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Colorful iGame RTX 3080 TI Advanced OC 12G Graphics Card $1699 + Shipping @ Evatech Australia


Was just browsing for deals, and noticed the 3080 ti for 100 cheaper than the current deal at Umart. The card is ranked higher on this tier list as well: Here. Up to you if you can wait till the 40 series, but I expect them to be expensive. According to description: LIMITED STOCK, $300 OFF STRICTLY WHILE STOCKS LAST, NO BACK-ORDERS WILL BE TAKEN

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Evatech Australia
Evatech Australia

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    Thanks for the effort — But not the right price yet, not yet ;)

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      I was so pissed about NVIDIA jacking up the whole price of their GPUs… DISGUSTING

      • When was this? I can't seem to find much. But something like this would be disappointing.

      • nvidia keep msrp the same bro

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          3080 Ti MSRP is A$1920.

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            @non-LHR: Realistic msrp is not $1920. Thats mainly because its release during the gpu price boom like why would they’ve made it lower id their 3060s were selling above 1200. More realistic msrp for 3080 ti’s wouldve been $1599 at max

  • I wouldn't pay anything more than $1500 for the top line card hope others don't as well

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      You won't be getting any top of the line cards ever again.

      You think Nvidia will ever make the same 'mistake' pricing a 3080 around $700 US when people have shown they are willing to pay much more?

      • It is a lose-lose situation for vendor and consumer.

        Top line GPU isn't mandatory.

        What's worse is that it kills the nearly-dead PC game market.

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          PC gaming has been "nearly dead" for 10 years. Im sure it will die soon….

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            @lew380: Your joking, right..

            • @FDA2020: I know, he must be talking about his own experience

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              @FDA2020: I was being sarcastic. Thought it was clear but on second look, maybe not haha

          • @lew380: Sik pessimism bro.

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            @lew380: Only for xboner and pshiter ;)

      • -1

        It wasn't a mistake, they priced it based on what the current market was willing to pay. Then the crypto boom started.

        Nvidia is likely to be leapfrogged by RDNA 3, so Ngreedia can no longer dictate market prices.

        • -1
          1. I guess you don't understand inverted commas

          2. Ngreedia? What are you 5? Fan boy seriously?

          3. Dreaming

    • AMD just followed through and jacked up price for 6650xt, 6950xt. We can expect the price bump to stay.
      Considering inflation happening in USA, this sort of make sense though

      • Yeah, agreed. This is the bottom before 4000 series

  • https://evatech.com.au/product/6826/colorful-igame-rtx-3080-...

    Higher tier model Vulcan also on sale for $100 more

    • Would've considered this one but it was too wide for my sff case. Plus I like the red ring around the fan.

    • That seems like a black version of this + LCD. Am I right?
      Already satisfied with Advanced OC

  • I doubt its worth paying $400a over the normal 3080 at this point in time.

    • Kicking myself I didn't wait another few months for prices to drop when I got my 3080 TI earlier this year. Got the TI only because it was about 200-250 more than the 3080 at the time

  • Looks like they weren't selling at $1799 and had to discount it again, even with the LHR unlock.

    • +1

      it was $1799 for a while same like Umart Galax, the 1699 price was done recently.

  • https://www.bpctech.com.au/catalog/product/view/id/62446/

    GeForce RTX™ 3080 Gigabyte GAMING OC 12G Video Card for $1,499.00 @BPC Tech

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