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Westpac Altitude Velocity Platinum MasterCard: 75,000 Velocity Points ($4,000 Spend 90 Days), 1st Year Fee $49, $50 Velocity Fee


This card is eligible for 40k Bonus Points, $300 Virgin Travel Credit or 6 Months Gold Status When Taking out a New Velocity Points Earning Card that means you could earn a total of 115,000 Velocity points

Far better than the Westpac Altitude Qantas Platinum MasterCard with just 75k bonus points

Not to mention Velocity have better award redemptions than Qantas with Singapore airlines and they have also recently partnered with Qatar Airways and United Airlines

Credit to ddhar mentioning there are 2x Economy X Seat Upgrade Vouchers included

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    If you have an existing Westpac account they will waive the first year fee.

    • Which account should I sign up for (fee-free of course) before applying for this credit card, to avoid the $49 service charge?

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        Westpac Choice is the only option I believe. $5/month fee waived if you deposit $2000 per month. You can just close the account once you have your card.

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          Hmmm, is it worth the effort… Thanks for your helpful reply anyway!

          Edit: Screw it, it only takes a few minutes and I'm sick of giving my money away to banks

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    Saw a headline velocity now linked to Qatar

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      Hopefully they charge a far more reasonable fuel/airport surcharge than under Qantas.

      What Emirates is charging through Qantas is extortionate. Qatar is better but still too expensive.

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    Good deal - especially for those on lower incomes/part time etc. Only 30k a year needed.

  • Virgin Money for 100k is another great option

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    Not to mention Velocity have better award redemptions than Qantas with Singapore airlines

    Ahh, there could be a reason for this…

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    Note Westpac is up to 45 days interest free. Not the normal up to 55 days interest free.

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    Is there a partnership with Singapore Airlines still? If so, does the Gold status with Velocity allow Singapore Airlines lounge access?

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      Yes apparently Singapore AIrlines is still part of their partnered airlines and you can access their lounges if you have Gold status

      • Great thanks.
        I'm flying with Singapore Airlines on 16th Dec. Any idea whether it would be possible to get this temporary gold status to cover that period? I'm not sure on the turn around of these card approvals and benefits

        • Not sure but you could try. I wouldn't risk it though the 40k bonus points seems better value considering there are going to be award redemptions on Qatar soon
          I remember Flybuys had a promotion in 2016 3 free month Gold Status I hope they do that again

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            @Briefcase Mong: If they are already flying with Singapore airlines they could potentially get 18 months of Velocity gold status.

            "If you earn 80 Status Credits and fly at least two Eligible Sectors during your 6 month Trial Gold Status, you can maintain full Gold Status for 12 months. We’ll assess your eligibility for full Gold Status at the end of your 6 month Trial Gold Status, and if you’re eligible, we’ll notify you and you’ll receive 12 months of full Gold status." - T&Cs from Benefit Selector page.

            I assume an international return flight with Singapore airlines will cover the 80 status credit requirement. Don't think Singapore airlines will count as eligible sectors though so they might just need to find a cheap return domestic flight to lock it in.

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            @Briefcase Mong: Please note for Velocity Gold and Star Alliance Gold the lounge access if your not in business class is Gold Lounge and not Silver Lounge in Singapore. The previous gold lounge never had a shower but I have been told by Singapore Airline the new gold lounge should have a shower once completed.

            • @pandadude: The new Krisflyer gold lounge has 3 showers and its own toilets (it didn't have them before… lol) https://www.executivetraveller.com/news/singapore-airlines-n...

              • +2

                @eecan: At least they made the effort. Before it used to be no toilet and no shower.

                The no toilet wasn't a problem since the lounge had a toilet just outside but no shower in a Singapore Airport lounge is a joke.

                If you walk outside into the heat of Singapore you will want to take a shower straight away.

                • @pandadude: Yeah I was there recently, it was disgusting outside lol. I only walked through an open area in the airport for less than a minute and hated every second of it. The gold lounge being closed worked out for me because I got to go to the silver one :D

  • What is the $50 velocity fee? I'm pretty sure velocity doesn't have any fees.

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      Westpac has always charged a fee to link to QFF and VFF schemes.

      • Thanks! I've never had a westpac card before.

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    Westpac will also give two (2) Economy X upgrade vouchers when you purchase a domestic flight with Virgin using this card. Could be good value for those who appreciate the extra legroom and/or on longer flights.

    • Didn't see that thanks updated

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        Note you need to purchase a domestic flight with Virgin using this card to trigger the vouchers.
        I got the vouchers in my Velocity account (accessible from desktop browser) within 2-3 business days.

