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Ozito 254mm 18V Cordless Chainsaw Kit $67 (RRP $135) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Bunnings PowerPass App


Not as good as another deal that comes with 18V 4.0ah battery

But for someone who simply need a cordless chainsaw, still pretty good price

It comes with 1.5ah battery but it’s not compatible with PXC product line

The Bunnings website is not available for this product (ocs-018) but it’s available in PowerPass app

Just went to Ringwood store and able to grab one on the shelf
[Note: Store is also showing as $67 as ticket price without PowerPass)

Below is the spec:

  • 254mm bar and chain
  • Compact and light weight
  • Safety chain brake
  • Automatic chain oiling
  • Oil level window

The Ozito OCS-018 Cordless chainsaw is ideal for trimming branches, felling small to medium size trees up to 200mm (8") diameter, cutting small logs and sawn timber.

The 18V battery featuring Lithium Ion technology provides cordless convenience and eliminates the need for long extension cords. You always know when it's ready to use with the battery LED state of charge indicator.

Safety features include a chain brake that will engage in the event of kickback and bucking spikes which assist with the cutting action and help reduces the possibility of kickback.

Automatic chain oiling keeps both the bar and chain lubricated, this reduces the level of friction and helps prolong the life of the tool.

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  • +2

    Any 18V chainsaw is going to be pathetic in terms of power. Go 36V if you want something on par with a petrol one.

    • -1

      I am legit scared of low powered chainsaws, who's to say it might catch onto a hard part due to that low rpm and rip out of your hands.

      Of course, keep a good grip to prevent that, but the fear of it catching that first time, ill never touch that again.

      • +5

        Really, having a good grip & stance was never a replacement for proper PPE like a helmet, chainsaw chaps/pants. Using a higher powered saw doesn't necessarily reduce your risk of injury, if anything a power chainsaw will cut through your legs faster

        Kickback on a 18V chainsaw isn't as horrible as you'd expect it to be, yes the chain speed is like 1/3 of a petrol saw, but the 18V motor doesn't have much torque compared to a petrol or 36V saw either.

    • +2

      Still beats using a handsaw or 18V recip saw anyday.

      I doubt anyone in the market for a $70 chainsaw is expecting to fell a tree with it

      • sounds like a challenge!

    • They are no where near what a petrol chainsaw does - but they have their uses. I don't think anyone is buying a $67 battery chainsaw and expecting it to be on par with a petrol one.

      I've used both Ryobi 18V and Milwaukee 18V chainsaws when camping, and they were both good enough to cut hefty pieces of wood for a large group, in cases where a recip wouldn't be sufficient.

      Dunno how good this would be, but for $67 it's probably a pretty good buy if all you need to do is prune tree limbs or thin trees.

    • The 18v milwaukee is one of the best electric chainsaws on the market, out performs many of the higher voltage units

  • +1

    For the environmentally friendly Jason Voorhees in you

    • +1

      You mean Freddy

    • +1

      Next Friday!!

      • +1

        excellent. I was looking for one for next friday

        • frugal freddy
        • Freddy vs Jason (OzBargain Bunnings Edition)

  • +1

    I'd say this is aimed at pruning branches not cutting down trees.

  • is the battery compatible with the PXC gear?

    • +4

      I think this is already covered. No.

  • -1

    Welfare Edition 👌

  • Could this be used as an effective brush cutter? I cannot find any battery-powered brush cutters. A line-feed battery whipper snipper doesn't cut it for me.

    • +1

      Your line was too thin.

  • 18v at 1.5ah, maybe a few thin branches if you are lucky.

  • I can no longer work a set of manual loppers or even a saw for that long, so I'm hoping this would be good for trimming trees - not cutting through trunks or logs but reasonably sized branches etc.

  • +2

    I recently borrowed one of these to deal with a hedge (branches all under 15cm). I had reaaaally low expectations when i saw the 1.5ah battery and that it wasn't even part of the PXC range, but was actually pleasantly surprised with it.

    Its not a great chainsaw, but it IS an absolutely fantastic $67 chainsaw. If you need to fell 'real' trees, i'd look at getting at least a 36v battery or petrol one, but for tidying up smaller branches and softer woods its actually a pretty handy thing to have lying around. Considerably faster than a recip saw and quickly muched stuff i couldn't get a big set of loppers around.

    • If your hedge has branches anywhere close to 15cm I suggest you invest in a radiation suit and be on the lookout for 2m tall ants.

      • Was multiple oleander trees that had been there for about 30 years and somehow shaped into a square hedge. It was basically all wood with a single layer of leaves…. Horrible thing. The base of each one was 4 or so main 15ish cm branches, then about 4000 smaller ones in all directions coming from that.

        It was a hedge that never should have been a hedge, but there was a reason i got that far in with loppers and a recip then borrowed a 'chainsaw'

        • Crikey! Horrible thing indeed. You have my apologies, and deepest sympathy!

          • @timwog: I probably should have said 'trees shaped into a hedge'. The word hedge tends to make you think of spindly little twigs and foliage (and actually nice looking). I wish it was that!

    • I have a 30cm demolition blade on my recip when in the garden. Goes through pretty much anything with ease. The blade it came with wasnt great though.

  • Good for 10 mins, has zero balls
    If you only want to cut logs 10cm wide maybe ok but waste otherwise

  • "I've used both Ryobi 18V and Milwaukee 18V chainsaws when camping, and they were both good enough to cut hefty pieces of wood for a large group"

    I second that comment, and add that I have an Ozito 18V PXC version non brushless chainsaw and I also cut dry hard firewood for camping with it with no issues. I used to carry a mighty Husqvana 140S I paid very good money for, but now I don't. That gets used for felling trees and reducing them.

    The trick with battery chainsaws is keep the blade sharp, do not push hard while cutting, let the teeth cut at the rate where the motor does not bog down (much like a petrol one) and buy the biggest Ah pack designed to fit (more Ah = more peak Amps too with Lithium).

    I would not buy this one above because it come with a bare minimum size battery, buy the PXC version and a 4Ah pack and be happy. Buy a brushless version and a 6Ah pack and be ready for the Zombie apocalypse !

  • maybe good enough for one midget zombie

    • +1

      You can mod it to fit a Switch joy con to play Zombie Army 4.

  • No stock in WA unfortunately.

  • i picked one up before reading the comments. the staff told me it's pretty shit and i need oil to use it otherwise it won't cut through anything. They were out of stock of oil and said i can just use vegetable oil. Can anyone comment if i really need the oil to cut through 10-15cm branches?

    • Oil lubs the chain and I've used canola oil.

  • I bought similar one from SCA for $50. They should still have some stock

  • Thanks op..Got the last one available at marsden park bunnings today

  • Oh god even this one sold out?

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