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[JB Perks] Bose QuietComfort Earbuds $199 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


Just received an email with this JB Perks exclusive offer.

Here's your first Perk Alert deal! For 2 Days Only get 50% off^ the current ticketed price of a pair of Bose QuietComfort Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds.

You must be a JB Hi-Fi Perks member to have received this emailed offer. Email contains a unique coupon code that you apply to your cart before going to checkout.

13th May 2022, 2:55:20 pm

Update: Users have reported that the original coupon codes that they received in Emails have expired. You can ask JB Hi-Fi to re-issue you a new voucher code.

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Mod: Use the [Code Request Megathread] Bose QuietComfort Earbuds $199 @ JB Hi-Fi if you want a code or have one to give away. Do not ask in the comments.

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            • @bargainsgrabber: No dice. I tried the Melbourne area. I'm tempted to try the Adelaide team but they might know where I'm calling from haha.

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                @Yuri Lowell: I called the Adelaide team but I’m based in Canberra, no harm in trying :)

                • @bargainsgrabber: Just called the Adelaide team and it seems they're onto it. Ah well. You just got in before they found out too.

                  • @Yuri Lowell:

                    bargainsgrabber 55 min ago
                    Yuri Lowell 30 min ago

                    Proof that Adelaide are 30 minutes behind.

        • Hi there - How did you get it for $149?

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            @sahilk: you have to get jb to price match Amazon via live chat or call them

  • Here is my code for anyone looking for one

    • Thanks

  • Putting mine here 92OK8GFMNKDIZP

  • 923TVTK182S4XR

  • Here is mine if you need a code 92L46KMXLUPRRG


  • Here is mine 925N6YJFYKND8I

  • +1

    jbhifi chat:

    Unfortunately we are unable to price match that item on this occasion due to a promotional offer with our membership program JB Perks.

    OZbargained or the fukers are on here spying

    • Same thing here. Lost sale I guess.

      • same here

    • Also they told me the promotion is only for WA customers but still won't price match despite not being in WA.

    • Maybe too late for the party. I got price matched by Nathan about 50 minutes ago. Maybe they realised what is happening and stop it.

      • +1

        nathan is a lil bish

  • 92564R1HI048IW

  • 92UJE4O6T7KQFI
    If anyone needs

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    • Thanks mate. Used.

  • Damn, no price match with Amazon or Myer.

  • This one or beats fit pro

  • +3

    i aint buying them for 199 still too high for these awkward looking oversized Bose earbuds, for 147 i would but i could not get a price match it got ozbargained
    here is a review i watched lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1adxs49qIqA&ab_channel=CNET
    go to minute 1:07 for the money shot.. it looks like those early 2000s Bluetooth headset

    • Yep, looks hideous.

  • I have called the store and they matched. Got it for $147. Also used gift card bought with Zip pay offer.

  • +1

    have these earbuds, anc is amazing, definitely recommend

    • Do you know if they Bluetooth to two devices at once?

      My QC35’s can do my laptop and work phone at the same time and it would be ideal if I could find a more compact solution

      • Not sure, but if I have them connected to laptop and I go into Bluetooth settings on phone and click on it, they switch 🤷‍♂️

  • Letting this out for the piranhas:


  • +1


    • Thanks mate.

      Edit: Someone else has stolen it :(

  • Not gonna use it.


  • can confirm they are on to us the guy i talked to literally said unfortunately we were pricematching untill we became aware what the ozbargain community was doing

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    My code here, 92ERWMVNJRRVWX

    • Got it finally :)

  • Alot codes requested

    Only 62 upvote.

    Are these actually any good and at a good price at $199. (I'm genuinely in the market for a good set of ear buds)

  • I just called jbhifi and got price matched with Myer for 149$.

    • +1

      store or call centre?

      • How to use the code if you do it over the phone?

        • You need to ask them to send the order link to your phone or email.

          • @bargain4all: tried using Narre Warren home and Cranbourne jb hi fi directly and also using that 6 digit jb number but they don't allow it or make some excuse saying "come into store and we can do it for you". I think they all know we are trying to get that link to add it to our cart

            • @SomeBlondeDJ: You can say I can't come now. But want to order at this price. Try other jb hifi store. Anyway once they send the order link you can collect from any store.

              • @bargain4all: I kept trying to do that and they literally won't let me get that link sent to my number or whatever :/

                • @SomeBlondeDJ: 1 time a store tried telling me that they were only sending links when it was lockdown

                  • @jayboi: yeah they said same kind of thing but instead saying that "it is broken right now", like I'm pretty sure they know what's happening and they kept me on hold for some long periods of time.

