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Samsung Evo Plus 64GB Micro SD Card 2021 $19 ($9 after Join JB Hi-Fi Perks) C&C Only @ JB Hi-Fi


Hi guys, this is my first OZB post, if I got something wrong please don’t kill me ;)

After seeing this
Which is the free $10 Voucher when joining JB perks, I found out that Samsung Evo Plus 64GB 2021 Micro SD Card can be reduced to $9 for Click and Collect, and I think it is a bargain.

To achieve $9, you need to

  1. Go to https://www.jbhifi.com.au/pages/perks
    Join and get $10 voucher, which you can find it in your email (bin, spam, promotion)

  2. Copy the $10 voucher code and go to payment

  3. Select Click and Collect

  4. Wait for email and sms

Thank you OZB community, I hope this post can help ;)

Join JB Hi-Fi Perks and Get $10 Voucher (Valid for 28 Days) @ JB Hi-Fi

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    It’s $12 next day delivered on amazon. Rather pay the $3 than have to stop by a jb

    I suppose the real deal would be to get jb to price match down to $12 then use the voucher.

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      Wow that is good, tomorrow I will try to go in store to see if they can price match and sell me for $2 ;)

      • Keep us updated!

    • no prime

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    spent 9 for a sandisk 32G yesterday from amazon, unable to cancel after i got the 10 voucher, guess i will need to find something else from JB

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    I will try to go to JB tomorrow to price match the Amazon $12 Deal, then use the $10 voucher to see if I can get the Samsung Evo Plus 64GB Micro SD Card for $2 guys ;)

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      and pay with 20% off jb gift card if you have some left. LOL

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        Oh damn, almost forget to get a discount on my $2 ;), thanks bro

  • spent 20 for a same series 128G in centercom last weekend.

    • That’s pretty cool, at this stage, $9 64GB is not bad right? ;)

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        Except once you actually run some benchmark tests, you will realise why 64GB Sandisk Ultra and Samsung Evo Plus cards are generally priced competitively, compared to 128GB. The write performance isn't that good.

        I know because I have too many 64GB micro-SD and SD cards.

        • evo+ 64gb actually has u1 and u3 variants

          • @phunkydude: I know and this one is U1, so doesn't that match what I was pointing out? U1 and at this price, you know it is not going to have good write speed. Anyway, both Samsung and Sandisk are doing the same thing. So many times, the dirt cheap 64GB sd/microSD card deals posted here have disappointing write results. The 128GB ones tend not to be this bad. Basically, I think the 64GB low cost sd cards cannot take full advantage of the flash controller inside.

            JB isn't really the place you go to get microSD cards.

      • Oh, I didn't see the $10 voucher…

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        very decent and great brand

  • OK, was asking about an SD card from Amazon, was trying to work out which card had better performance.. I cant keep the codes straight


  • do you have to provide real phone number?

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      Yes you need to enter the 4-digit code they send to verify your number

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    Now to put this in my latest Samsung phone… Oh wait

    • Sucks right? I guess have to go with the non flagship A models

  • Thanks for sharing OP.

    Can anyone advise if this will be fine for a Nintendo Switch Lite?

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    Just called JB HIFI and price match with Bing Lee. Only paid 2 Dollars. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Thanks OP. Bought one for $2.

  • Thanks. Just bought one for $2.

  • can one show them the binglee and amazon price when picking up the click collect and ask for refund of the difference or would that forfeit the voucher?

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    Yes I was able to price match with Amazon @12 and use the voucher make the price down to $2 which is a fantastic deal! All done in-store by a super nice Gal and her manager.

    • Same here. Price match with Amazon $12.

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        How come they told me can’t price match with Amazon, they want physical store. Fortunately binglee also same price

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    Thanks ozb, this is my first bargain for $2 !

  • Price match with JB Hi-Fi, Thanks

  • Good for dashcam?

  • $2 bargain
    Feels fresh like early 2010s Ozbargain

  • Thanks got it for $2 dollars, it will be servicing my TAPO camera yay

  • they told me can’t price match with Amazon, they want physical store. unFortunately binglee was too far so they would only accept it if shipping was added

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