This was posted 2 years 2 months 13 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Value Range Pizzas $4, Traditional Pizzas $6, Premium Pizzas $8, Garlic Bread $2ea (Pick up) @ Domino’s


Valid on 17th May 2022 only, and all stores.


Garlic Bread $2 159677, 374959, 211298
Large Value $4 776425, 181385, 932601
Large Value Max & Traditional $6 351192, 955065, 778358
Large Premium $8 230416, 552577, 963021

Expires 17/05/2022.

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  • +4

    I wanted pizza today :(

  • When’s the next one?

  • how can they make money selling that for $4 ? rent, labour….

    • +7

      I have relatives who pay full price or use whatever dud coupon comes in the mail - 3 pizzas for $29.95 and whatever. Which is still based on huge turnover and not that expensive.

    • +1

      Loss leader? Each pizza would still be profitable individually anyway.

    • They sell lots of them = profit

    • +1

      I know it takes rocket scientist thinking but most of there pizzas are sold at full price . Not from this TA place though .

      • *their

        • *takes a rocket scientist's

          Ps who'd pay full price once they raise the prices and shrink the pizzas?

          • @G-rig: *P.S. Who'd

            • @ctg: Ha..
              Good work. Educating the masses.

    • make it up in volume :)

    • Besides the cost of this promotion is much less as this will be written of as a cost pre tax if they pay tax at all.

    • Those $5 pizzas (down to $4) cost about 80c to $1.20 to make.

      35c dough, a couple cents of sauce, maybe 30c of cheese and another 30c of pepperoni, at most. Or less for margarita.

      The guy who invented classic crust was hailed as a genius. Same price pizzas, and they saved about 5c? each in dough. 5c times hundreds of thousands of pizzas equals new boat.

      • I think you've maybe had one too many margaritas

      • +2

        Tell me you’re a boomer without telling me why don’t ya

        • +1

          Because there's some calcs involved they're a boomer? Interesting.

          Classic crusts cost the least in supply - Thin n Crispy are expensive by comparison… then they had the double decker (2x T&C bases, liquid cheese in between) which topped them all in cost. Would still get that if they offered it.

          They wouldn't be making a huge loss in base ingredients for those pizzas, but add up time and everything else, you'd be close. Sauce: I'm not a store manager.

          • @ctg: Because the poster tried being edgy clever in carrying out calculations but forgot to include the most expensive part of the process. Equipment costs, staff wages and rent.

            • -1

              @jjno41: Not edgy. Not clever. It's called quantity.

              They make money because they don't tell the pizzas at a loss. What you don't understand is that one person can make more than one pizza per hour.

              So, if a pizza costs PH about, lets say, $2, then they make $2.

              If they sell 15 pizzas an hour of these $4 pizzas (unlikely they'll only sell $4 pizzas, but let's work on minimum amount), that means they'll make $30 per hour. Of which about $20 goes to a wage. That means $10 per hour to cover the rest. And that's at a minimum.

              Next, you will need to learn about the term "loss leader".


              Stay in school, kids, or you'll end up like jjno who is not 41.

          • @ctg: not a loss at all - it's crazy how cheap they are at the bulk Dominos buys them in. As in, they get prices that Dominos buys, not the shop. When you think about how many Dominos there are around Australia… that's a lot of everything.

            Just a matter of selling a lot of them, and even if they were to lose money: it's damn good publicity, and they'll make it all back the next day with a couple $18 pizzas.

    • +1

      have you seen the quality of their ingredients? ask anyone who has worked at dominos

      • how's the quality of their ingredients?

  • Theses should be their regular price

  • -4

    codes not working - has it worked for anyone?

    • Its valid on the 17th only.

      • If the codes did not work, Try the additional codes.

        374959, 181385, 955065, 552577

        • Thank you - these work :)

  • The link does not connect with any 17.5.22 deal

    • What is your point?

  • No codes works for me

    • Which store are you trying?

      • holland park brisbane

        • Try the corporate store in Queen St, never need the codes I believe (or they should work at least).
          Edit: the second code works for Greenslopes

        • +1

          Are you sure the codes didn't work?

          Try these
          374959, 181385, 955065, 552577

          Also you may not need codes at all as g-rig mentions above.

