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40% off a Select Range (Full Priced Items Only) @ adidas


Stacks with 25% Cashback with Cashrewards:
- Cashback Offer has Expired


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  • good discount but unfortunately good shoes only have size 12 +

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      I am after 13s… can you tell me where the "good" ones are??? Can't seem to find them…

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    Even after discount it’s still expensive

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    Anyone else getting this error? What are the actual terms of the sale?


    Only picked items from the page it links to via Cashrewards but only the 25% off "FLASH" code works

    • I have a feeling they never intended for the cashback and coupon to stack, probably why its gone now.
      I tried looking for T&Cs but i couldn't find them.

      • From dealbot’s post initially


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          updated the description tyty

          • @Yer: Whoops idk why it linked to a random forum page, but if you search for the dealbot’s post through his profile, you’d be able to find it

  • Worked for me. Got cashrewards tracking email aswell

    • Used FLASH

      • That's only 25% off, not 40% :(

    • May track but decline later, use as your own risk FYI

  • Got some stuff. Thanks :)

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    Hey everyone, it looks like only Full priced items can attract the "40% OFF FLASH OFFER". This stacks with Cashrewards

    • Updated title tyty :)

  • Anyway of getting free delivery if order below $100?

    • Be a Adidas member

  • I got some running shorts I had been keeping my eye on.
    Hopefully cashback tracks.

  • I added Men's Jacket + pant (Full price) 40% applied on that (Hopw CR 25% works as well)

    But when adding kids hoodei its full price ,No 40% on that…am i missing something


    • It's probably not part of the "select range" so no discount.

      • So looks like only selected Items, Not all Full prices .Got u.Thanks

  • I used to get some good deals from adidas. But these days the items on adidas all missing size. Not really many items can be selected.

  • Was on the website for an hour this morning. It's bugged to all shiet, only limited products in the "FLASH SALE" page, when you try and add filters it's fine, but remove filters and it removes the Flash sale filter and you can't actually find it again without going through this OZB page.

    • worked fine for me

      • At 3am, you were able to add filters and remove it without it removing FlashSale from pre-added constraints?


  • The voucher cannot be added. You don't have the applicable or sufficient products in your bag.

    Anyone know why?

    I am selecting full price item

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      You probably don't have the FLASH SALE filter on it. I mentioned it in the comment above. I gave up because I didn't realise until after almost an hour going through what I thought were "eligible" products.

      You need to click on the link on this page, and make sure when you add filters, you don't remove any sizing or anything because when you do, it removes the Flash Sale filter and you can't find it again unless you grab the direct link here from the sale page again.

      I found out the hard way this morning, and researched a few things only to find out at the end the filter got removed because I tried to add all rough compatible sizes on clothes, shoes etc. but once I started to remove sizes, it removes the Flash Sale filter and shows you all products on the site..

  • bought and tracked. Wish it would be approved soon.

  • Trying to log into my account

    Oh no, we need your age confirmation.

    You have to verify your age to shop in Australia. Please go to the adidas website where you normally shop, log in, and add your date of birth to your account to continue shopping.

    How am I supposed to do that when this is the error I'm getting when trying to log in?! Hopefully it's just their website playing up under load

    • Were you able to solve this? I am still getting this error.

      • I was logged in on my app so I was able to put a DOB in there. Not sure if that was the fix but I can login now through the website

        • Legend! that worked for me too. Cheers!

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