This was posted 2 years 18 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free Arnott's BBQ Shapes Flavour Shakers Delivered from Arnott's


The first 2,500 eligible entries will be deemed winners and each will receive five (5) Shapes Flavour
Shaker sachets (valued at AUD $5.00)

Starts as of TODAY… Go, GO, GOO!!!

T's & C's


You’ve won a limited-edition batch of Barbecue Shapes inspired Flavour Shakers! Sprinkle them over your hot chips, mix them into your favourite dips or use them to season your next flavour-filled snacking adventure. The flavour is in your hands!

Your Flavour Shakers will arrive in the coming weeks to the address provided when you registered for the giveaway. While you wait, check out these delicious recipes from our Shapes Chef to inspire your next culinary creation and excite your buds!

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  • +4

    Best Shapes flavour. Thanks OP.

  • +5

    They are cheeky. First 2500 get it, but they’ll still take your details. Hello spam.

    • Don't use your real details.

      Burner emails FTW

      • +9

        Burner house address too

    • +17

      For people that use gmail you can use alias email addresses by adding a '+' and then a word after it and the emails will still go to your main gmail inbox but with the benefit of seeing which company sells your information. eg [email protected], [email protected]

      • +1

        thats genius

      • +1

        And NONE of them are smart enough to remove the + from the email before they sell it!


      • Also works with fullstops too. You can create filters/rules to tag them too.

    • +2

      at least they tell you they are gone tho =b

  • done, but used a separate email to help stop spam. Finger's crossed lol

    • same here lol :)

  • +5

    You're in the Running to Receive A Delivery of BBQ Shapes Flavour Shakers!

    Seems very non committed.

  • +2

    Thank you OP! I love this seasoning. The last time I had it was when Hungry Jacks had a promo a few years ago. Does anyone know where we can reguraly buy it from? The OP says valued at $5, but I didn't know it was possible to buy

    • Just do what I do - buy a box of shapes - empty out the biscuits and then move the left over seasoning to a small container.

      • +2

        lol, how do you not eat them straight away? They are the best part of the box. I just wet my finger and dip it in, then suck the seasoning off my finger. It's the best.

        • +3

          Name and profile pic explains it.

    • +1

      This is part of a promo, I think they're releasing it as a shaker. There's a story on about it

    • +1

      I would happily buy it too but cannot find it… their site says its unavailable when you navigate to its section.

  • +1

    You don't have to click the first 2 boxes to receive spam. You only need to click the agree to terms and conditions box (although you will probably still receive some spam).

    "You're in the Running to Receive A Delivery of BBQ Shapes Flavour Shakers!
    Thanks for entering, we'll be in touch soon to confirm if you're amongst the first 2,500 lucky Shapes fans to register! "

  • +1

    No idea what I just signed up for - is this the shapes seasoning in a sachet?

  • +1


  • "ERROR - Max 2500 entrants reached"

  • says max entry reached?

  • Got below message….All gone

    Shapes Flavour Shakers Are… Gone​
    We’re sorry, but this offer was too good to last! Watch this space for more flavourful ideas soon!

    Enter your details below to be the first to find out when we'll drop more Flavour Shakers!

  • Ozbargained. Mark as OOS/Expired please.

  • shhhhhh 21 mins late dudeee

  • oh boy

    that escalated quickly

  • +1

    Seems to be still working for me

  • Wow. Half an hour and we’re done. Bummer..
    Can we buy these anywhere?

  • +1

    still working

  • Probably still trying to get rid of all the left over failed 'new improved' flavouring.

  • -1

    Still works

  • Damn shapes are my favourite, but worked for me

  • Form worked for me. But if more than 2500 submissions might be out of luck

  • +2

    Just got an email I will be receiving this. Submitted my form about 25 mins after this was posted.

  • +2

    Same, was a winner winner chicken dinna

  • +1

    Also got the email. Very interested as to what exactly 'flavour shakers' are. Thanks again OP.

  • +1

    Submitted the form a few minutes after this was marked OOS, and just received the winner email :O

  • +1

    6pm email saying I won a batch… woohoo

  • +1

    winner :D

  • +1

    Winner and I signed up 4 hours it was OOS

  • Has anyone received theirs yet? I won some but curious if they will send out ?

    • Freebies/ competition wins etc can take weeks to arrive.

  • They messed up the names some how.. I am known as J* Pa**er apparently.

  • +1

    I got mine earlier but my sister just got hers today. Same expiry 26/09/22

  • +1

    got mine today

    these will go great on some hot chips :D

  • +1

    got mine today! i'm literally going to eat straight from the packet haha

  • +1

    Came today. Melb.

    • +1

      LAME when cooked. Put a pack on my hand cut potato wedges, oven roasted them and all I can taste is salt.

      Tasty out the pack. So next time I'll sprinkle on cooked stuff and see if it's better.

      Bit disappointed it's just powder. Nothing like the flavour you can see on real BBQ shapes, with flecks and bits.

      • +1

        "Bit disappointed it's just powder. Nothing like the flavour you can see on real BBQ shapes, with flecks and bits."

        I have to say I agree 100%… Thanks OP for an awesome deal but it would be on another level if it was actually like the remnants of what you get at the bottom of the pack. Great to try though!

  • +1

    Came today for me, definitely looks quite interesting. Thanks again OP.

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