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Free Gift When You Recycle 100 Aluminium Coffee Pods @ Nespresso


Nespresso invites you to join a new coffee capsule Recycling Rewards scheme. Between now and the end of June, you can claim a free gift when you recycle a full bag of used aluminium coffee capsules at one of our Nespresso Boutiques.
As part of our commitment to creating a sustainable, circular coffee economy, the two-month trial aims to raise awareness of our recycling program and encourage more people to become part of the solution. The results will provide valuable insights into whether incentives have a role to play in encouraging recycling behaviour in the future.

How it works

1) Return a full bag of at least 100 used aluminium coffee capsules of any kind to a Nespresso Boutique before 30 June 2022.

2) Deposit your recycling bag in one of Nespresso’s recycling boxes in store.

3) Scan the QR code and complete the form to register your recycling.

4) Show the registration screen to a member of staff to claim your gift.


  • A sleeve of Nespresso coffee.
  • An A5 Nespresso Notebook made with recycled coffee grounds.
  • A Nespresso beach towel.

You can claim up to one gift each month with eligible returns, while stocks last.


Do my capsules have to be Nespresso capsules?
During the trial, you can return any aluminium coffee capsules to Nespresso Boutiques for recycling.

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  • +1

    Curious to know how they measure “over 100 capsules”. My bag is always sealed when I return it and even I have no idea how many are in there!

    • +2

      Probably rely on the honour system

  • +9

    Oh look, Nestle the evil of all evils pretending to do something for the environment while destroying the environment 10 fold elsewhere to garner public approval and praise…

    Can't believe some people eat this shit up and actually believe half their words in this.

    • +14

      Yeah, I saw the title and my first thought was I hope the free gift is that they let a child slave go.

      • Sounds like one of the lucky children to live

    • +3

      bUT I aM HeLPinG TO sAvE the PlAnEt

    • Given the company’s track record, would not be surprised to find they just throw the pods in the ocean, or grind them up and feed them to orphans.

  • -3

    Nespresso brand only?

    • I see your point. If the bag is sealed, you could have pods from any brand in there.

      • +3

        used aluminium coffee capsules of any kind

        Suggests any brand

    • Do my capsules have to be Nespresso capsules?
      During the trial, you can return any aluminium coffee capsules to Nespresso Boutiques for recycling.

      Why are you recycling non-Nespresso capsules?
      Not all coffee capsule brands offer recycling services like Nespresso does for our customers. During this trial, we want to welcome anyone over the age of 18 in Australia to experience the program and learn about our various recycling channels. We believe this campaign be a force for good whether participants choose to join us in creating a circular economy into the future or it inspires them to find alternative ways to recycle.

      Do you always recycle non-Nespresso capsules?
      Our recycling service is designed to cater for Nespresso customers, so our facility can process all aluminium capsules. We’ve been doing trials as part of the product stewardship to cater to different types of capsules but it is not yet ready.

  • +1

    Saw some info few years back that Woolworths was planning to introduce coffee pod recycling, like they do battery recycling now.

    • Would be a great idea, There a bit slow at introducing it not like there PRICE RISES

  • +1

    Been using Stainless Steel pods from AliExpress for years. Freshly ground and no plastic waste. Highly recommend.

    • Is that coffee or plastic you're drinking?

  • Bloody hell, we just sent over 300 in the last month. That was about 6 months worth.

    Tbh only the coffee I would want, the towel and notebook I have no use for.

  • +1

    Do we select the gift or get given a random? There is no way I am rocking to the beach with a Nespresso branded towel!!

    • +1

      From their site:

      Unfortunately, no. The gifts will change over the course of the trial period and in response to supplies and generally participants won’t have an opportunity to choose their reward.

  • Apart from Nespresso, is there anywhere else in the suburbs we can recycle pods?

  • +2

    Nice idea, but would be even happier if they had pods that didn't use aluminium at all. I used to use pods that are made of biodegradable material (eg Republica) so they can go straight into the normal bin - but for the most part I now use a stainless steel filter on my Aeropress, so the only waste is the coffee grounds themselves that can go straight into the compost bin. So the coffee I get is probably harvested using child slaves and the electricity I use to grind the beans and heat the water is probably created by burning baby elephant seals, but little steps….

    • +1

      Now there's someone who gets it. Only thing to watch for when they say something is biodegradable is over what time period? But your option is far better than recycling coffee pods…. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

      • Yep. The pods like Republica use biodegradable plastics which take maybe two years to decompose, so not suitable for green waste/compost, but fine for normal waste. FWIW Apparently it is estimated it may take non biodegradable pods like aluminium and standard plastic up to 500 years to decompose.

        • It's a shocking thought. It will be interesting to see if these can eventually go to energy from waste - likely they will. Not a great option though but much better than landfilling.

