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Sony 85" Bravia KD85X85J 4K HDR Smart TV $3299 in-Store @ Costco (Membership Required)


freddofrog42 mentioned yesterday that the KD85X85J is down to $3299 at his local Costco, I went down to my lcoal Costco this morning and found the same price. Seems to be lowest so far for this TV and a national deal.

I also managed to get Sony to price match last night but that's after submitting 3 requests with two of them being rejected so its probably down to the representative that's reviewing it. I placed the order with Sony online as they have free delivery.

Edit: Forgot to mention that if you are lucky enough to get Sony to price match then you get 1.75% cashback through ShopBack which equates to another A$52.48 off.

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    not very up to date with TV's. Is this better or something along the lines of Hisense that's OLED or QLED? Couldn't care less about smartness as I use a shield.

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      Excuse the pun but you have to look at the whole picture. This is neither an OLED nor a QLED but it does have 2 x HDMI 2.1 ports that do 120fps and it just received a VRR update.
      According to rtings its the best in its class for this size and at this price it was an easy call for me.

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        sure but thats alot of TV for that price of a main stream brand! bloody hell!

      • Sony LED TV’s use Triluminos displays. That is a QLED TV, Samsung just branded their display QLED.

        It’s just marketing.

        The X85 is a Triluminos display, which is a Quantum Dot display.

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      It's only the 8 series with the matte screen that lacks deep blacks and colours that the 9 series does, I personally wouldn't get one would go a 75" higher model over size

      • With the size of my theater room (5m from wall to wall) I had to go with an 85" otherwise I would of done just what you said and gotten a higher specced 75".

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          Of course well still for a movie room its still going to be fantastic !! Hope you have a good sound system too :)

        • Wouldn't the Hisense Laser TV be better for your theatre room?

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            @neezy: I considered it but it's more expensive and doesn't support any hdmi2.1 features.

            • @RossiBG: Ah ok, dam, I thought HDMI 2.1 was just for gaming 😅 what 85" did u end up getting?

              • @neezy: the Sony 85X85J which I posted about… it says so in the post. :-)

                • @RossiBG: yeah, thought so, just confirming 😅 I think I got confused with another thread, lol

                  so you game in the theater room? or is HDMI 2.1 for future proofing?

                  I did a quick search found stuff on HDMI 2.1 features vs HMDI 2.1 inputs…
                  then this beauty that just fukd my brain, lol https://youtu.be/qU9g9BO3q4w

                  Objective for me is to determine how important HDMI 2.1 is really
                  Context I'll have a LG OLED and Hisense L9G (does it matter that it's missing on the Hisense?)

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      This is the model without local dimming. Next step up is the x90j which is a FALD screening giving you nice deep blacks closed to the levels of a OLED and QLED

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        I own x90j and old LG OLED and the black on Sony is nowhere near as LG's.

        • It never will be. They a different technologies, but the QD-OLED is now the new best available tech that brings back that brightness from a QLED panel that OLED still lacked

          • @Dezeption: FYI for those that don't know:

            Full Array LED is better than Edge Lit LED (which section the light is coming from)
            Mini LED is better than LED (how many LEDs fit in a space)
            QLED is better than LED (extra layer to provide more pure and saturated colors)
            I wouldn't say JUST ONE of these features leads to deeper blacks, they are all important.

            OLED as you mentioned, is diff tech, and I would say does equal deeper blacks, as the individual LED can be turned off = black (so not sure why you put OLED and QLED in the same sentence in regards to blacks originally)

            Local Dimming means that you can dim specific areas, but it seems that the X85J has better Contrast & Black Uniformity than the X90J on rtings.com. it's ironic IF this feature actually leads to more blooming, lol

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    Forgot to mention that if you are lucky enough to get Sony to price match then you get 1.75% cashback through ShopBack which equates to another A$52.48 off.

    CR has 7% cash back right now, which equates $200ish.

    • Damn, that's an even better deal if you can get it through Sony's online store. I'll have to be happy with my 1.75% SB and free delivery.

  • So confused as to what my best option is for a new TV. Still have our 11 year old 60" LG Plasma but keen to replace with something bigger. Want something that will likely be a little bit future proof (need hdmi 2.1?) Keep going back and forth in my mind with all the regular big screen options I see on ozbargain. It's a very bright room during the day and couch position and long room means lots of different viewing angles. Not really fussed about the smart options as Apple TV serves that purpose for us. Thought the LG OLED was the better long term choice but not sure if its the best for daytime viewing. Any thoughts from the ozb experts?

    • The C2s out now do have improved brightness I have a 77C1 with a window and blinds behind it, I don't really do much day time viewing except sometimes on the weekend, but I have a profile for day time viewing and also close the blinds and it's fine, I had a high end Samsung 65KS8000 and it had similar reflections so nothing is perfect

    • Our LG C series TVs have good viewing angles. You might want to go to a store and try from a few positions. A bright room is fine. The only real issue, we have, is a reflection of the curtain from the window behind our couch. The screen is bright enough to watch but you can get a “ripple” reflection effect.

    • Watch some videos on youtube about reflections, I would not get an oled if its in bright room.

  • Cheap for a reason. Blacks (contrast ratio) are the most important aspect of picture quality, so settle for at least FALD if you can't get OLED

    • +1

      Thankfully OEMs don't think in B&W, and offer products at all price ranges. This is bang-for-buck 85" king. The target audience isn't looking for just one aspect.

      • Na bud, maybe ok for 55inch, but at 85inch the flaws would be glaring

        • Nope. And I know, cos I have one. 55 is too small for serious viewers, unless you’re in a small room.

  • Be careful of cashback through Sony on a price match. I had to go through hell after they kept declining it with cashrewards. I eventually got it after months of emails, but was worth the hassle as it was worth about $300.

    • They didn't price match for me…

  • +1

    You get what you pay for. Sony are like Toyota they do what they are suppose do with the specs they have.
    Ive had the the 'D version for years in 75" and upgraded to the/this 'J' 85" version six months ago. Never had issues. The new Google operating system is way better than the Android.
    Paid $3250 from Binglee when they had a 10% sale and Im happy with it. Is there better spec Tv's, of course. But at this price point its a good deal.
    When they bail on them when the new model comes out each year they got down to about $2,850- 3Kish and quickly get snapped up.

        • +1

          Show me where to get an 85" LG OLED for $3299?! hell I'll even settle for the 83"… no wait 77"?

          • @RossiBG: Guessing they own the latest electric vehicle, and live in an 8+ star home.

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    Make sure you record the unboxing in case this happens https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/698498

    • Was just about to make the same comment

  • Does this have hdmi 2.1 and 120hz?

  • If you don't mind taking a chance at Sony Seconds, Sony KD85X9000H (Seconds^) 85" Full Array $2184 delivered! using one of the 5% off codes.
    Selling surprisingly much less than their own Sony KD85X85J (Seconds^) 85".

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