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PS5 DualSense Controller Cosmic Red - $89 + Delivery (Free with Kogan First) @ Kogan


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    If you have access, they are $85 (black/white) and $93 (red/blue) at good guys commercial.

  • Someone told me the coloured controllers are generally cheaper then the white ones cause they are are different model? IE: they have been revised from the white one.

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      No. The White model is usually cheaper.

      • sorry yeah, i meant that, the colour version's are a different revision

        • Yeah the internal mechanics are different. The newer ones are meant to wear less over time.

          • @nenadb: ok sweet, hence the price difference I'm assuming

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              @Topdog: white model has also been updated with the newer internal, you can search up youtube to see how to check the model numbers. The pricing difference has nothing to do with the update, it is merely for the higher demand of coloured version so sony is cash grabbing from that demand.

              • @PuntyBrah: ahhh sweet, good to know, I will do this, I only want a white controller. so be good to get the new revision in white. thanks.

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      the red one goes faster in car games…

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    Amex have Kogan spend $50 get $10 back

  • Not all Cosmic Red is the newer "A" model. Depends how old this stock is.

    Early batches are the old worse sticks model.

    Though you have 12months (24ish if you like to cite ACCC) anyway to claim it on warranty if it craps out and they'll send you back an "A".

  • If you get a kogan credit card does it give you free kogan first for a year or as long as you have the card?

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