  • Ironic, you hand in your aluminium capsules for recycling and then get rewarded with more useless goodies that will ultimately end up in landfill. I’m sure their sustainability team could have come up with a greener reward than this.

    • Nothing wrong with coffee pods as a reward, since you are obviously already using those. Agree with the towel and the book though. Sounds pointless and wasteful.

  • The real question is what is in it for Nespresso? Probably cause of the raw material cost of metals going back, this way works out cheaper for them.

    • They get to claim they are doing good by the environment - but don't worry, you are paying for these expensive recycling programs through the cost of your pods. Nespresso would be far more environmentally friendly by not selling pods in the first place.

      • People seem to be more concerned about aluminium pods than cans of softdrink/beer. Why is that? I recycle both by the way (and I’m fully aware it would be better if I’d just stick to tap water only).

        • Aluminum cans are economically collected and easily recycled through state bottle deposit schemes or through your commingle recycling bin. Also the can is made of the same material, whereas the pod is a combination of plastic and aluminium (most of them are). Also cans are a safe way to consume in areas outside of the home.

          • @lemmstar: The percentage of cans that go through the refund collection scheme in NSW is still way too low. The system is broken and a farce compared to most places in Europe where you can return and get refunded at your local supermarket. There’s 10x more aluminium in a can of soda than in a coffee pod. Just how it’s ‘safe’ to have your beer in a can, it’s ‘fresh’ to have your coffee sealed in an aluminium pod.

            • @bozbargain: Refund collection scheme percentages are greater than 70%. That's as good as you're gonna get considering that many people prefer the benefits the commingle recycled bin offers, along with the combination of commercial premises. Recycling rates through either of these avenues are very high. If you'd rather return to a shop instead of use self service there's plenty of options for that too. It's far from broken…. Otherwise other states wouldn't be getting on board. As for the aluminium content that one is news to me.

              • @lemmstar: I think it is broken. In NSW they claim it’s 50%, SA is a lot better. Governments needs to make those who sell items with refund schemes (cans, bottles etc) responsible to take the items back and refund on the spot - plenty of evidence from Western Europe that this works well (and has been for 30+ years). Here in my street in inner Sydney, I would say 90% ends up in the yellow bins. If it wasn’t for the bin collectors and their huge bags (often people on very low income), most of this would go through the normal recycling process which I think is unacceptable. A pod consists of 1g of aluminium - a 330ml can 10-12g.

                • @bozbargain: 50% is just not true. Quick research on the exchange for change site shows that in Jan 21 the MRF volumes were 46 million out of a total of 197 million for the month. That puts return rates at 77%. There may have been further participation in the scheme since then. I chose Jan as lockdowns weren't an issue back then. If you had a decentralised system like Europe your collection costs go through the roof, and that's passed on to you the consumer. Your street in inner Sydney is likely an affluent area that places a higher value on convenience. The people diving into your bin is having a minor benefit on recovery rates, as you'll find that MRF's are pretty good these days at recovering plastic. Glass - now that's a different story. There's a huge difference in recovery rates because of glass fines that are unsortable once commingled - these end up in landfill and at best, roads.

  • Great, my nearest Boutique is only 4 hours away!

  • Is there a specific recycling bag you're supposed to use when bringing in used capsules? I had a look at the Nespresso link but couldn't find any info on this.

      • thanks. it looks like we need to visit a Nespresso store and make a purchase to get a recycling bag

        • No, you don't @Magicmagic.

          If you are ordering online you could just add this item to your cart but there is a limit of 2 bags per order.

      • Can we pick one up for free in store?

        • Yes. At the recycling spot.

      • Thanks! Never knew this existed.

      • +1

        I asked for a recycling bag in store and they gave it to me for free.

    • I just put it in a normal plastic bag and they were happy to take it like that.

  • +1

    It's reduce, reuse recycle. Recycling coffee pods is literally the last option before landfilling. A machine that grinds beans or accepts ground is by far a better option. The recycling cost and carbon footprint to get such a specific stream of waste recycled is significant.

  • +1

    The beach towel is more like a really really big tea towel, but free is free.

    I might just get the free sleeve of pods next time.

    Thanks OP. Never knew this existed!

    • You will have another 100 to recycle before the end of next month?

      I was only offered a notebook or sleeve when I went the other day.

      • +1

        Yeah, should do. I was collecting them in empty ice cream containers and recycling them anyways, so already have a head start. Plus it sounded like they planned on extending the promo.

        Plenty of “beach towels” at the Westfield Marion Nescafé Store in SA.

  • Only managed to get about 60 coffee pods and thought today is the last day for the promo, took what I had to Nespresso store but no luck for the gifts :(

    Oh well, I should recycle them regardless of gifts anyway.

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