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Sennheiser HD 450BT Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones (Black/White) $199 (RRP $299) + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


White: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/sennheiser-hd-450bt-wirel...
Black: https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/sennheiser-hd-450bt-wirel...

I had a listen to these today. Don't trust the demo music in the display. It's rubbish. When I paired these to my phone the sound is very good for the price. I think very well balanced for Bluetooth headphones. Good value at this price.

I decided to buy these over the PXC 550 II (which were on-sale before today at $299 - I actually bought the HD 458 BT which are identical but red-highlights because they were $149 before today). While the PXC 550 II do have more high-end range and clarity, I found the sound of the HD 450BT (which are actually the ones I tried in-store) to be more pleasing. The PXC 550 II didn't have enough punch and the treble was a bit harsh to me. I was happy losing a little treble (these are Bluetooth right, so compressed high-end isn't really something you want to emphasise), in exchange for added (but still measured) bass. And I'm not talking muddy rubbish. I've got higher-end headphones at home and done some work recording and producing music, but I liked the tone of these, as a relaxed tone that I think will be good for commuting. I'm not going to mix recordings on these, but they sound good for what they're intended to be.

EQ worked well in the app. Increasing bass a little worked well, and only showed minor tasteful distortion in the most bass-heavy tracks like bass tests. It's a standard Bass/Mid/Treble EQ too, with full slider range, compared to the very weird EQ in the PXC 550 II (so weird I can't even remember what they called each range, and I'm not sure it was actually that simple either - weirdest I've ever seen). You lose dynamic ANC but standard ANC seemed alright as best I could test in the store. The app automatically detected that there was an available firmware update, which I think is great. Heartening to see there are updates.

They fit my large (3XL Flex Fit) head. Not sure why some people struggled with fit. Ear cover was good and comfortable.

Anyway not sure why I'm telling you how they compare to the PXC 550 II, other than to say that these are good value headphones at this price. Though if you don't mind the colour get the 458BT if you see them cheaper.

Some complained that the controls were confusing and unclear, but I found I immediately remembered which controls did what after looking at the quick start guide once. I prefer it to touch controls.

Lock-in cable is good too if you use it, rather than letting the cable get yanked out.


Step up to great wireless sound with the new HD 450BT. With active noise cancellation, high-quality wireless codec support, and Bluetooth 5.0 they deliver superior sound with deep dynamic bass. Advanced features include Virtual Assistant interaction, customization via the Sennheiser Smart Control App, a special podcast mode, and a 30-hour battery life, to deliver exceptional versatility for audio lovers.

Key Features

Active noise cancellation for uninterrupted listening pleasure

Great wireless sound with deep dynamic bass and high-quality codec support including AAC and AptX Low Latency

30-hour battery life

App support providing an equalizer, Podcast Mode and Firmware updates

Intuitive controls including Virtual Assistant button for Siri and Google Assistant

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    Looks like The Good Guys already jumped on at same price: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/124987278049

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      Pretty sure they always will… considering they are technically the same company πŸ˜…

  • Definitely some cheaper earlier deals too. Nothing I can see that's current.

  • How do these go with wearing glasses? Are the cushions soft enough to mould over the arms of the glasses so as to not affect the sound isolation?

    • i used the red version of this for 2 years (458BT). in my experience the sound isolation won't be affected (much) by wearing glasses. however it is quite uncomfortable as it tends to press in the glasses into your head. the earcup padding will also eventually get torn from the tips of the glasses.

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    I actually bought the HD 458 BT which are identical but red-highlights because they were $149 before today

    You can still get the HD 458BT for around that price.


    $150.25 delivered with coupon PMAY10

    $146.92 delivered with coupon PMAY12 for eBay Plus subscribers


    $149 + shipping (free with Kogan First)

  • Cable is propriety fyi. Cushions are very very thick, and opening is narrow so might not suit big ears. All plastic including hinges. Controls are fiddly. Overall they are okay bluetooth headphones. I would say Chinese brands will do much better. Sound is very much cheap sennheiser, distant, not much mids , exaggerated bass that isn’t accurate.

    • are you sure about the cable? The reviews say it is a normal 2.5

      • 100%. The connection into the headphone is so that only the sennheiser cable will fit. It has a locking mechanism in it.

  • Cable is just audio jacks at each end 2.5 & 3.5mm.

    • With a proprietary locking mechanism that means normal cables will not fit in the hole of the heaphone.

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    $189 from Kogan, free shipping if you have their credit card…

  • I never noticed the lock, still ordinary cables still would stay in place due to the nature of how the jack connects.
    You don't need a proprietary cable to use these wired.

    • +1

      I bought 3 cables, and none of them fit. It has to be one that supports the lock. The lock actually means the connector plastic has to be super thin, which most are not.

      So 100%, normal cables will not work.

  • Sorry I knew it had to be a slim one but didn't realise the lock played a part. The lock just holds it in the plug is already engaged, I would have thought any slim 2.5 plug would do.
    I will take your word for it as you have obviously trialled a few cables πŸ‘

  • Some alternate options:

    $189 Delivered Amazon

    $185.07 Delivered TGG eBay if you have eBay Plus - Code PLSMAYY7

  • These are frequently available at $149. Thats the right price for these.

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