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10x Everyday Rewards Points on $50/$100 EFTPOS Gift Card ($5.95/$6.95 Purchase Fee Applies) @ Woolworths


Offer available from 11/5/22 to 17/5/22 on all denominations of gift cards pictured, in Woolworths supermarkets, Woolworths Metro and Woolworths MetroGo only, while stocks you last. Excludes Woolworths Online and Ampol Woolworths Metro. Standard points will not be earned on amount spend on gift cards, but the relevant number of bonus points which you qualify for under this offer. Bonus points can take up to 14 business days to load onto your Everyday Rewards Card from date of purchase. Rewards Points - $50 = 500, $100 = 1000, Refer to individual cards for their terms and conditions. Limit of 10 cards per transaction and one transaction per day per Rewards Member.

  • Eftpos Gift Card $50 Includes $5.95 Purchase Fee
  • Eftpos Gift Card $100 Includes $6.95 Purchase Fee
  • Eftpos Gift Card $20-$500 Includes $7.95 Purchase Fee

Last time https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/687054

Now I see the $500 and variable are excluded, I will not be participating this time.

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    Note that the variable gift cards ($20 to $500) are excluded from this promotion. Hard to see much value here with only the $50 and $100 cards being involved (The fees are higher than the bonus points earned). Could still be useful for meeting minimum credit card spends for churning purposes if you've exhausted other possibilities.

    • Bummer, now I am not participating.

  • +11

    With the purchase fee, you're losing money even with the points, since its $2.5 in points for the $50 card and $5 in points for the $100 card. And thats valuing the points at full value even though you can get discounted woolies cards.

  • +6

    The fees on these are a shocker. Must only exist to allow money laundering?

    • +1

      I can think of a few reasons (including money laundering lol). However, I don’t any of those reasons (besides getting it as a gift for someone, or needing to fulfil a credit card minimum spend requirement, or fraud) are really compelling enough to purchase the EFTPOS gift cards through this deal.

      I agree the fees are a shocker though, particularly since Blackhawk Network (the gift card issuer) used the opportunity of updating the gift card design, changing the bank identification numbers (BINs) and adding PCNs to jack up the gift card purchase fee of the $200 denomination from $6.95 to $7.95.

  • +2

    Last time, I bought the $200 cards at Big W and got shorted on bonus points, had to contact the support team to get the remaining points. I will pass this time until I can buy the $500 ones.

    • Not shorted, but a bug. Some bugs may work out in your favour. It seems the bonus pts offer was not actually loaded to the system in the first few days.

      • +1

        I actually don't think the '4x' points I received have any bearing on that main deal. Since it seems no one reported receiving those '10x' points either on EFTPOS cards, so fingers crossed they'll come in the 14 day window. My wild guess is they neglected to actually exclude (those) gift cards from the booster promo.

        • +1

          The 14 business day rule does not apply for any gift card bonus points promotions at BIG W, so there is no need to wait that long before contacting Everyday Rewards.

          • Everyday Rewards’ terms and conditions state you need to wait up to 72 hours for points to be credited to your account.

          • BIG W’s website states that points should be credited immediately, although you will need to wait up to 7 business days for points to be credited from a points booster (or even longer, if a longer timeframe is stated in the booster’s T&Cs). However, my understanding is that “points boosters” are only the promotions you get via email or the Everyday Rewards app and need to activate before making a purchase, so I would argue that the 7 business day timeframe does not apply for gift card deals advertised in BIG W catalogues.

          • The fine print of the BIG W catalogue deal and the in-store posters never stated a specific timeframe for when points needed to be loaded onto an Everyday Rewards account.

          Btw, I contacted Everyday Rewards a few days ago about the bonus points not showing up any of my purchases of the $200 EFTPOS gift card during that deal, and they eventually agreed to manually load 2000 bonus points for each purchase I made during the deal.

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    'all denominations of gift cards pictured' - What about the $200 card then? It is a denomination of a pictured gift card (Perfect EFTPOS) but the explicit mention of $50 and $100 makes it a little confusing. Is there a $500 card too?

    • +2

      Probably no $200 @ Woolies. Like I said above, unless you can make some bugs work in your favor, it is a waste of time/money for bargainers.

    • +1

      I have never seen a $200 denomination stocked at Woolworths. I have only seen the $50, $100 and $25-$500 variable load denominations at Woolworths, so that’s probably why the $200 denomination is not pictured or mentioned in the fine print.

      The $25-$500 variable load denomination is specifically listed as an exclusion for this deal, so expect to get zero points if you purchase one from Woolworths during the promotion.

  • Can you buy these with the 638947 Perfect EFTPOS cards? i.e. themselves?

    Also random question @WookieMonster, do you know if these discounted Visa/MC/etc deals exist overseas? Curious if it's an Australian thing or if we took it from somewhere.

    • +1

      Can you buy these with the 638947 Perfect EFTPOS cards? i.e. themselves?

      I’m not aware of any restrictions, so it’s probably fine? I haven’t tested this myself.

      I would honestly be surprised if there were restrictions on how you used 638947 Perfect EFTPOS gift cards, since the primary reason Woolworths Group placed restrictions on EFTPOS and OnlyONE gift cards was to stop staff from abusing their team member discount on purchases of gift cards, which ended on in-store towards the end of 2021. However, 638947 Perfect EFTPOS gift cards started appearing at Woolworths and BIG W in December 2021 and January 2022.

      do you know if these discounted Visa/MC/etc deals exist overseas? Curious if it's an Australian thing or if we took it from somewhere.

      I know some of the brands used on Australian prepaid gift cards are also used overseas (e.g. Vanilla Visa gift cards in the US), but I’m not sure whether there are any deals run on prepaid gift cards overseas, because I don’t keep an eye on non-Australian gift card deals.

      • You are right, I was able to buy the 638947 cards using themselves.

        Oddly one of the cards activation fee was $7 rather than $6.95, despite the identical appearance of the card and packaging, and nothing to indicate why on the receipts.

  • -1

    When I was still an apple guy I did this deal to but me and Mrs iPhone 13s.. but it was 30x!! (Apple GC)

  • This doesn’t make any sense ! Will lose money if you are hooked.

  • Anti deal

    • Dont tell anyone else that it works with this.

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