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Free Burrito (Credit Worth $11.90 - $12.90) @ Guzman Y Gomez via App (New Users Only)


The exciting Sign-up Burrito at Guzman Y Gomez is now back to the Full Burrito (or any other item, with a credit of $ 11.90 to $ 12.90). This was down to a Mini Burrito in the recent past but can confirm it is back to the Main Burrito now.

The Free Burrito may be claimed within 6 months of signing up.


  • They save the Phone Mac or some Device ID so you cant use the same device if you've already used it to claim the Free Burrito in the past.
  • Requires SMS Text verification with an Australia Mobile Number to get the Free Burrito credit.

Referral Links

Referral: random (105)

Referrer receives 100 GOMEX points after referee made a purchase.

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  • +2

    After signing up how long do we have to buy the burrito?

    • +3

      6 months.
      Updated in Description as well.

  • +23

    Yeah just a heads up, I believe they reset the device ID after the new app update. I’ve reused all my family’s numbers and phones for the mini burrito and now the full burrito again

    • +1

      How do you reuse the numbers? So let's say I already have a account with GYG with my phone number. How do I resuse the same number in the new app?

      • It got super finicky, with some new accounts not working, but I'd just not log into the 'old' account on the new app and make a new one account using the same number and same phone, then try and repeat using family members' details and phones.
        Couldn't really figure out the specifics because sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't.

  • +4

    There is a Refer-A-Friend link within the GYG account. I wonder if we would be able to have a random referral link setup by OzBargain for GYG??
    I only just made a GYG account, would have been cool to use someone's referral and get them some points.

    • +1

      Good idea.

    • +1

      Yeah I was waiting for it to work properly before messaging the mods.
      If you generate the link to share it doesn’t fill in the link and just has “null” at the end (at least on mine and my partners iPhone)

      • Would be awesome if you could hit-up the mods with that message, yeah.
        I've just logged-in on computer, went to refer-a-friend, hit copy for the link and it pasted exactly as it appears in account. All good here via that route. Haven't tried via app (android).

        • +1

          It’s been added to the referral system if someone wants to post :)

          • @AusNugz: Nice one! Thank you.

          • @AusNugz: Has anyone managed to earn any GomexGYG points yet? I wonder if the referee just purchases the 'Free Burrito' does it qualify for the referrer to get the 100 Gomex points?

            From the Refer-A-Friend page on Gomex login:

            Once your friend signs up and makes a purchase you'll earn 100 Gomex Points

            From the full Terms and Conditions:

            7.4 From time to time, we may offer a ‘refer a friend’ promotion (Referral Promotion). We may (at our discretion) grant bonus GOMEX Points to you and a Referred Customer if:

            (a) you have a User Account; and

            (b) you refer a friend (Referred Customer) who registers a User Account and makes a purchase from GYG online or instore.

            The Referral Promotion applies once per Referred Customer. We may withhold bonus GOMEX Points from being granted for any reason including suspicion of fraudulent activity. We reserve the right to cease the Referral Promotion at any time without notice.

            • @djoz: I have received 100 points, someone must have signed-up via the referral link on this page, and mine was randomnised in.

              And cheers OP.

          • @AusNugz: Can now totally confirm it works, got 100GYGs via referral.

            • @Tenzin: what can 100 GYGs get?

              • +2

                @Jason Genova: Well, the App says once you reach 150 GYG Points, u may redeem it for GYG$ 10 and use it for purchases.

                Each time to convert your GYG Points to GYG$, you need a minimum of 150 GYG Points.

  • +2

    Never tried GyG before. But the lure of a free burrito is strong. Where should I set my taste-buds' expectations in a range of 1-10?

    • +8

      7.5 which is a pretty good score

      • +3

        Accurate. Better than Zambreros in my opinion.

        • Depends what getting, the vege Zamberos seems fresher and cleaner, and double beans, Double rice (think guac included for free too). Just seem like better value/bigger.

          I've heard both places cook/reheat meat differently.

      • +1

        About a 6, where Zammy B's is about an 8.5, in my opinion. So make of that what you will. Potentially I just haven't figured out a good burrito order at GyG yet.

        • +1

          Spicy chicken with guac is my go-to

    • -5

      About a 3-5 out of 10 range. Edible, but below average. I wouldn't pay for one thats for sure.

    • +4

      Its pretty hit and miss..
      Sometimes you get a heaps tasty burrito with lots of fillings..
      and then sometimes you get a dry burrito that half rice.

      • +9

        Have to agree to this. Depends on who you get at the store — an Amigo or NOT one.

  • awesome i was able to sign up with my old acc details and get the freebie

  • Lmao memories of the legacy Guzman app to game it for free food.

  • +2

    I signed up but no credit yet, any issues for anyone else?

    • It shows as a banner on your account page (under the heading My Gomex Rewards), rather than as a points credit. Bit confusing.

    • It's showing in mine as a free burrito (clickable tab), not as a $$ credit in Rewards that can be used on other items.

    • I've used same number but different email but nothing yet

      • +2

        Think it knows from same number or detects your imei

      • Just use a new email. Confirm that the promo banner shows in the app.

        Can't recall if I've had the app on this phone but have used the app in the past.

  • Downloaded the app, says

    Join GOMEX today
    1 Free Burrito ($9.90 credit in cart)

    • Is this the junior burrito price?

      • Doesn't say anything about junior. I guess you can use it on any burrito. But not sure how OP got the 11.90/12.90 credit.

        • Was $11.9 credit when i tried

          • @Rain Cloud: Something's wrong, I am signing up for the first time ever and didn't see any credit after signing in.