  • +3

    Guess my local wanted no part of this they closed for the whole day.

    • LOL.. I would not be surprised if that is the actual reason.

  • is there a healthy pizza

    • Best bet is thin crust vegorama

      • -2

        thin crust=more calories, because they use way more butter.

        • +1

          Could you pls source this?

        • I would almost agree here the one I had the other day was like a sheet of puff pastry.

          • @Canberralad92: Agree, Classic Crust is still a heap of bread
            Alright if starving once in a while but hardly great.
            Best thing you can do is touch them up in the air fryer - come out better than from the store.

        • Complete BS… look at the nutritional information link at the bottom of their homepage. Thin crust has significantly lower calories, carbs and sodium compared to deep pan or classic crust.

          • @Tim349850: Ofcouse, personally prefer thin and crispy over eating a load of bread. (Would eat a whole thin and crispy vs half a classic crust pizza)

          • @Tim349850: That's cos it weighs less. pound for pound, it's way worse for you.

      • would that be healthy or am i better off not having pizza?

        node modules

    • Healthiest are the vego ones without cheese or aoli etc. Amazing how less greasy the box is.

      • I see plenty of 50+ year old people who eat meatlovers pizzas. Don't see many 50+ year old cows though. ;-p

        • Most obsease too.

          Anyway it's pure junk food anyway, think I'll give Domino's a miss for some time, always pretty average, price gone up & shrinking pizzas.

    • -1

      is there a healthy cigarette?

      • I think he meant less bad, healthier in comparison.
        Less calories (hidden or serving size), Saturated fats and oil is always welcome.

        Everything is healthy compared to darts lol

    • They use to do 97% fat free, and it was actually decent. They canned it tho!

      Veg is okay, take off something and add chicken and only $1.50 extra

  • I didn’t need to add code, it was discounted already. Thanks op

  • +1

    The one day I cant get pizza this is discounted :(

  • the offer just shows up on the screen when I try to select pizzas… thanks OP

  • +1

    premium should cover plant based?
    doesn't for me, but you'd think it would.

    • There are no plant based pizzas in premium, in their own section. Was better when there was.

      I just get the cheapest and remove items

  • When you log onto the site, there is a pop up- and it automatically lets you select if you wanted the deal.

  • +2

    What kind of pizzas are everyone ordering and how would you rate them?

    Maybe I'm doing it wrong but I tried out a Chicken supreme on a traditional base, and after a few slices I noticed there wasn't really any flavour of the chicken or vegetables, to where I checked if I had the right order. It was sort of like a frozen pizza you heat up from the shops which is just a uniform flavour of salty cheese on toasty bread.

    Some of the pizzas in the past have been pretty good but are there toppings or ranges that are better than others?

    • +1

      Always meat lovers deep pan, a favourite of ours. Like the godfather too. I'd go for spicy jalapeno if others in the family would eat it.

      • Thanks for the tip, will try those out along with a deep pan next time!

  • +1

    Had a deep pan chicken & camembert from the premium range for lunch. Yum!

  • Haven't tried any premium varieties, only go for traditional as that's the one usually discounted.

    Tips for premiums to try or avoid?

    • Try pp

  • That is a shame. The nearest pickup location to me has 2.6 stars…

    • +6

      Seems high for a dominos ….

  • +2

    OK has to be said, the pizza this time round seemed to have a solid 1.5 inches of crust around the perimeter before the sauce/toppings started. Still, very tasty pizza and deal. Thanks.

  • +2

    I've never had deep pan, worth a try?

    • +3

      Yes. You get more dough for your dollar… However, I swear its not as deep as it used to be…

      • +1

        I tried it tonight, actually pretty nice I like the softer dough. I think in future I'll get one deep pan and one classic crust or thin for my family.

    • +1

      Just keep in mind you are getting a lot more calories, carbs and sodium, the thicker that the pizza is. You can see the difference by going to Dominos homepage and clicking on the nutritional information link, they make it easy to compare for each flavour of pizza. I prefer thin and crispy because I notice that I am not as thirsty afterwards.

  • -4

    Did not end up getting this Dominos deal. Instead, ordered Doughboy Artarmon, which was 50% off on EatClub, and think its hard to beat the value compared to this Dominos deal. Got a very decent sized pizza at Doughboy.

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