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Vornado VMH300 Heater $299 + Free Vornado 560 Air Circulator Delivered @ Vornado


Mother's Day sale at Vornado, good deal I think

This is part of Mother's Day deals for 2022.

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  • Good deal - practically a free 560

    • +3

      The heater is $199 on Amazon (oos) and eBay.

      Good for 28 degrees price match.

      • The 560 has been as low as $102.53 on Amazon too. Still if you are in the market for both it still seems like a good deal.

        • Does it often go that low? $102.53 for two vornado fans is a good deal. (w/28)

          • +5

            @Nalar: Nah, camels history looks like the Mariana trench. Just the one time back in June 2021.

      • Would they ask for a receipt to check? They may not accept X + free item at A to be matched to X at B

        • Ive never need asked for receipt. It'll just be the first item your matching.

          • @Nalar: You can try your luck, but based on their policy they will not honour this claim.

            What isn’t covered?
            Price Protection does not cover a lower price offered as part of a special deal involving other items or benefits.
            so matching item A+free B to discounted A is no go.

            It's written near the end of second page in this pdf file.

          • @Nalar: The problem would be the free item would be under the same line item as the main item. Anyway, I don’t think they’d ask for a receipt at this price point.

      • +4

        Oi how good is OG 28 degrees.

        Maybe this is the best thing that came out of ozbargain for me tbh. Close 2nd is the 250 Bunnings drone gc lol

        • +1

          How close are you to lifetime limit?

          • @Nalar: Approx 1/2 at least

            Is there a way to check

          • @Nalar: There’s a lifetime limit?

            • +1

              @node modules: The maximum policy benefit we’ll pay is $20,000. That means you can make multiple claims during the period you are insured, but the maximum
              total we will pay across all of those claims is $20,000

        • I see people raving about 28 degrees credit card on here but never looked into it. Are they still available?

  • Any ideas if the heater is solid state switching so I can use with smarthome power point?

    • Yes for VMH300

    • +1

      would also like to know. pretty expensive for a heater with no remote, but if it can resume previous operation state with smart plug, would be OK.

      only 1500W so shouldn't blow the smart plugs I'm guessing?

      • vmh350 on sale for $250 on ebay / amazon and comes with a remote

      • 1500w at 240v is just over 6amps. Should be fine with smart plugs rated 10amp or more.

  • +12

    I have one. It’s okay.

    Probably 20% better than $29 Kmart heater honestly

    Does a better job circulating the heat so the room doesn’t get uncomfortably dry (ie can use lower heat setting). But same outcome can be achieved from putting the unit closer to you.

    Best to heat a 3x4 bedroom. Won’t effectively heat anything larger


    • hm that's disappointing. Do you place it at floor level, or on a cabinet or similar?

      • +13

        I placed it on the floor

        Bought it because I though it would be safer for a child because it’s enclosed. Which it is, but it isn’t. Grill still gets hot - makes sense since it’s metal

        I wasn’t overwhelmed or underwhelmed. I’d give it a 6/10 total score. Probably let down by value. If I could price it, I’d say it’s worth $150-200

        • +4

          Righto thanks. Saved me $299

    • Is this unit noisy?

    • I agree with this comment. Bought one last year and returned it when my decade old oil heater did a better job of heating a 3x5m room.

  • +5

    I have this; it can heat & circulate; essentially 2 in 1 and cheaper. Pretty happy with the product.

    • +1

      Thanks, bought the pedestal version

      • where did you buy from?

        • EBay KG electronic, I can see it on special now. I paid ~$240

          • @WhiteElephant: Did you not use code PMAY17?

            Brings price down to approx $216 from 247deals.

            or KG has an ex-demo now listed for $181.77 delivered

            • @andresampras: Thanks, I bought it a few months ago. It wasn't on special :(

              • +1

                @WhiteElephant: ah ok.

                Thanks for the heads up, I'd never heard of a pedestal fan heater until yesterday.

                Now that I think about it - I'm a fan of my Dimplex appliances, so far - ceramic heater and dehumidifier.
                Will prob end up getting one of your heater/circulators

  • I got this as was in the market for both. I figure this saved me like $50? Free shipping too. Could have waited out, but coming into an especially chilly winter I didn't want to chance it.

    The fan I think is a luxury but as far as I can tell it really has a good "buy it for life aspect" - and the warranty is good apparently.

    I'm not too silly, I know that really only the wattage matters, so it was a choice between this and a $20-40 cheapie. I had some bad experiences (sparking noises and random cut outs) with those cheaper ones, and a pet who likes knocking shit over. Reviews seem to show this one has no issues over time, and again a good warranty. I still think it's too expensive, but eh, at least it will match the fan I'm biting the bullet on anyway.

    • +1

      Vornado customer service was awesome. I had a fan unit fail in NSW after a couple of years . Rang up Vornado, they advised take to TGG.

      Walked into TGG, no receipts and returned. I elected for credit and bought the DC version.

      Realize these products are over priced, but like the quality and service.

      Just bought this deal

  • How energy efficient is this heater?

    • +7


      • Haha I see what you did there

      • +9

        For anyone wondering, electric heaters are usually around 100% efficient because most electricity is converted to heat energy.

        Reverse cycle air conditioners though (heating or cooling) can be 300-600% efficient since they use electricity to move heat between the inside and outside units.

        • +1

          exactly, this heater will cost a lot to run. If you can use Reverse cycle air conditioners, you'll save a massive amount

  • +1

    If I already have a Vornado
    Will it work if I simply put a $20 heater fan behind the Vornado fan and let the Vornado blow out warm air?

    • +1

      it might, but i think vornado fans are plastic, unlike their heaters, and are probably not designed for anything that isn't a normal room temperature, much less a higher temperature directed right at them.

      i wouldn't risk it.

    • +3

      Put the fan anywhere in the room and it will circulate the heat. I wouldn't put it melty close.

      • +1

        Speaking of melty, a sandwhich press and a fan somewhere in the room makes a good redneckengineering solution too. Plus you can make sandwiches.

  • Maybe, if it was a DC model fan.

  • -2

    air circulator

    a… fan?

    • +2

      Jokes aside, it's a fan with a particularly good air profile that's good for chucking a lot of air around compared to normal fans. I use one to kick air from our air conditioned living room into the rest of the un-air-conditioned house.

  • Please know that all you are buying here is aesthetics. A 1500w heater from Bunnings will heat a room EXACTLY the same a 1500w heater from Vornado.
    One is $19 and one is $300

    Yes It’s a nice looking thing. But please don’t let the marketing fool you, they are only turning electricity into heat. It is impossible for one to do it more efficiently than the other.

    • Looks, warranty, and bad experience with cheapies for me. I still think it's a luxury though, you're completely right.

      I do have multiple rooms though - have you had any really experiences with a particular Bunnings one? I had this white seashell looking thing that became dodgy after about 5 years (I guess if they were $20 I could have bought 10 haha)

    • I believe the bunnings $19 one is just a heater fan instead of heater with air circulator ?
      air circulator will brows the warm air around the room so not only areas near the heater will be heated

      But I believe a $19 heater fan + "normal" air circulator will do the same thing, but still way cheaper by adding up the cost

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