Spend $385 at Tyroola (Excluding Delivery), Get $50 Catch.com.au Store Voucher @ Nine Coupons


Great Deal in my opinion after my experience, with the purchase.

I went ahead to buy 5 tyres + Wheel Alignment instead of simply 4 tyres just to qualify for the $350 minimum spend without GST i.e. Technically $385 Actual spend @ tyroola.

Have bought tyres 3 times so far for 3 different cars from them, been great till now.

The process is very similar to cashback sites, (dont use any adblock etc. that can interrupt tracking of order), Anyway the Rewards process mentioned in the nine website:-

  1. Share your email with us so that we can keep you updated about your reward. We'll send you 3 emails updating you on the status of your reward.

  2. Complete your purchase
    Go to the retailer directly from the link we provide and complete your purchase. No need for a code, just be sure that your purchase fits the reward terms and conditions! . (They send you a link in the email, you are supposed to use that link to make purchase, link is just hyperlink on the "Get Reward")

  3. Receive your reward
    Receive your reward directly in your inbox! We'll need 1 - 3 months to complete this process.

According to one of their reps here at OZbargain @Creed, you are supposed to get a confirmation email, on pending status, aka your order got tracked. Its quite similar to the Cashback sites, but just getting Gift card instead of cashback, they call it REWARDS. This particular deal from nine is very good honestly, So much better than standard 4.9% cashback from two major cashback sites, (50/385= 12.98% Cashback, maximum at $385 actual spend, if you spend more the percentage of REWARDS decreases, but will still be better than other cashback offers). I think their customer service might allow different sort of gift cards on request too, like instead of catch may be some other brand gift card. So far they have been very helpful and friendly to my experience. And hey as a consumer, more the competition, better it is for us. And also technically you can stack this offer with any other offers like typical 15% of their tyres, OR any afterpay online discount offer you might have gotten.

Also have a look at the coupons, if any one them are able to get you any further discount on your tyres, (from my general experience, if there is such a coupon on tyre it will either be applied automatically without entering any coupon code, or either that tyre will not have a working coupon), But hey who knows, may be it might be different for you.

Terms and condition

  • Only one AUD50.00 Catch Voucher reward is available per valid transaction with a minimum spend of AUD350
  • The reward code will expire if not claimed within 90 days of being issued. Once expired it cannot be issued again.
  • This offer is not valid in conjunction with any other cashback or voucher code promotion which isn't advertised on coupons.nine.com.au
  • To be eligible for the offer you must make your Tyroola purchase online via coupons.nine.com.au using the link provided.
  • Your claim will not be valid if you click on any other links or websites after coupons.nine.com.au, before making your online purchase at Tyroola.
  • After clicking on the reward voucher, continue with your transaction/purchase on the retailer site without clicking on any other vouchers to ensure reward claim is valid
  • To determine eligibility as it pertains to the minimum spend, the total price before GST and any shipping costs will be used.
  • Purchasing gift cards do not count towards minimum spend requirements.
  • The transaction must have taken place online at Tyroola during the promotion period via the coupons.nine.com.au link. Transactions completed over the phone will be considered invalid and will not qualify for a reward.
  • Cancelling or returning any items made in your online purchase will deem the claim invalid and you will not receive the AUD50.00 Catch Voucher.
  • Provided you meet the full terms of the offer, an email alert will be sent to the email address you used to register with coupons.nine.com.au after the validation period.
  • This offer is limited to one AUD50.00 Catch Voucher per person.
  • The promotion runs from 9-Feb-2022 - 20-Jan-2023.
  • Purchases must be made in AUD (Australian Dollars).
  • This is an offer provided by Global Savings Group Malaysia, Sdn. Bhd.
  • Transactions completed via mobile apps are not eligible for the reward

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  • +1

    Price of tyres do not include fitting. Add approx $150 for fitting. Might as well buy from local tyre shop as I dont see any savings unless you are fitting them yourselves.

    • +1

      no one is telling you to go with most expensive fitter, I have been going to one, that charges like $18 ish I think per tyre, so max like $80 for 4 tyres.

      There's one is sydney with 4.6 stars on tyroola that charges $76 for 4 tyres aka $19 per tyre. You just gotta play around with post codes.

  • +2

    5 tyres for $385? Do you drive a wheelbarrow? <3

    • NO, it was standard stock passenger car tyre for a mid 2000's hatchback

      I spent $401.50 to be exact, mods had modified that writing,

      and 401.5 included everything, Free Shipping + 5 tyres + 5 tyres fitting to rim (4 fitted to car + 1 in boot as a spare) + wheel alignment (in my case only front wheel alignment, but 4 wheel alignment is same price as 2 wheel alignment). BTW could have gotten 5 Winrun R380's +fittings etc for $384.5 (but would have missed the minimum spend requirement by 50 cents, so went with Rapid's this time)

      Technically I broke even for 5th tyre after the $50 GC, like 5th tyre bought and same ish value received on GC.

  • Not a bargain.
    Compare and contrast to Supercheap's Tyroola portal, which is $162 cheaper for a set of Michelin 245/35/20 delivered, fitted, balanced, and aligned.
    Minus the inferior to cash voucher, you still ahead with Supercheap, or better still wait for their next store-wide sale.

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