  • "This card is eligible for 40k Bonus Points, $300 Virgin Travel Credit or 6 Months Gold Status When Taking out a New Velocity Points Earning Card"

    I applied for this card before the Virgin promotion came to be. I also signed up to this promotion only recently (i.e. already started spending with this card but not yet met the spend requirement).
    Can anyone tell me if I'm eligible for the promotion or if I'm out?

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      You might actually just had a look at the T&Cs I guess you just need to wait up to 12 weeks

      1. Bonus Velocity Points Promotion Altitude Platinum: To qualify for this promotion you must apply and be approved for a new Altitude Velocity Platinum card between 19 October 2021 - 30 June 2022 and spend the minimum amount of $4,000 on eligible purchases on an Altitude Platinum card within 90 days from card approval in one or more transactions. The bonus Velocity Points will be added to your points balance within 12 weeks once you meet the eligible spend criteria. Existing Westpac customers who currently hold an Earth Classic, Earth Platinum, Earth Platinum Plus, Earth Black, Altitude Classic, Altitude Platinum or Altitude Black credit card, or who have held one in the last 12 months, are not eligible for this offer. Velocity Points earned during a statement cycle are added to your Velocity Points balance on a monthly basis.
      • Thanks. Seems I'm actually eligible. I guess I'll find out in 12 weeks.

        Quite stoked with collecting more VFF as redemption costs (using Etihad) is way lower than with Emirates & Qatar (under QFF).

        • Yep and taxes are a lot less than Qantas flights as well

      • I just applied and clicked through from the virgin link. Hoping I won;t have issues with them crediting the additional 40k points

      • Applied, Spent in the first month, Got credited 75k points by Westpac.
        Do I need to wait for 40k to be credited or can still close it this week after paying it out and will be eligible to get 40k points?

        • +2

          I received the extra 40k 2 days after getting the 75k credited. I suggest waiting unless you're in a big rush.

          • @Autonomic: Great…Hope they do the same for me so that close and hop to next :-)

  • Offer not available if you’ve held an Altitude Platinum or Altitude Black card with Altitude Rewards, Qantas or Velocity in the last 12 months. T&Cs apply.

    • Yes, that's the usual T&Cs.

      So far, i found only Citibank don't have that condition.

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        That's because no one can ever actually get approved for a Citi credit card ;)

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    Accidentally chose points instead of 6 Months Gold Status on my Velocity profile. Anyone know if you can change the selection?

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      When do you get to select this? I didn’t get an option.

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    Just read the Terms. Bummer…"Choose wisely because once your choice is made you won't be able to change it."

  • Anyone know what 75k points are worth in gift vouchers?

    Anyone know if westpac is treated separate to st George for credit card promo eligibility? The T&C are unclear

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    Can you just open a westpac account and then apply for the credit card = waiver of 1st year fee altogether?

  • Just asked for Qantas yesterday :(

  • I think this was covered a few weeks ago?


  • Hrm hate Qantas with a passion and I'm with Westpac for my home loan and I'll be flying again soon. Tempting but I rarely spend $1500 a month.

    • Time it with major expenses like insurance or holidays.

    • It's not 1500 a month, it's $4k over 3. Far easier than the 1500 x 4 months of Virgin.

  • Note Perth to Singapore in Business Class using Singapore Airline is 67,000 or 53,000 and $83.73 (note the points plus tax is same for KL. Just points is slightly higher). With the bonus 40k points this would be just enought for one business class trip return to Singapore or KL plus tax.

    I don't imagine Velocity will discount these tickets ever since the flight isn't actually operated by Virgin Australia.

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    I applied for this card on Tuesday midday and was instantly conditionally approved. Sent in payslips immediately as well.

    Got a text on Wednesday midday saying I was approved and then a second text at 5pm saying approved again (?) and that my digital card was available.

    Digital card did not become available until today (Thursday) around midday however.

    Hope this helps someone. FYI I have a Westpac choice bank account but don't use it for anything.

  • Í've tried 3 times and always got this error:

    We are sorry
    We seem to be experiencing problems. Please try later again
    The credit card application form is currently unavailable. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

    Anyone else get this?

    • Yup, ive given up. Had it fully finished then that stupid message came up.

      • This happened to me when I was logged into my Westpac account. I logged out and was able to sign up.

        I spoke to someone in the branch and they are going to merge the accounts and said I should get the first year free.

  • Is velocity rewards as good as qff classic rewards flights?

    • +2

      For European flights, Qff has the better availability thanks to partnerships with Emirates and Qatar. With more SQ routes opening and Qatar coming onboard, Vff should be improving.

      VFF redemption costs are generally cheaper than on QFF. The fuel/airport surcharges on QFF (when redeeming on Emirates or Qatar) are prohibitively expensive.

      Premium cabin availability is terrible on both for bottom status holders like me.

