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$20 Credit for Referrer and $15 off First 3 Orders ($20 Min. Spend) for Referee @ DoorDash


This popular referral offer is back after being 30% off first 3 orders for a short while. Also I believe delivery is free for the first order, and $1 for the rest of first month for new customers.

Get $20 in credits when someone signs up using your referral link and places their first order over $20. Your friend also gets $45 off ($15 off each of their first 3 orders).

Edit: I just noticed some of the referral links still lead to 30% off first three orders, where as most of them say $15 off $20 for first three orders. Check the description at the top before you sign up.

Referral Links

Referral: random (1313)

Referee gets $15 off first 3 orders over $20. Referrer gets $20 credit once referee places an order over $20.

Check the web page heading before joining. Some referrals give the old (inferior) offer of 30% off 3 orders (up to $15).


$400 Bonus for referrer and referee if referee does a certain amount of deliveries.

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  • -3

    For me it never went. Been enjoying self referral for a while now

    • What do you do for a new card? They eventually blocked my Revolut/Wise virtual cards..

      • Revolut started working again recently after being out for a couple months. When's the last time you tried?

        • Oh wow, maybe 1-2 months back was the last time I tried..

      • Zip disposable cards or discounted doordash giftcards

        • I tried ZIP too.. Do doordash giftcards work for first time refferal?

          • @DisabledUser423746: Was using GC before zip for first time orders non-issue.

            Didn't you get an account blocked or something?

            • @randomusername2017: Yeah I think they banned my name tbh XD

              • @DisabledUser423746: lol.. doordash is so lax compared to Uber, can have both accounts open in seperate tabs and it still works… They really mustn't like you're name.

                • @randomusername2017: Uber on IOS is a walk in the park. Doordash is hard-core on IOS in my DEEP experience. Doordash is lax on android but I follow very strict protocols regardless in order to ensure that the highest quality of food is experienced.
                  Also I have proven by mathematical induction that uber doesn't care about names. Will try the same on doordash.

                  • @LeftArmOff: I think there's an AI on their system that autobans your account after they detect you've ordered enough times. I was having DoorDash 3 times a day for months on end so I think eventually any card with my name got blacklisted unfortunately.. I tried those eftpos giftcards and those worked fine so its not address/IP or anything.

                    • @DisabledUser423746: Well on ios doordash latches itself onto the device and no number of resets will fix that,

                      • @LeftArmOff: I think so for Android also..

                        • @DisabledUser423746: Maybe. The 2 times when I didn't get referral credit on android was 1. Order fell below $20 due to a bloody out of stock item. 2. This order stayed above $20 whole time so I am not sure but the only difference between this and orders I received credit on was that this was a pickup order and the rest were delivery orders. So I'll try to only place delivery orders going forward. But may experiment pick up just to prove my point

                  • @LeftArmOff: Had almost given up on Uber.. combinations of device IDs, VPN , virtual machines etc… Only common was the delivery address, each time gets to payment then bang account disabled…then just recently, tried using a different browser and fresh payment etc and it worked….no idea what triggers it.

                    • @randomusername2017: Probably a cooldown on your address depending on how often you order..

                      • @DisabledUser423746: Yeah Uber has me on a diet lately, only throwing one burner sim a week at it lately..

                        Another side note, just realised deliveroo blocks addresses for new user codes… code unable to be applied at my postcode, yet same account different postcode address and code works..

                    • @randomusername2017: Oh with uber I've learnt that there are different tiers of mc/visa cards lowest being prepaid cards and like neobank cards like 86400 and highest being like a big 4 bank card. So if you use a Big 4 bank card or similar cards 9 times out of 10 it will work ofc meeting the other identifiers too such as ip address, device Id

                      • @LeftArmOff: Also don't trust PayPal or Apple Pay to keep your details secure as im 110% sure they tell uber/doordash everything about you.

                        • @LeftArmOff: Yep.. definitely, is why I switched to virtual cards(and being too lazy to cancel free trials)
                          One upside is that PayPal almost instantly decides disputes in your favour over Uber.

                      • @LeftArmOff: That's just it though.. this worked with same fixed up address, same device …just different browser..

                        • @randomusername2017: Maybe its your cookies? I was getting the free trial for Uber too for free delivery by using a mobile emulator and just changing the device ID..

                          • @DisabledUser423746: Which emulator do you use?

                            • @chocohoney: I used to use NOX in my high school days. Discovered it due to the urge to play clash royale without the limitations of a phone battery.( I was a degenerate mobile gamer). However I switched to m1 mac which can't run android emulators so I just use all the 5-6 old androids we have now.

