get ESPN on demand since the WatchESPN app isn't available on TVs and this thing can't record. How do I get ESPN on demand without casting from computer?

  • This looks like a good deal!
    Does anyone watch "Knowledge Pack" ? How is the content ? Is it mostly like reality TV now or do they have programming like in good old days ?

    Also, how is "Movie Box for $1.99 per month with 30 pre-selected movies at any time, with one added daily" ? any worthwhile movies ?

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