  • Can anyone tell me what Virgin Money ask for during the credit card application please? How many months of payslips, contract etc.?

    • 2 most recent payslips less than 60 days. income, expenses, loan sizes and repayments

      they recommend being 6 months with current employer

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    Had a nightmare application with a Westpac CC deal last year. Was approved for the card, had it show in the online account, but with a $0 balance and couldn't use it. Apparently managed to get some sort of fraud lock on it despite never managing to spend a cent on it (first attempt was a simple Telstra bill). An hour on hold on the phone with support who tell me I need to go into branch to verify my ID, an hour driving to and waiting in branch to verify, who then verify with the fraud team and tell me I now -also- need to email bank statements from my salary account to them now (despite already being approved and ID verified, amazing). The email they give me to send the stuff to bounces back with a sending denied error, so it was clearly some internal-only address.

    Another hour in the bank the next day while they're on hold with the fraud team yet again, at which point I come to the epiphany no amount of free points is worth this insanity. Then 2 weeks and 4~ hours on the phone wasted trying to cancel the damn thing, which only the fraud team could also do for some reason, and only some certain department in the fraud team that they tried to bounce me to on two attempts, but which first went to an out of hours (thanks for keeping me on hold so long the team you transfer me to has packed up and left), and the next day when they attempt to 'transfer' me to them at 9 AM they send me to an end-of-call survey, incredible. Thankfully the next day it appeared to have cancelled itself, the only miracle in this whole adventure.

    tl;dr: Save yourselves and stay far, far away from the red W of pain. Nothing is worth their absolute incompetence.

    • red W of pain

      That's proving to be my experience too. Tried to set up a savings account (commented above) to save on the fee. They 'flagged' it for some reason (!) and called me once at an inconvenient time to discuss it - I was busy and reception was bad so they said they'd call back. Never did.

      It reminded me of the only other time I'd had a deeply frustrating experience with a credit card provider - which, it turns out, was also Westpac. So screw this deal and screw this deliberately painful company, I'll take my money elsewhere.

  • went through the credit card process twice and made it to the final page only for the submission form to crash and needing to redo the entire thing.

    Anyone else??

  • can you claim the 40k points twice? example, apply for Westpac get approved then apply for virgin and get approved?

    • Possibly yes, if you use a different Velocity number, e.g. your partner's.

  • Is there a fee for foreign transactions with this?

    • Yes. There’s even one if you pay in Australian dollars but they’re based overseas e.g. Book Depository

  • I have no interest in banking with Westpac but am looking to avoid the $50 fee. Can anyone link a fee-free account that allows me to do this without depositing money each month etc?

    • +1

      There is none unless you fall into one the categories for the WP Choice account:

      Customer under the age of 30 or full-time tertiary students
      Australian Pensioner Concession or Health Care Card holders
      New to Australia or expatriate customers (for the first 12 months).

      • I see, thanks very much for your detailed reply. Very helpful!

        • I've set up Choice accounts to avoid the fee before.. it's a bit annoying that you cannot close it online. Have to go into a branch.

          • @bohn: I've called up and close it.

            • @timhn: I might be thinking of an account at another bank then.
              I've had so many it's hard to keep track of them all heh.

  • hi everyone, got a quick question for those already using this card, do payments using auspost billpay via paypal get points? i know we don't without paypal, but the t&cs is not very clear for using paypal, cheers!

  • +1

    Had to go to a branch to have the card approved (ID check).

    After approved and the card arrived, activated and started using it… All good for 5 days… Then decided to buy flight tickets to spend the minimum requirement to get Velocity points… Card was blocked by Westpac fraud system… Rang useless customer service… They told me to visit a Westpac branch to unblock the card… "Nothing I can do…"

    For the love of God!

    Not sure if ANZ or Westpac is the worst… They could probably share the position.

    No idea when I will be able to visit a Westpac branch during business hours to waste my time again…

    BTW, even to authorise debit (non-Westpac account) you have to go to a branch. It's like being in the 1990s…

  • Is the 40k bonus points deal still active?

    • think it ended May 31st

      • Thanks mate

  • I think I stuffed up, I didn’t select I wanted 40k points or any of the other offers before applying for the card, they made that part very tricky, I thought it would be an option after being approved. Anyone know if I can do anything about this?

    • I don't think so, you could try speaking to VFF but not sure they'd budge.
      I think the 40k offer on ozbargain linked to the wrong page; it linked straight to the available credit cards as opposed to the page where you select the offer.

  • So I got the 75k point from Westpac. Has anyone received the additional 40k points?

    • I got my extra 40k points a few days after the 75k was credit to my velocity account.

      • Thanks. I can confirm I got the bonus 40k points two days after receiving the 75k point.

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