                    • @SomeBlondeDJ: omg, what can't they just say that they can't price match now

    • How did you get matched for $149? On Myer they are of something 300+ isnt it? Or m I missing something in here.

  • Mod: Use the [Code Request Megathread] Bose QuietComfort Earbuds $199 @ JB Hi-Fi if you want a code or have one to give away. Do not ask in the comments.


    • Thanks!

  • +1

    Does anyone have a price matching link that they ended up not using?

    • Does anyone read posts in large bolded letters from mods?

      • Yeah, and I'm not requesting a code…

        I was on the fence on which page to post this, but decided here I might be able to annoy some boy-band/BTTF fan as a bonus

        • +1

          Sorry, was meant to be for post below.

  • Mine: 92FOTNA7RL1L88

  • 92EOYZIY2N3X5Z

    • Thanks for help . Taken

  • Damn wish I signed up sooner :(

  • Can anyone share a code with me? :P

  • Hasn't anyone had a successful price match within the last hour or so? Just tried the live chat and was told no, citing it's a JB Perks offer.

    • I think all of the online teams have been notified to reject PM on this……

      • Yeah, I just tried called them directly and the rep mentioned "ozbargain" by name. Funnily enough, he told me to google for this post to buy the advertised Perks offer lol.

        Ah well. Cool to see some people managed to grab a great bargain, though!

    • yeah as far as I'm aware noone had success after 11am your only option is to call them ask for them to send you a link to your mobile or email

    • I successfully price matched 30 mins ago over the phone. Paid $149 with Myer price match.

  • I price matched successfully but when I went to pickup in store the order has been cancelled

    • +1

      was it that prick nathan?

    • Did you already pay for it and received your confirmation email?

      • Yup

        • That’s super dodgey of them! They should honor it once you’ve already paid and received the email stating your item is ready for pick up.

    • online through chat?

    • Wow really? Which store was this? I price matched and paid $149 for mine.

  • -1

    Can anyone share a code with me? :P

  • ANC is great, but it sticks out too much to pay $190. For $150, you can justify the bulkiness.
    I think they were $160 during the Latitude $40 cash back promo?
    So it still $30 from all time low.

  • My code if anyone needs it:

  • anyone else had their order cancelled? I managed to order and got my pick up confirmation but haven't picked up yet.

  • +4

    I've had these a year and a half (I think). If ANC is your priority, $199 is a no brainer. They're amazing. Almost as good as Sony over ear ANC. Sound is great too.

    Comfort wise, you can get different ear tips from the Bose America site by talking on live chat. Ask for size 0, 1+ or 2+ (each sits under small, between small and medium or between medium and large). 1+ was perfect for me.

    • Did you pay for these?

      • I did not know this was a thing, I talked to support today and they put through an order for replacement tips in the in between size. No cost as they’re still under warranty shipped to Aus. There is a support article on Bose US showing the sizes.


        • Did you have to register the product or anything before contacting them?

  • +1


  • +1

    In case someone still needs it “92QZZHHU21GSWH”.

    • Used this one, thanks mate!

  • I'm guessing these are not very good for long haul flights? I currently use my Sony xm3s, but the battery life seems much shorter on these.

  • Mod: Use the [Code Request Megathread] Bose QuietComfort Earbuds $199 @ JB Hi-Fi if you want a code or have one to give away. Do not ask in the comments.

  • Hoping for over ear deal for flights

  • Any codes that have given out is anyone finding is the discount is not applying or only $10??

  • Anyone able to order this morning? I just tried the code and it says it has expired. The T&c's say it expires today but there is no time
    'This coupon is unique and can only be used once. Offer valid for online transactions until 13/05/22, offer cannot be extended.

    • same here

  • Has anyone managed to sign up and purchase these in VIC? Support said only WA is eligible.

  • I reckon they have restricted the codes to only work on the original account which is a pretty dog move especially when Bose pays for it on the backend… JB you've don't it again 🙄

  • +1

    My code had expired, so I got onto JB live chat and they issued me another. Took two tries, the first time they asked me what state I was in and because it wasn't WA I was just given a $10 voucher. Second time they didn't ask and I got the full voucher.

    • how do you do live chat?

      • Click 'Help' on the bottom right hand corner of the screen, write your problem in, click live chat.

  • this deal not expired you just need to ask them for a new code

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