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(Dead) Diablo III Collector's Edition at JB Hi-Fi up Again for $137 Inc Postage


This one is sure to run out SUPER FAST so u guys know what to do ;)

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    So there is a sequel to Diablo 2 coming out huh? Hadn't heard about it.

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      Yeah, clearly there hasn't been enough deals posted. While I'm at it, maybe we could get solid state hard drives and iPhone apps?

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    +1 for your name alone.


    "* Release date delivery not guaranteed" add this in your post.

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    I preordered mine on 25th of April got e-mail yesterday.
    Should get it on release date

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for pre ordering Diablo 3 from JB Hi-Fi Online.

    Below is a short overview on our goal to have your order delivered on Tuesday, May 15th.

    In an aim to have your order delivered on release all orders will be dispatched from our online warehouse Monday, May 14th via Toll Couriers overnight service. Your order will require a signature on delivery at your nominated delivery address via this service.

    If delivery is attempted and unsuccessful, you will be left a calling card by Toll with instructions on how to arrange a new delivery, or collect from your local depot.

    Please note that while we are sending all orders on an express service, regional addresses may require an additional business day for delivery.

    Additionally, while the official release date for Diablo 3 is 9am Tuesday, May 15th, the Diablo 3 game servers will go live at;

    · New Zealand Standard Time: 7:00 PM

    · Australian Eastern Standard Time: 5:00 PM

    · Australian Central Standard Time: 4:30 PM

    · Australian Western Standard Time: 3:00 PM

    May 15th. This coincides with Blizzards worldwide release schedule.

    Kind regards,

    Karin | JB Hi-Fi Online Customer Service Officer
    JB Hi-Fi Group Pty Ltd


    Thanks, just realised that I had $100 worth of gift cards from chrissy presents, thought I might lash out :D


    Dang, placed an order for one, if it takes too long i might just cancel it. Anyone have any idea when they will send these out?


    So how much would one of these, unopened and in new condition, be worth in 1-2 years time?


      Dude, you can still buy SC2 Limited Editions for as low as $120 (probably less on Ebay): http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B002I0JMB8/ref=dp_olp...

      You're not going to be making a profit on this, at least not in your 20's.


        I sold my SC2 LE for $220 in the week after release. Decided I no longer wanted it so offloaded it. I imagine you may be better off just selling it straight away when those that really want it still are looking to buy the game. Unless you luck out and the price goes up dramatically, I doubt you'd make enough money to make it worth the effort.

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    It will worth $20 in two years, max.

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      I'm still shocked at how much the Diablo 2 Battle-Chest editions go for in most stores.


        Don't sell in 2 years or whatever. Currently going for $250-300 on ebay, if anything list your extra copy now.


    Sold out online.


    I'd say around $150

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    Be quick guys! Only 5 million more Collector's Edition left! *(In Australia, today, not including stock that will be arriving tomorrow or stock that arrives by plane or stock we have buried in select ICBM-resistant bunkers around Australia for emergencies and relief efforts; which if added to existing total equals roughly enough Collector's Editions to be seen from the Moon with the naked eye.)


    Must because I cancelled my order yesterday LOL

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