      • does Wise do disposables cards now ?

        i got a Wise card last year and it was only virtual, not disposable like zip and revolute

    • How does that work? I mean the process to sign up?

  • +1

    Referral landing page still listed as $15 off the first 3 orders but only the 30% offer at checkout for the last few weeks, definitely back now though👍

    Side note…. Seem to have hit the wall on Telstra $2 Sims..any other options?

    • If you have a semi-new phone you can use Gomo eims. Just sign up for the free trial month and cancel before it recharges (or use disposable card).

      • Just picked up a bunch of Lebara small starter packs..will give Gomo a run next 👍

        • How are you activating them?

          • +1

            @SuperbRanger: Lebara?… Already have credit on special $4(save $15) then just use a disposable visa to register.

    • What's wrong with telstra $2 sims

      • Won't let me activate using my name/id combo anymore..throws up an error and requires in store verification.

        Same SIM with different ID activated no problem.

        • Aah I see. Maybe be a manual block. At optus when I give them my name, their system crashed because of how many numbers are attached to my ID apparently. I sometimes mix it up cause I have a middle name that can float in both my first and last names somehow.

  • What's better? 30% per 3times or $45, at $15 each time?

    • 30% off is capped at $10 i think so $15 off is obviously better.

  • Doordash has always been a joke, i referred my brother 5 days back and he didn't get anything even remotely close to $15 off each for the first three orders.

    On top their agents have no idea what is going on as if they are working for someone else.

    He chatted and the agent asked him to place an order first and then in 24 hours time he will get the $15 off offer, which never made any sense to us.

    When i check in my account, i can see i successfully referred, yet my brother sees no such offer in his account. And hence, i won't get the $20 credit either. Chat agent i spoke to mentioned he has raised it with his supervisor 🤣

    • Brother so same last name? If so that's why

      • Yes, but i used first intial of my last name and he used full.

        But any which way, you seriously think that's the case? I don't think that's how it works, their system is at fault as their agent confessed it on chat.

    • I think 5 days ago it maybe still 30% off first three orders? It only changed back in the last few days for me. But their system can be a bit glitchy. Chat is usually pretty good with crediting back any discount owed, but for some reason they always need to credit back from a previous order hence why they asked him to place an order first. They should also be able to credit you the $20, but you will have to initiate a chat yourself and explain the missing referral credit.

      • Nah mate, i referred bro on 6 May and that's what i saw under my account "give A$45 get A$20"

        And if I'm not mistaken, this offer was there even before 6 May.

        Any chance you checked today only? I'm pretty sure this was the offer in my account, otherwise i wouldn't have bothered referring someone.

        • I noticed on the 4th it was 30% off first three orders, and on the 8th it was back to this offer. So it may have changed back some time in between. Hope you get your credits honoured.

    • You’ve messaged the agent about the $15 credits your brother should of received? That’s what I had to do and they eventually gave it to me

  • How long does it take to receive $20 bonus after referee places their first order over $20?

    • Usually comes through once the order is delivered.

  • Long shot but has it stopped working for anyone in the last couple of days? Referee has ordered but it says "signed up but haven't ordered". Trying to figure out if I've been blacklisted or not.

    • -1

      Same.. I ordered using 3 different accounts and it still says "signed up but haven't ordered". It worked fine last week..

    • theyve cottoned onto it

    • Think this happened back in December and then it worked again afterwards.

    • I've contacted chat agent twice using different account, they all say " wait 5-7 days and you will get credit "…

    • Now when referee has ordered says “ineligible- already has an account”…system glitch or is it just me 🥹?

      • +1

        Same here

      • +1

        Just had someone order, working fine.

  • -1

    got mine as soon as order was delivered

    • Was this today?

  • Anywhere I could share my code? I'd love to earn some credits.
    Don't have any friends lol.

    • Under settings you can add your referral code

  • Signed up using referral, but no discount at the checkout. Waste of time…

    • +1

      Opened new account - it works again.

  • To get the $20 referral credit is the $20 spend for the referral before or after the $15 discount is applied?

  • As per other comments, this appears to be a waste of time. Doesn't track.

  • As a new referred customer under the $15 off x 3 offer. I have an order of $24, but there's no $15 taken off that at 'place order' page. Chat agent said it would be taken off once the order is placed. Surely my credit card will be charged the $24 ! Is the correct ?

    • Should be under the promo code. If there isn't it won't be deducted.

  • Ok thanks. Nothing there. I'll do online chat again.

  • Tried this, only get 30% off 4 orders.

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