            • @IpGem: Did you try to place an order? You can apply the credit on ordering. It took $11.9 off the order when i tried (didnt actually put it through, just the step before)

    • +2

      The price for a Regular Burrito is $9.90 at some stores, $11.90 at some others (within the same state) and also $12.90 at a few other states.

      Thus, irrespective of the price it shows you in App, you get Credit worth a Full Regular Burrito priced at that store.

      • Makes sense ty

      • +1

        I'd love to apply the $12.90 burrito credit from Store X, back out, and then buy a $9.90 burrito from Store Y.

        • True OzBargainer ☺️

        • New level of tight and effort..
          Willing to travel to different states lol?

  • Used a new email and old phone number. Old email with same number didnt work for signing up again.

    • Same for me, didn't work

  • +1

    I get a message “oops something went wrong” after pressing register

    • +1

      Got that a new times until i used another email

  • +1

    Thanks👍 Free Burrito showing in App🌯

  • +1

    Just a heads up. Local still offer the $10 mini chicken burrito meal deal just have to ask. Pretty good value.

    • +2

      Doesn't get close to filling me up.

  • +1

    It’s a free burrito in app.

    Not credit.

    Thanks poster

    • Pretty sure it’s actually credit! Used mine on a Cali burrito and paid the difference. Friend used it on nacho fries and paid the difference.
      Think it automatically links you to a burrito order clicking on the deal, but ordering something else gives you the option usually at checkout to redeem credit.

  • Tried to sign up for my mum after I signed up but she didn't get the free burrito.

    • +4

      Mother's Day present ruined :(

      • My mum can claim Red Royalty free fried chicken though even though she has no driver's license.

  • Any other free sign up food deals?

      • Thanks mate, Another one I know is a free Crust pizza for your birthday, but I think they changed it so you have to have purchased at least one pizza in the year prior.

        • +8

          If you're looking for Birthday deals then there's a host of deals, some nationwide and some state specific. Many of them are very good deals.

          Eg: Free Meal at Taco Bell, Free Gyoza and Drink at Motto Motto, Free Ramen at Hatakaya Ramen, Free Drink at Donut King, Free coffee at Coffee Club, etc.

          Some require purchase prior to your birthday such as: Free $15 voucher at Nando's, Free Churros for Two at San Churros, Free burrito at Salsas, etc.

          Check out the full list here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/wiki/list_of_birthday_deals

      • +1

        Wow missed that one, nice

        • +1

          Not late yet. Grab it now.

  • Might have reset for others but not for me (iOS, previously claimed signup burrito ages ago)

  • Does anyone know how to redeem GYG dollars? I’ve accrued $10.00 GYG dollars over time but have no idea on how to actually redeem it.

    • +2

      From memory if you redeem in person you can purchase something that costs more and pay the difference, but if on app it has to cover the whole order. Dont know if it has changed now though.

      • +1

        Yes you right if you have $10 have to go into the store.

        • +1

          Ok thanks, will do! 🌯

  • Email verification link has expired. Not sure how important it is, but does anyone know how to force a re-send?

    • Perhaps "change" your email address within your account (?). Would probably send a verification email to "new" address (which isn't really new, but you know what I mean)

  • +1

    No burrito for me 😕

  • +14

    Mexican food in Australia feels so overly expensive and crap quality after visiting restaurants/fast food Mexican chains in the USA.

    • +2

      not that i disagree but you can say that for pretty much every cuisine. Our hospo labour cost is significantly higher than most of the world.

      • A lot of restaurants don't pay well and a lot underpay or even pay below minimum wage and still charge a huge price. It has more to do with Aussies ready to splurge money on food irrespective of what the restaurants prices the food.

      • Yeah everything is expensive if eating out.. at least Mexican is one of the better and healthier options.

        All relative, cars are a lot cheaper in the US too .

    • +2

      Agree, but that's a very tough benchmark considering the geographic factors.

      Our equivalent is probably Thai restaurants - not cheap here (of course), but I feel like we punch above our weight for Thai food based on all my travels.

      • +1

        Definitely agree that Thai is probably the best percentage wise for quality food. Some are really amazing but nobody even mentions Thai.

  • How to claim ?? Cant see anything on app to claim

  • -1

    I wonder if you can spoof the device ID on an Android phone with an app like APK cloner

    I used to do this all the time with Express VPN, I just don’t use an Android phone anymore!

    • What's the benefit in doing that for something like Express VPN?

      • +1

        Unlimited 7 day free trial haha

  • +5

    I want to know the story why they removed barramundi from the menu.
    It was the best protein they had.

    • I want to know the story why they removed barramundi from the menu.


    • Right?! Barramundi bowl was really good!

  • +1

    Only gave me a Free Mini Burrito, barely worth it..

  • Apparently the highpoint store is closed for some reason. Does anyone know why?

  • I can't get past inputting the verification Code.No 'Enter' button!

  • -1

    Claimed my main burrito, deleted my account 😂

    • Was it a junior or senior burrito?

      • +1

        Senior. Worth 12.90

        • What did you choose, and a rating out of 10.

          • +2

            @Charlie Dont Surf: 7/10 beef burrito with chipotle mayo and no guac. Can't complain. But for the 150 dollar spend to get ten dollars off in their rewards program, no thanks.

            Especially when a meal can cost nearly 20 bucks on its own. Sticking to Macca's rewards program

  • Aww yeah baby, breakfast sorted! I've never tried their food but their app actually works, unlike Hungry Jacks.

  • use app cloner, dont need to reset phone

    • Based on email isn't it
      Still got 91 pts form ages ago but quicker to make a new account ;)

      One referral per account?

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