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Samsung Jet Clean Station White $69.97 Delivered (RRP $299) @ Costco Online (Membership Required)


The Samsung Jet Clean Station is the ideal solution to help you easily dispose of vacuum cleaner waste.

It has an easy to empty dustbin, a five layered HEPA filtration system, air pulse technology, and a locking mechanism.

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    Technology that bring you back to age of bagged vacuum cleaners

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      ….with added cost and effort


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    what does this do please :)

  • Can it be used along with Dyson V15?

    • Yeah, wondering if it can be used with the lg Kompressor too

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    So… empty vacuum cleaner waste into this bin, then empty waste from this bin into another bin?…right…

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      I still don't understand the point of this. A vacuum cleaner for your vacuum cleaner? Will they make a jet stream station for your jet stream station next; is it jet stream stations all the way down?

  • Not sure why this RRP is for $299, it's worth $69 RRP at best.

  • +3

    I'm incredibly conflicted about this product, as a concept.

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    I though this was the steaming cabinet for clothes.

  • I feel offended

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    I thought finally, a simple way to clean my jet.

  • Not worth the realestate cost of placing this station

  • This seems to suck more than most vacuum cleaners

  • +3

    you have to buy bags for it. We've come full circle

  • I have a red council bin outside, do I need this ? 😂

  • If your this environmentally conscious, you can empty the dust from the vacuum into a worm farm.

  • We got one of these for 'free' with the inflated cost of our Jet 90.

    I actually like it. It really does minimise your exposure to dust compared to the opening and emptying the bin which sprays it everywhere.

    It's also satisfying thunking the bin into it and hearing it spin up and suck everything out. Removing and disposing of bags seems very well engineered.

    The 'buy bags' part of it is very shitty, though we've had ours for a year and only have filled one bag. That might be more of a indicator we don't vacuum enough though!

    Would I recommended it at $299? (profanity) no.
    For $69? Well, depends on your penchant for novelty and / or dust exposure. It's nice but to have to go outside to empty the bin each time.

  • Why do you buy the ink cartridge first and then buy the printer later?

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